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  1. Baptiste by a million miles.
  2. It’s all on Sat now. Man for man we are a million times better. Win and we are virtually up.
  3. Last saturdays result @ Grimsby will come back to haunt us. Awful at the time and looking even worse now.
  4. JDW closed, Kings Arms fully booked. Very limited outside seating options on the sea-front. Weather looking good.
  5. I understand your thought process. Still think you are wrong through. I would not drop GT for anyone.
  6. Agree, a kid plucked from non-league and he was unlucky to be dropped in the first place. He has been first class for me. I liked him from day one. Drop Lee, his number 10 role hasn't worked. He couldn't hit a barn door with a banjo. Replace with Delfonso or Miller for Tuesday. 4-4-2.
  7. Yeah we didn’t know Iles had took it until he tweeted the pic.
  8. Their stadium is as decrepit as you will see in the FL. Never realised its virtually on the sea-front and I’ve been around half a dozen times. One dodgy shit-hole though immediately around the ground with young lads scoring everywhere. That said, got the feeling that Covid is behind us and Cleethorpes beach and the outside bars were very busy with lots of joviality. Glad we went.
  9. Need to match Morecambes result. Then win there next Sat. 4 points minimum requirement in my opinion. 6 and we go up. Less than 4 - play-offs.
  10. I agree re the Fleetwood comparison. Said to the lad before the game yesterday that this could be an Oldham type (promotion year) banana skin.
  11. If you don’t start playing until Feb you don’t really deserve to go up. Our points total wouldn’t even get you in the play-offs in the championship. That says everything about this league. Was always worried about the away form continuing and it’s 2 defeats from 3 now. Lose again next Sat and it’s over for me. Play-offs.
  12. Barring the parky promo it’s been a decade of total despair ever since.
  13. Arrogant attitude, poor performance. Embarrassing result against the bottom team in the entire football league. A day like this was always going to happen, us lose and others win. We go again on Tuesday. We need 4 points from the next 2 games. Sat on the beach in Cleethorpes drinking Stella UTW
  14. Petrol strike was the one. Around 60 of us there. Be a lot less tomorrow. Smash & grab Ricketts. Had to queue for an hour for petrol in Beverley on the way there, no petrol anywhere.
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