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  1. Moon boy

    In Or Out Again

    What kind of people are/were they?
  2. Moon boy

    In Or Out Again

    Who voted Remain then?
  3. Moon boy

    Things which get on your tits...........

    Fucking adults cycling on the pavement
  4. Moon boy

    In Or Out Again

    Opening line ‘ no point bringing facts and evidence into it’ 95%, fact or fiction? slow bleed or crash on the rocks, fact or fiction? Yes, some jobs and businesses will go as a result of Brexit but, IMO, more jobs and businesses will be created once we are out, the genie is out of the bottle, do you honestly believe that we can just hold another quick vote and Remain can win and the whole Brexit nightmare can be forgotten If the last 2years has proved anything it’s proved how much interference the unelected ruling class in the EU hold over the UK and the power that Barnier,Drunker, Tusk, etc have over us, I don’t want that, I want the opportunity to remove politicians who I’m not happy with.
  5. Moon boy

    In Or Out Again

    Course the ‘major opposition’ to the deal came from Brexiteers because the current deal on offer is not leaving The solution for TM is obvious, get some phoney promise from our ‘friends’ in the EU that the Backstop is not permanent tweak some workers rights plans to appease thick Labour MP’s like Nandy, Long Bailey etc, and hey presto the ERG have been bypassed, it will get through Parliament but it won’t be Brexit, and then the fun will begin
  6. Moon boy

    In Or Out Again

    432 MP’s from all parties thought is was a shit deal, but you thought it was the one to vote for?
  7. Moon boy

    In Or Out Again

    It’s simple, we had a binary vote in or out, nobody Boris,Cameron or the EU had a fucking clue how to achieve it, but that shouldn’t stop it happening. If the present group of intelligent (sic) politicians can’t find a way through this impasse then they should move over and let someone else have a go
  8. Moon boy

    Takeover - this actually might be a drill

    MickyD, how do you transfer a Tweet into a post?
  9. Moon boy

    In Or Out Again

    Try telling that to Greece
  10. Moon boy

    In Or Out Again

    Exactly EU regulations, that’s why steel in North East and Port Talbot couldn’t be helped to keep going by the Government, but after the 29th we can do what’s best for US
  11. Moon boy

    In Or Out Again

    What about the £150million we give them every week for fuck all, net payment?
  12. Moon boy

    Politics - Not Interested, Dont Look

    Just read Nandy’s article in the FT, what exactly is she asking for? She thinks MP’s should vote for TM’s WA buts that’s nothing like the Labour Party view, but she wants a single market, she wants it sorted but then wants to extend Article 50?
  13. Moon boy

    In Or Out Again

    Why are you stating things from the EU perspective? Surely it’s not in the UK’s interest to give them everything they want? whos side are you on?
  14. Moon boy

    Politics - Not Interested, Dont Look

    ‘But most of the Labour membership and a MAJORITY of their voters aren’t’ , Dont think that’s true, 56% of Labour voters wanted out

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