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  1. Is it the co-owner of the brooklyn nets ?
  2. UKCloud sold part of themselves to Cisco Systems around the time Basran/thomas/Britain ? bid went wonky. (possibly that day) . Fighting off the likes of Amazon must be taking its toll .
  3. thanks. you never know , it might come in handy later. The " install apps from unknown sources " is a good tip that works on most android based tablets. maybe you already did that. i know amazon and google had a falling out and youtube kind of doesnt work right on these fire devices , unless you piss about.. spoiling tactics and one-upping one another. its kind of daft.
  4. didnt curtis mayfield get paralysed (sp?) from one falling on him ? King Kong Bundy also died around the time keith flint and luke perry did , i missed that.
  5. Dick Trickle and Richard Burns were both race car drivers kind of funny coincidence
  6. Maybe de-register it from whatever account its under then re-register it in your wifes account .. ? would work.. then i think you can parental control it from there. or , you can google-ify it too with google play (and whatever) if you follow guides on the internet (involves installing Various APK files) heres two guides- https://www.howtogeek.com/232726/how-to-install-the-google-play-store-on-your-amazon-fire-tablet/ https://www.saintlad.com/install-google-play-store-on-kindle-fire/ its that long ago that i did it, but i think i used the first guide.. and things have to match (with version numbers, etc) else it might not work.. it worked for me, but the fire tablet matched the example in the guide. TBH , once you do the - Settings > Security and enable “Apps from Unknown Sources”. bit, you can just find and run apps and stuff from anywhere you can find them. for instance, this claims to be the Youtube for kids app-- https://youtube-kids.en.uptodown.com/android/download/ So even if you cant do all the "install google play on an amazon fire" steps , at least it opens it up for more stuff than the amazonappstore .. you might have to watch out for fakes , but the link to the youtube kids app above is probably OK.. bit of a pain in the neck, mainly because you have to update the apps manually , but better than nowt. just being able to dump the amazon silk browser for proper chrome or firefox, is worth it. imo. OK
  7. these two other bidders. if one of um is Peter Kenyon , im doing this face while figuring out which loaned united youngsters to not boo while wearing the sainted white jersey.
  8. i cant see doing it that way , saving THAT much money or time. It is probably easier, fairer and ultimately cheaper to just do it proper. "football creditors rule" keeps getting challenged in the courts.. not sure buying one ; waiting it out until just after its insolvent; as suggested, helps that .. can see it being used as evidence in it (football) getting bosmanned into line with the other industries . the Derby County one dayer in 2003 seemed shitbaggy and it probably could have changed then. not sure why football is so special.. stuff about insolvency auctions being a better way of buying it seems .. i dunno. wrong . For example - Why dont they use this period of exclusivity as a timewasting tactic to force anderson into doing it (putting the club in administration) ? i cant remember proper now , but these wages delays and hmrc wind down orders and whatevers started happening when eddie davies still owned it. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2015/dec/10/bolton-winding-up-petition-hmrc-unpaid-tax i'm gonna wait .. can cope with whichever division we're in , whoever the manager is (No Coyle) , and other stuff.. But no club to watch or be interested in will be terrible. i hope to god it all works out.
  9. if youre that much of a pennypincher , won't you just get gazumped once it gets near the end ? that Plan sounds like someone not buying them in the 80s just so you can pick over the bones 30 odd years later. Owt could happen while youre 'waiting' ..
  10. https://10tentalent.com/clients/football/gareth-southgate
  11. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/UKCloud https://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/growth-fund/bgf-helps-cloud-company-expand/ even throwaway stuff like "i worked as a sound engineer" in thomas's interview seem funny when you look at basrans investments on his own companies website https://www.thisismetropolis.com . the eidur thing on the Ten10 website , https://10tentalent.com/clients/legends/eidur-gudjohnsen . funny if this gets us out the shite ..
  12. its the dude that wanted newcastle a bit back.
  13. £7 a month for that , 12 for netflix , 9 amazon video , 12 bt , etc , it all adds up. no cheaper more fragmented . who the christ subscribes to Discovery Channel thru their - already a subscription in its own right- amazon prime account ? pirating stuff on a android box is easier dunno what will happen , but summats not adding up. premier league tv just adds another one to find.
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