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  1. Reserved for games v Bristol City/Rovers, Exeter and Plymouth!
  2. Blackburn at home New Years Day 83 was either 11 or 11.30 KO, I was absolutely hammered from NY Eve (being as old as 16) but wild horses wouldnt keep me away from that. Rovers fans had the "home" bit of Embankment, about 3,500. Cracking atmosphere, Tony Henry scored a superb free kick to win game 1-0, we went mental.
  3. That's a great memory. I used to watch a lot of lower division football from 81 to 84 and "you what you what you what you what you what Eh" was chanted at virtually every game. Great innocent times. Another one I remember was "Oh you all talk funny, all talk funny, all talk funny over there" whenever we played Southerners.
  4. Looking at the results after that 1-4 v Shrewsbury, I cant believe we got relegated. Nov, Dec, Jan was more like promotion form. 4 points in 4 games in Feb. 1st half of March 1 win out of 2. Then we nosedived, 5 consecutive defeats including that 5-0 at Carlisle. I went to that on the coach, I've got a photo I took on my camera of us singing John McGovern's Super White Army, no exaggeration it lasted 20 minutes and we were at least 3-0 down. There was no anti-McGovern feeling at all. Another thing about that season was matches on consecutive days - beat Carlisle Boxing Day then the next day Leeds away, drew 1-1, one of the 1st away games I did, I vividly recall Whatmore's equaliser near the away end. We only took about 500 and it was all pay on the day, standing. 15k on. Then 30th April, a great 0-0 at Leicester, followed by home 0-0 v Grimsby the next day (why?).
  5. That 4-0 v Newcastle (Kidd hat-trick) - I had been away with parents that week (to the North East coincidentally) and we were travelling back, I was dropped outside Burnden bang on 3pm. It was the first time I'd ever gone to a game on my own (aged 13), and keen to get in the ground I just paid at the first turnstyle I saw, near the Happy Shop. I ended up on the corner of the Embankment which is the "away" end, but for that game they had put BW fans in there and Newcastle had the bigger "home" end. It felt absolutely packed and was the only time I ever watched a game in that corner. The game was televised, highlights on ITV the day after.
  6. I remember most of those clearly. The Wrexham game was a bank holiday Monday (remember when we were allowed to play bank hols?) and there was no sense whatsoever of it being an "important" relegation game, we were just meandering along, I remember the thrill of us scoring a last minute pen but it never felt like we might go down. Despite only winning 1 of our last 7 we were 2 points plus huge goal difference above relegation. I hadnt realised till I just checked what an impact we had on the fortunes of our local rivals. Drew 0-0 at Blackburn the game before Wrexham which stopped them going up! They only missed out on goal difference to Swansea, if we'd lost at Ewood that famous Swansea era in early 80s may have been replaced by Howard Kendal's Blackburn! And we won at PNE a few games earlier, and they went down on goal difference! All that passed me by at the time, but they spent about 20 years trying to get back upto the 2nd tier.
  7. Definitely summer of 78 after promotion to Div 1. No top flight games were played with standing in Lever End. Thinking how the ground was in 77-78, it was superb, then the seats were put in behind one goal and a few years later the Embankment was a no-go zone for home fans (even before the Co-op wall). Then they fenced off about a quarter of the Burnden Paddock. 4 great sides/ends to stand on became less than 2.
  8. We'd have to sign about 15 players in those 4 weeks assuming contracts that are due to end in June are extended until this season is played out, leaving us with about 6 to start the new season. Its such a minefield balancing the need of every club to play matches (to urgently generate income) with the practicalities of how long you need to sign a squad, have pre-season training, play friendlies etc.
  9. Rotherham a great shout, so gutted, but as someone else pointed out if we'd gone up we probably didnt get Rioch as manager, in hindsight Rotherham were partly responsible for White Hot etc! Oldham - yes - not often remembered, but how big was that game at the time? Man U at Wembley if we'd won? If we had Man U now in the cup semi it would all feel very different, but in those halycon days we would have given them a great game and even in defeat we'd have really put ourselves on the map.
  10. Definitely different times. If that was now, after giving ourselves a great chance to stop up and it being last game of season, we'd have taken at least 3k to Fulham. There seemed to be so little interest in our games in the early 80s.
  11. Definitely not that many, they only had at most half the embankment, Bolton were in the usual home bit of the embankment. Burnden Paddock was packed out that day (relatively). Probably 10k Bolton which was a rarity in the 80s. Although we invaded the pitch, we weren't guaranteed to stop up. It was between us and Cardiff to go down, they played Grimsby a week later, won 1-0, so it went to their last game, with us on our holidays. Home to promoted Luton in a night game 2 days later, the only way I could keep track was to tune into the sports news once an hour. Imagine that now, you find out if you're relegated by listening to an hourly news bulletin that just tells you the score and no detail! They lost 3-2, Brian Stein scored 2, I went to bed absolutely buzzing but had nobody to share it with, hardly knew anyone that cared! Different world.
  12. That's one of my all time favourite games, and Tony Henry was a class act in that game and many others. Gowling's last goal for us having also scored 4 days earlier v Derby when we won in last minute after I'd left, I was so gutted that we were relegated (or so I thought). 5k on v Derby, 13k v Sheff W, that's how crowds fluctuated in the pre-season ticket days. It was the first of 2 after match pitch invasions at Burnden I've done, Wigan in Freight Rover Semi was the other. They brought about 4k but they hadn't been promoted, they needed a result which made it even more surprising we won, they didn't go up that season, I went to Hillsbrough for our 2nd away game in August 82 (we beat Keegan's Newcastle in our 1st home game). So much for taking mobs, there were about 250 of us on the Leppings Lane! Lost 3-1 (Henry scored again).
  13. I forgot about that. It was always worse when we were kept in if we didnt have a big following, all the home fans had time to congregate on corners waiting for their targets to appear without the benefit of blending into the masses.
  14. Definitely his first goal and the first airing of "Greeny". Not to be confused with "Reevesy" at the time. Great player for us Greeny considering he was signed from Derby reserves with no fanfare. Ended up playing games in the Prem and scoring that wonderful header v Southampton. I'll add that Southampton cup game to the list, 2-2 at a packed Burnden when we were in Div 1 after being 2 down.
  15. Joyce v Bristol City!! Night match, lost 4-1, loads of negativity, you're not fit to wear the shirt etc, and the crowd chanting for Warren Joyce, his best performance in a white shirt.
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