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  1. Aye, just had a quick read, it seems they have to find new owners before the season kicks off or they will be kicked out of the league. That's the situation I thought Wigan were in until this morning's announcement.
  2. It seems potential buyers are circumventing paying the £100k by just asking relevant questions and doing due diligence anyway. If the efl have agreed to them starting the season in admin then everyone involved must be confident that a takeover will happen. Similar to us last season.
  3. Macclesfield Town relegated, Stevenage reprieved.
  4. I suspect I'm not the only one on here but I remember when football fans attended games and didn't have a clue who the owners were and didn't care. I think Gordon Hargreaves was the first time I'd ever heard of anyone in a suit upstairs at Bolton. It was all so simple then from a fans perspective. Anyway like you say BD buyers who are prepared to throw cash into a money pit are getting rare and it's probably because of the emotional attachment from Mike James that we are still here.
  5. In the meantime there still doesn't appear to be any update from the admins re a takeover. I would have thought if there was any good news the admins would put it out there. Something like talks with a potential buyer are at an advanced stage more to follow blah blah. I can't find jack shit and imo no news is bad news.
  6. Just seen this on twitter. Ian Evatt already an improvement on post match summary.
  7. It seems it's only £1.5m release clause, the rest is mainly VAT. What's with Nixon putting the crying laughing emojis in?
  8. Agreed. I can't remember if the administrators take out a monthly fee or wait until the end. If it's monthly £2m isn't going far. It's a downward spiral, sell to exist until...
  9. Aye and most of that money is already spoken for, they can pay July's wages now.
  10. Maybe the owner if he is owned that money is prepared to negotiate so maybe that is what Krasner was saying, otherwise hopes doesn't cut it. Nixon now sounding like Barnier and saying the clock is ticking.
  11. If the whole squad is sold, then they have money to pay the staff and U21's. However a buyer would be left with no squad and little time to assemble one, so relegation to League2 is a distinct possibility. Also as I said yesterday and Casino had previously mentioned, there is this £24.5m that may be owed to the current owner. Hence due diligence needs to happen.
  12. Doesn't sound feasible, whatever happened to due diligence.
  13. When he said ruthless and relentless that's straight from the Chris Wilder book. I remember him giving a post match interview after winning and using the same language.
  14. B'Jaysus! he's the kind of non owner you need on board, a gullible simpleton. meanwhile back at Wigan there is a poster on LS who is adamant the club owe the owner £24.5 milllion. IF that is true, they're gone.
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