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  1. The stockmarket has listened to Patels comments yesterday. Airlines and travel have been battered today. When the markets listen then so do i. There will be very limited non UK holidays until the Autumn IMO.
  2. Need something here as I can’t see us getting anything @ Mansfield (won last 4 league games). Then we’re at home again.
  3. Lets be honest the season has been a massive disappointment so far. We are currently 8/1 to finish in the top 7 FFS. Inconsistency (even within games), changing players/formations & lack of leadership/mental strength are major contributory factors. Thank God we haven't been allowed inside ground so far, for both ours and the players sake. Anyway i see us finishing around 10th, with a strong finish. Big push next season, when promotion is a must.
  4. There will be a lot that don’t re-open in town. Railway gone forever. Allegedly it’s unsafe and slipping into the Irwell.
  5. C’mon the first half was good. We played well and we were very unlucky not to be ahead at half time. When your confidence is fragile you need to score, especially when you’re on top and we didn’t. Had we done, I have no doubt that we would have gone on to win the game. You are right though Cheltenham were fucking rubbish and they are in the play-off places currently. This division is awful. The biggest problem is the weak mentality. We have no leaders or talkers. You cannot teach that.
  6. We don’t need to know. Just come back when you have finished.
  7. If we had won that game, like we ought to have done after our first half performance, then we would all be happy. However we one again go a goal down and react slowly. The home form is a big big concern and Arthur should have started. We need a couple of wins because at the moment we’re looking down rather than up.
  8. Played well in the first half but needed to score and didn’t. It’s now 1 win in 8. That’s a massive concern at this level.
  9. So glad that I took my son out of school to see the funeral. Legend. RIP.
  10. Women tend to go downhill as soon as they "settle down" or get married. Kids obviously don't help but keeping slim and toned takes a tremendous amount of dietary control, exercise and will-power. This is especially so as you get older. My family do around 200KM per week between them. Very few women aged 30/40 or older have a nice toned figure.
  11. Many "classics" are actually cover versions, where the original was often not successful from a lesser known artist. The listener is often unaware.
  12. Thank God there isn't then. If there was then we would surely be looking at National League.
  13. Once again we don’t start playing until we go a goal down. The first 20 mins of the second half we weren’t interested. Our captain didn’t wake up until 70 minutes. In isolation not a bad result but the main problems are at home. The worst team in our history by a country mile.
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