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  1. i remember that kids fingers being black, but they kept that indian lads story kinda quiet (probably why the pictures are photoshopped).. no way in the world would you queue up for that shit. tonic water tastes funny, but if it keeps civet cat cough away, they wanna start delivering it with the milk.
  2. im joking. i nearly made a joke about it being because he drinks pims and lemonade instead of gin and tonic. he looked OK to me. hope he's ok.
  3. Part Turk DNA doing him in. Prince Charles with his Christian the 9th* x Queen Victoria ancestory only had it for about 10 minutes. * of denmark
  4. nah , driving to a far off location for a walk can be sorted by a couple of clampings. they can "walk" back home.
  5. people playing Daley Thompson's SuperTest might replace the olympics in 2024 ..
  6. e2e4

    Tv Shows

    it were a joke because the one thats NOT dean on supernatural , plays dean (rorys boyfriend) in the gilmore girls. he probably never actually said it, but seemed like whenever i saw it he were always looking for her. that were slightly before before Supernatural started, too. the women in it , yeah, like friday night lights or summat for trim. but thats enough teen drama plotlines for now.. rory is played by the real life wife of Pete Campbell in Mad Men FWIW
  7. get this one finished , however long it takes .. play the next two seasons over three years. that might not be right but summat like that.. that way you dont lose the nearly completed season , just one of the future ones..
  8. e2e4

    Tv Shows

    this made me laugh. Where's Rory ?
  9. dunno what team dan sullivan in eastenders supported here (always had it remembered hes pretending to be jimmy greaves, but maybe not ) while hes booting the fish thing in guardians of the galaxy here. the quip at the end is pretty good .
  10. missed this last week government website page on infectious diseases O_o
  11. just reading thru and i think i accidently "reported a post". it were an accident ,sorry.. cant find any evidence of which it were to undo it. they were probably talking about food or summat normal.
  12. did all this spectator stuff start from this- https://mobile.twitter.com/EEID_oxford/status/1242402762283012096 ??
  13. e2e4


    apple own about a third of disney so that doesnt make sense. you can probably cheat it onto the older ones.
  14. piss funny that the one i remember were ronnie biggs had a shitload of gold bars in some shitholeTM country and he still came back to britain. everyones got SARS-CoV 2: Electric Cough Achoo , and folk still wanna come home. think im gonna sing the national anthem. im trapped in my house in britain #YOLO
  15. two people is a herd if you think about it..... how many people who have jobs are ill and off work at one time ? they want people to get it at different times or not get ill. thats probably why they didnt lockdown proper. probably what they had to do once China were all "nothing to see here, move along" . By then it were probably too late...
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