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  1. He talks well, is brutally honest and is clearly hurting. He is correct, they are very weak mentally. That’s mainly where games are won and lost, but that comes with confidence. Barrow will be tough for obvious reasons & then we go to Cambridge who are top of the league. It could get a whole lot worse & the unthinkable could be a possibility if Oldham really are one of the worst teams (according to the bookies anyway) in the league. They were miles better than us in all honesty.
  2. Bolton Wanderers. Your’e a fucking embarrassment.
  3. Most people in the UK tend to have some kind of problem with someone who is successful in their profession. The reason is almost always jealousy.
  4. Remember when he turned up at full time for Hartlepool away? It was moved to a noon kick-off because of the rugby and Ged was unaware. Straight back home on the train.
  5. If you magically press a button which would fast you forward 12 months with the virus totally eradicated, then would you? One proviso though. That year would come off your life expectancy.
  6. Some serious mileage ahead. Barrow, Cambridge & Leyton Orient within a 12 day period. Just hoping that the Govt don’t stop overnight stays, close pubs and/or limit travel.
  7. As you know, I missed my sons 3rd birthday party for that game. I would do it again and again and again.
  8. Not a shot on target that I can remember. We are absolutely bloody hopeless. Great time to play Grimsby too. That second half was no better than the first two home games. 1 win in 5 & 3 defeats FFS. 4 games out of 5 without scoring. Those fcukin subs - OMG!!!!!!
  9. If we are serious about a play-off place, then we simply have to win games like this. 3-0.
  10. It don’t matter if the Queen signs this petition, It ain’t happening. Lots of decent people’s livelihoods have being destroyed & the Govt don’t give a fcuk. I’ve been disgusted by their incompetence. Football will be right down the list of any re-start. “When dictatorship is a fact, then revolution becomes a right”. I cannot believe the young have been so tolerant. For me it’s about the Kids. They will never get those life experiences back. The fall-out from this, both socially, mentally & economically will be astronomical. What a mess. BTW. The
  11. Loads will never return. No money & new social circles. Football is habitual and has always been over-priced, especially if you factor in the away day out. The only saving grace is that there has been nothing to replace it due to lock-down etc... The club will have to do something because folk won’t be tipping up again for S/T’s next season, for nothing in return.
  12. We’re hoping to stay over in every away town, both mid-week or sat, where BWFC are playing.
  13. Yeah we’re going to the towns. Something to do. UTW.
  14. Corona, combined with BWFC, will take more than it gives. FWIW we are going to Doncaster next week if you fancy it.
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