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  1. I just hope The Club is still around when things start again. Reduced football income, hotel bookings no doubt much reduced, expenses still to be paid out. There's no way FV's model can cope with that as I bet things were pretty tight anyway.
  2. Time to get carried away again 😀
  3. That’s more like it......I was getting carried away for a second there ☹️
  4. I’m getting the impression now that FV are going to replace KH at the end of the season. There’s a few changes happening and as much as anything else if it does happen he’ll have talked himself out of a job with his abrasive outbursts. Don’t think his style will fit in with the plans for the future.
  5. It was in the Bolton News. I’ve tried to link below : https://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/sport/18258285.ali-crawford-open-idea-staying-wanderers/staying-wanderers/
  6. Crawford has indicated he may stay which would be massive imo.
  7. He deserves more time for me. Very good first half yesterday especially considering the run we’ve been on.......he even doesn’t appear as angry in interviews :-)
  8. How they've got that 2nd in is just unbelievable. Poor defending from Hamilton and from such an angle how did it get in? Think keeper could have done better for both but conditions no doubt played a part. It just sums us up that we always find a way to concede.
  9. Just sick of this now!!
  10. Thank fuck for that!!!!!!!!!!
  11. On paper compared to some sides we have put out that looks like a reasonable side..........but as the old saying goes we are not playing on paper but on the grass at Bloomfield Road 😞
  12. Decent stadium but what a souless town. Matched the performance of the team. I can only recall their keeper making one save of note and that’s just not good enough.
  13. Not convinced about Nsialas distribution at all. He seems uncomfortable with the ball at his feet and needs someone 5 yards away to take it off him. Perhaps that's due to a lack of confidence which was mentioned he was lacking when he signed for us - which also makes the signing baffling. Would agree that I would prefer them trying to play from the back.
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