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  1. think i saw a documentry on this either on the bbc or summat. didnt one of the rubber orings on the fuel tanks "glassify" on a cold morning and either crack or become inflexible and it caused the fuel to leak. here you go https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glass_transition summat like that anyway. dunno if i watched the thing on tv, but newsround and the likes might not have been too shy with the action replays. there where a recent docudrama thing with william hurt playing the feynman guy, too.
  2. the first ever borat thing was him fucking up a how to lesson on etiquette for poor foreigners or immigrants , which iirc, was hosted by largely unknown landed gentry or peerage types. seemed nasty i remember he didnt have any meat. he might be vegetarian, but my mind went to leviticus 11.3 . like a shit spy.
  3. for a discussion on freedom of speech really.. iirc. the chad caveman VS the virgin soanian still carnt get over that iranian politician beating his chest and wailing over that droned irani general's coffin.
  4. theres summat about that chris harris thats off putting. can imagine him throwing a lewis hamilton wobbler over some bullshit .
  5. thats a good point.
  6. e2e4


    coz of the lurgy or 'money problems' ? edit just looked, worse than us using 1 injury and about 3 international call ups to do it. dock them 40 points
  7. yeah theyre not gonna go near talking about his eyes. thats like talking about his hair when youve had hairplugs
  8. qanons too "trust the plan" on some unknown 'glow in the dark' infrared cameras on the white house is definitely gonna eat up the news cycle while joe biden calls in sick at two minutes past nine in the mornin' . :lol:, the unoficial 2020 season of the apprentice is ace. "china ! your fired"
  9. bit worried this thread will become the main one on here in the not too distant future.
  10. i think ive got a panaflex video of their drive up to that game ..
  11. :lol: thats what Scooter did.
  12. happens a lot, the clash "i fought the law" was originally by the bobby fuller four , but i think it were originally by the crickets (sans buddy holly) but fuller or the the clash dont claim to have written it. i suppose nearer to that- her who writes all kylie minogues records ripped off this when the house thing was in- steve silk hurley were in the middle of covering "i cant turn around" by isaac hayes and farley funking keith (who was living with hurley at the time) ripped him off and released his first. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=LDtbXxemnPw h
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