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  1. e2e4

    'Brand' Evatt

    needs to run up the score in the first week , win 19-0 against trampmere , scare them all.
  2. this shows the admiral ones after the bukta one changing every six months slightly .. centred / side club badge.. and red/blue club badge.. i never noticed that before. the red normid admiral one is the top to have. the gingham matchwinner one is class too. the john mcginlay armbandy big white one , was also cool even though the barca version were more popular ace
  3. :lol: that atherton colls guy said summat like "theres smaller RL packs about" haha although you might be talking numbers rather than size. :lol: anyway
  4. e2e4

    Jimmy Wagg

    he (jack) reposted this the other day- https://twitter.com/kgquantum/status/1289912597790171136 showing some newspaper clipping of him (his brother) scoring for oldham.
  5. there were something the other month saying that they only had money because they were reselling pirated football . i read it on twitter or wherever .. but then it made the news, https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/may/26/newcastle-takeover-in-serious-doubt-as-wto-rules-pirate-tv-channel-is-saudi and then the other day (yesterday?) the World Trade Organization or the US government brought the hammer down. https://www.express.co.uk/sport/football/1316184/Newcastle-takeover-Saudi-Arabia-piracy-row-beIN-SPORTS-PIF-Qatar-WT kinda funny
  6. i mustve dreamt it then , got visions of it being in the barclay brothers back yard in the channel islands. but its not that way. the ottmar hitzfeldt stadium in switzerland is halfway up some mountain or cliff face. and i think theres a floating one on a barge or raft in thailand, coz i saw it on transworld sport about 10 months back. https://thairesidents.com/local/island-boys-beat-great-odds-realize-football-dream/ and theres this too , The Float at Marina Bay , but that is too moneymen to compare it to places like dumbarton fc's boghead (thats in that robert duvall film, too). good stuff
  7. i think that were michael james.. i remember the BEN making a big thing of it.
  8. i think this question comes up every now and again , but i always forget the answer.. is there a football pitch (maybe ground) on an island somewhere in northern ireland (i think) ? think maybe bolton played on it once or twice.. i forget its name or where (or even if i imagined it)..
  9. i like counter reviews to that kinda stuff , read an amazing one once about kes, cant find it now , but it made me laugh.. about it being like being beaten over the head .. making him (the reviewer) more tory . and hes taking about having to watch it in a cinema for school in the 80s so hes like 12 . :lol: all or nothing , but thats mike leigh .. a taste of honey from ages ago . them bill naughton ones filmed in bolton... the one with james mason and her from straw dogs (paul mccartney does the music, i think), and the other one with hayley mills and her dad. i saw some war film about navaho speakers being shuttled about as radio men for brigades in the pacific in ww2.. think nic cage were the main guy. pretty good, but thin red line and saving private ryan came out around the same time, so ..
  10. a lot of these silicone removers are terpene based gels. thats kinda what turps is made from heres one thats about 8 quid hmm, heres the book , sez its not great on porous surfaces , but what can you do.. once it soaks in , you might be able to peel it away.. probably better than cheapo WD40 hacks and other workarounds.
  11. e2e4

    Number 22

    looks like 4.
  12. e2e4

    Number 22

    its not, theyre comparing that old 2-3-5 formation with 442 , think WM evolved from that one i posted by inverting the shape of the defence due to the offside rule changing the earlier (earliest ?) pyramid one with the flat forward line of five players looks crazy nowadays. :lol:.
  13. e2e4

    Number 22

    its to do with the old formations morphing into 442 full backs dont play further back than centre halves , and other stuff nowadays, but they did back then.. EG..
  14. e2e4

    Jimmy Phillips

    dundee united got to a european cup semi final they beat barcelona in the uefa cup semi final around that time, too . mental
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