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  1. Personally don't think John will be a big miss at present. Gilks more important.
  2. To say we do things the hard way is an understatement!
  3. Delfonso got to keep possession better than that
  4. Surely Lee should be throwing himself at that
  5. Great finish by Doyle...that's why Evatt picks the team and not me 😃
  6. I’m in the rest Doyle camp. I think out of all of them he is looking the most fatigued and maybe that’s why he is missing chances. The other sign is when the ball is played to his feet he just can’t make it stick and we are losing possession. He was much better at this earlier in the season. It’s a big call and I’m glad I don’t have to make it so I trust Evan to get it right.
  7. How shit are we in front of goal!
  8. Great win that. Some brilliant blocks towards the end with bodies flying in. Well done Whites!
  9. Great challenge by Jones
  10. Dapo looks goosed now. Sub time
  11. Need to jeep possession for a bit here
  12. Put more balls in the box than for a long time and created loads of chances.
  13. We are so bad at corners
  14. Evatt get plus points for the turnaround but minus points for that starting 11. Thomason was one of the better performers against Newport and his second half enthusiasm made a massive difference. Dropping him seemed strange. Great win though so hopefully that's our blip out of the way.
  15. Subs at half time for me. Dapo and Maddison off with Thomason and Delf on.
  16. Far too many not won their individual battle so far today and that's what you get. Need a massive improvement.
  17. I wish Doyle would play his position and stop coming short all the time.
  18. I’ll go 2-0. Surely Dapo is due a goal.
  19. Brilliant win!! Few beers now.
  20. Just about to say that myself
  21. It was worth the entrance money just to watch him warm up. RIP Frank gave me memories that will always be with me.
  22. Move the ball quicker and put the ball in the box from wide areas. Hardly rocket science but we struggle with this concept regularly.
  23. Will take that... our luck has definitely turned!
  24. Result all important. Plus points for Elbows cameo
  25. Did anyone have Jones to score first?.......thought not 😃
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