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  1. Doubts are starting to creep in for me. Arthur simply has to start the next game.
  2. I have no idea whether they'll be saved but the longer this goes on the less likely it is to happen. No news is good news as they say.
  3. They're back to where they were on the first day they went into administration, full circle. Like you say the admins will have to sift through them all to wheedle out the tyre kickers, con men etc. Meanwhile the old enemy is still ticking.
  4. Only enough money for a month, it’s my birthday on the 8th Feb. Could be a cracking birthday present!
  5. I know he got married at St Stephen because every time and I mean every time we drove past it my old fella used to say "Alan Ball got married there"
  6. I'll get pelters for this but Evatt has stopped the rot, we have been on a downward spiral for years but we've reached the bottom. I think the owners will give him the January transfer window and summer to bring his own players in.
  7. It didn't warrant Wigan fans grinning outside the Unibol when they thought we were being wound up. But hey Roger you're entitled to your opinion.
  8. They are Division 2 bound and if next season they were to drop out of the league, I'd feel like those twats have been repaid for the absolute piss taking they did to us.
  9. They're looking like us last season and stopping the rot isn't easy as we know.
  10. They missed out Handball technique magnificent, God like, 10.
  11. Also who can forget the sportsmanship of Pele applauding Gordon Banks for "that save". A tight game on the biggest stage and yet clapping the opposition. Maradonna on the other hand, well his left one cheated and still wouldn't admit it to his dying day.
  12. Certainly the best British player ever imo. He pissed me off once though on soccer Saturday when Jeff Stelling asked him about the outcome of the Bolton v Coventry game and he replied, "who cares" at which the panel started chuckling.
  13. Maradonna was a tricky putt on the green I recall, a nasty 5 footer. Pele 3 time World Cup winner, won it in 58 but won it twice more with a completely different side in 1970. He was the best all round player there has ever been imo.
  14. According to Neil Cox after game comments, he says we easily have the best front 4 in the division. Doyle and Fonz definitely, what I'm wondering is which are the other two, is it Crawford and Sarc or does Kioso come into the reckoning. Anyway it's been many a season since an opposition manager has given our players plaudits.
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