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  1. The first time we put the ball in.
  2. Are we trying to run the clock down?
  3. We look like a proper team at the minute plus our luck has turned. Defence looks solid with Santos and Baptiste, Williams is brilliant just in front and we have attacking options aplenty. I've started looking at the table again.
  4. Agree with that. I've been one of his critics but credit where it's due. Dapo was poor tonight
  5. I was more thinking Paul Warhurst but a long way from both of them in terms of class
  6. 3 points that will do nicely. Perhaps our luck has turned?😃
  7. Probably a good idea 😃
  8. Another cracking result when I didn't watch. Missed 2 games and won both times!
  9. Really poor second half. Over elaborated at that start, second best in challenges but fortunately hung on. Never a red. Santos had a great game today
  10. Should have made more of that good start and be taking a 2 goal lead into half time. Not worked keeper enough again.
  11. At the end of the day for all Evatt will say we were in control of the game most of our possession was in front of Morecambe and we created very little of note apart from the goal. We very rarely put teams under consistent pressure and it needs addressing. The new lad Dapo looked a class above and should start from now on.
  12. Need to show more urgency get the ball forward quicker and look to score 2 or 3. Been same all season it looks as of the players can't be bothered to score at times. Oh and if you can't defend a basic corner which we have shown time and time again then 1-0 is never going to be enough.
  13. Quality that....well done Sharon 👍
  14. Thank god we didn’t need any of those chances to win it. Good win but we’ve got to start being more clinical
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