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  1. Walkden White

    Norwich City at home

    Just about to set off. Before the Birmingham game said 0-3. Now for some reason think we'll get a point.......that's football for you one win and I'm giddy.
  2. Walkden White

    Brum away

    Well bloody hell. That's the best way to follow Bolton. My lad told me we were 1-0 up and then that we'd won. Didn't watch or listen. Other than that no ups downs or other mither Said on a post on another thread there was mileage in a Maginnis Donaldson partnership after the final bit of the Preston game. Got to keep that going
  3. Walkden White

    Transfer Gossip

    Spot on that. I thought on Saturday when Donaldson came on and played near him (I know we were chasing the game) they caused Preston some problems.
  4. Walkden White

    Sweaty Ken

    Interesting stuff. Seems to suggest we are paying at least £500k too much. Also if we owe £1m+ then that figure covers this year and part of last year.
  5. Walkden White

    Norwich City at home

    Probably 0-3. Parky has got to try something different as it's groundhog day each game. FWIW with the players we have we may as well go properly direct. By that I mean getting someone who can win the headers and then surrounding him and picking up the second ball. Gowling said as much last Saturday on the Radio Manc phone in on the way home. Beevers up front anyone when he is fit?
  6. Walkden White

    Sheff Utd away

    There’s plenty of ours due a good game.......about 11 I reckon. Might all come together today.....then again....
  7. Walkden White

    Transfer Gossip

  8. Walkden White

    Bolton v Reading

    I don't think it's a style thing with PP in that we aren't an out and out long ball team or even playing one up front. It's the fact that we never commit men forward and fill the box or support the lone striker. Midfielders never attack the box and get beyond the striker and this must be instructions. Hence no one ever looks like getting on the end of things. Parky has said he has picked many attacking type players on occasions which may be true but if they are all told to hold a defensive position it makes no difference.
  9. Walkden White

    Bolton v Reading

    Just watched the highlights and never a penalty. For our goal it was only when we went behind that we actually loaded the box on any occasions and guess what we scored. Without the penalty it probably plays out a nil nil draw.
  10. Walkden White

    Bolton v Reading

    After making the trip from the snow the other side of Rochdale I wish I hadn't. With a bit more desire to make things happen we could have won that game. So many times the ball goes into the box and there's not enough White shirts in there and those that are there let things happen rather than shape them. No one was determined to get on the end of things. Gary O'Neill at 35 was immense again and at least looks like he knows what he's doing. What I didn't get about the Connell sub was that it didn't change anything bringing Pritchard on. This was a game we had to win so at that time it was calling for a change of shape or something different. Problem with PP is it's deja vue every game but he seems to expect different results.
  11. Walkden White

    Dickheads/Oddballs who sit near you

    Drives me mad that. I moved my season ticket in WSL closer to the half way line when my lad went to Uni to be nearer some of my mates. All I could hear from the row behind all game was 'Doncaster have just equalised' and every other score I didn't give a shit about. Why can't they just watch the effing game in front of them. After 3 games I moved back to where I was before.
  12. Walkden White

    Sweaty Ken

    Interesting article that - we seem to have plenty of scouts to cover local matches
  13. Walkden White

    WBA home

    Riot? There's a job for that lad at The Bolton News
  14. Walkden White

    WBA home

    I remember that feeling well. We used to go to The Farmers Arms Darcy Lever before the game and had similar deliberations. More often than not the best part of going to the game was the pub beforehand.
  15. Walkden White

    Sweaty Ken

    That's pretty much how I saw it.

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