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  1. Whatever happened to keeping it in the dressing room, bollock 'em in there and not in public, he's playing to the supporters. Also some of those players if they don't have the character will retreat further into their shell with constant criticism.
  2. Really could do with a journalist finding out and plastering it all over the Internet and blowing the anonymity, before the deal is signed.
  3. It's good to put a face to the twitter account. He seems genuinely concerned about Wigan too. 🤷‍♂️
  4. I've seen the podcast that the Wigan supporter has done with Alan Nixon on Laticsspeyk. The gist of it is according to Nixon if the lawyers and the admins don't take a haircut on their fees then he fears for Wigan is what he said. He does seem to know a lot of what has gone on there. Talk of relegation after 3 games for us is ridiculous.
  5. I'd go back to basics if I was IE. Getting a clean sheet would get confidence up and at least a point on the board. I'd play percentages at the back and launch it into the channels when they can. I'd go with 4,2,3,1 formation. Two defensive midfielders protecting the back four. The 3 up front would be Crawford and new guy running the channels and Darcy behind the Fonz.
  6. I was thinking the same but then £500k won't last long if they sell it. They're clinging on by their fingertips and I'm curious as to the explanation from the EFL when Wigan crash and burn.
  7. 2 games in, crikey that must be a record! It was an improvement on last week for sure but he simply has to sort the defenders out. When he does we'll be fine.
  8. Cheers for posting this Mickey, so enjoyed reading it. I don't recall us ever doing anything to them to warrant such venom, whereas we have a legitimate excuse.
  9. Lots of arguing now on LS between the fans and lots of bile and vitriol aimed at the administrators. The thing is, there isn't a credible buyer and that isn't the fault of the administrators. Slept like a baby last night!
  10. It's another loss of a decent club. It's sickening when you look at their debts compared to the billions swilling around at the top end of the pyramid.
  11. It's bizarre what's currently happening. The season has started and yet the admins are still talking about interested buyers showing up at the door. It's as though the EFL have abandoned their Criteria for funding and they're blindly hoping something turns up soon.
  12. The EFL still haven't said anything official as far as I know. It's going to kick off if they have screwed up and shouldn't have let Wigan start.
  13. we looked a tad better after the formation change, but still no service for Doyle. Worrying times.
  14. Disappointing, but I'll hold out a glimmer of hope until the EFL confirm it.
  15. This statement from the EFL, which has to be soon, will indicate which direction Wigan are heading.
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