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  1. this is only about 8 weeks old- https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/47380612 summats not right
  2. e2e4

    Taken over?

    we had about three players when we went down last time , and that were with pauper ken . and we finished second. no one is 100% sure it'll happen this time , but to rule it out when we have seen it happen 3 and a bit (?) years ago with our own eyes ? the whites are going up !
  3. her last name is betraying her too , almost literally " Semen Ya" as well . weird.
  4. e2e4

    Taken over?

    yes ! the thing thats bothering me is , why all the squabbling over money/admin/liquidation ? if you could afford to buy it , you wouldnt need to talk about admin/liquidation/whatever . bassini didnt (i dont think) , but certain other potential buyers have made noises about it almost straight away. if there's any mention of anything like admin , i just assume theyve got no money , as a points penalty is bad if we want to get promoted. bassini might have no money , but at least he didnt come out with "the debts too high , the only way to fix it is to go into administration, then we can buy it". theyve got to start just going " yeah , do one" to anyone that has it in their business plan (or whatever).
  5. e2e4

    Taken over?

    bassani will get it. he sez he's been paying out already . His "its against the rules for an outsider to pay" , "so i *did summat* to get the ipswich game on" " 20 million initial funding" comments from the other day seemed too good an excuse. he might not have the whole money , but if the loafered lord used any of his own money already , then hes already doing more than Anderson is. if bassani owns the Davies’s Performance Payments debt (someone must do) its gonna be funny. I wouldnt be surprised if these potential buyers just sell it to the next one just to squeeze Anderson. force them (bwfc) to play all (1? 2? 3?) the remaining fixtures away then it stops at least another Brentford style postponement. the players going on strike played to his hands , i cant figure out what idve done other than steal shit once ive played the ninety minutes. but i'd think of summat good given enough time.
  6. So they said.. "homesick juninho crying for his mummy" seems less manly. but they won the rearranged fixture (or drew , cant figure it out, the poster further up sez they drew), then got docked 3 points. Blackburn (who they played) got jipped out of three points.. in the end middlesborough went down anyway , luckily for the FA/FL/whoever .. i never got why they "only" got those three points took away, like it never happened, but not more punishment for attempting to Game The System (or whatever) . if they drew it then they did get punished more , but i must be remembering it wrong somewhere. But i know blackburn probably wouldve won if fabrizo ravinelli and them were touching cloth for 90 minutes. there wouldve been massive shit if the ploy to cry off due to belly ache wouldve worked in gaining points. i think tottenham tried it in a later season and the premier league went ":::lol:::.no." .. Us delaying fixtures when djorkaeff and okocha were injured wouldve be awesome . can we replay this entire season due to pains in the wallet ?
  7. not really relevant or anything (apart from todays fixtures) but that lee gregory seems to score a bit .. and in the distant past (ie, before millwall bought him?) were linked as a signing for bolton. not sure how that wouldve worked out had he come here.
  8. e2e4

    Taken over?

    he's waiting til the stadium sinks , lTK
  9. e2e4

    Taken over?

    makes more sense than dean holdsworth buying it then asking his mates for a whip round to fund it.
  10. e2e4

    Taken over?

    conversely Seabiscuit and his jockey won the [looks it up] Santa Anita Handicap after he (they) did his (their) leg(s) . carting us off to the Glue Factory can wait a bit.
  11. e2e4

    Taken over?

    going bump would be terrible , i think it'll just sort 10 minutes before d-day. cant really judge the players or manager or owt , coz its bonkers.
  12. e2e4

    New Phone

    the samsung the s9plus has more ram than the normal p20 . screens bigger , its oled (if you like that) , more pixels (think it ultra hd) . . the internal 'hard drive' on the samsung is the newer UFS memory chips , (the p20 might use the same , but i dunno) i know you can put a memory card in the s9 , to put yr photos on. the samsung was probably written/looked at by native english speakers somewhere down the line. the s9 is the top range , the MATEs are the top end series for the chinese company. and those dont come out til about 8 months after the p ones .. youre not really comparing like for like. id still pick the samsung even comparing it against the p20pro or a MATE20 , just coz.
  13. e2e4

    Tommy Smith

    werent there some story about sammy allardyce beating him in a fight on the burnden car park , after we beat (!?) them once. ? or is it made up ?
  14. e2e4

    Taken over?

    basrans group invested in a company DJTs son-in-law's brother is , like , a founder of , i think its a BUPA type thing https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oscar_Health six degrees of seperation and all that.. haha ..
  15. e2e4

    Taken over?

    not us , but- https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/47879678
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