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  1. When we came out of admin we had to be placed under embargo, limiting our spending to make sure we were living within our means, which we clearly werent previously. I'll all for it, thank god we werent lumbered with expensive contracts by Hill. The reason we are better placed to cope than others is because we havent signed players yet, in 2 months time we might have made a dozen signings on half decent money. So who's checking we can afford them? The owners could walk out in 3 months and with no gate income that's the end of us. I'm being over dramatic, that's not going to happen, but the question its a valid question - how can any club under embargo afford the same amount under Covid conditions that they said they could afford before? The goalposts have moved but we've got the green light to carry on as if nothing's changed and I want to know we'll still have a club in a year.
  2. Seems to finish just as confidently with left foot as he does with his right. And can head a ball with direction. I was going to say when did we last have a striker like that but to be fair Murphy was a good finisher. Doyle seems very sharp, not just a poacher, some great powerful shots from edge of box. (So much for wanting to go back to Dublin asap if he's after a 3 year deal).
  3. Fair enough, he not only looked slow to approach the ball but seemed not to go through with the challenge on Shearer properly, as if scared to aggravate an injury. So that would make sense if he was injured. Even more annoying that we came so close to a famous victory despite carrying an injured keeper.
  4. 3 at the back always makes me uneasy. I just have visions of our full backs caught half way up the pitch and the opposition winger getting a free reign to attack the space. But in Div 2 you might get away with it due to lack of quality wingers up against us. I still have nightmares about some of the championship wingers at Norwich, Sheff U, Wolves etc ripping us apart down the flanks, and playing wing backs against them would be laughable. I suppose I have to get my head around the fact that we might be on the front foot for a change in this league with this manager, I'm just not convinced it works against the better teams.
  5. Just wondering how this all fits in with our embargo. If our max is £1500 a week (or whatever), that's £1500 that's based on the income we must have projected when proving to the EFL that we have funds to get through the season. Surely if the EFL want assurances that we arent going to go into admin again, our spending power is now reduced due to no guaranteed gate income for the foresseable (same applies to Macc). Whatever we could "afford" before, we can afford less now, but we seem to be committing to relatively big wages/contracts. If it was Ken giving out the contracts and not FV, I'd be getting very concerned, can we assume FV have got more reserves of funds than we know about?
  6. Other high profile Div 2 players...James Vaughan, Nicky Maynard, James Hanson, Adam Rooney, Clayton Donaldson. And Chris Taylor. Struggling after that, there dont seem to be many 'big' players that have dropped down in recent years.
  7. At the start of the BBC live match, Southampton v City, they were chatting about Shearer coming through the youth at Saints and showed some of his early goals. The first one was against us in that famous FA Cup match at the Dell, in front of the packed away end. Felgate didnt cover himself in glory, should have easily got to it before Shearer.
  8. I'm not disputing that he's League One standard, but the "at best" bit is harsh. Always looked one of the better players on the pitch in our games last season, to me. No problem with questioning how he was a regular in the championship, but he's not alone. Danns, Trotter, Andrews, Chris Taylor, Andy Taylor, Buckley, Pratley, Vela, Madine, Luke Murphy and the biggest mystery of all, Wildschut. I'm not disputing some of these have decent qualities, but its league one quality not championship for me.
  9. Great point that, its often about who you know that's half the battle, as long as they liked you! At 32 its also going to be about length of contract, he'll want 2 years minimum.
  10. I really rated Ritchie especially. I've just checked and he only played 14 games for us, then he went to City but never seemed to settle anywhere (Pompey/Walsall/Dundee Utd). Didnt make an appearance for Rangers, what a waste that he didnt stay with us.
  11. I saw a bit of potential in Hamilton simply because he drives forward and isn't afraid to shoot, and has a strong shot. When did we last say that about 1 of our midfielders? The stats say he had 9 shots on target, compared to for eg 7 for Murphy who was on the pitch twice as long. I just think there is something to work on with him and seems to have the type of positive attitude that will appeal to Evatt. We're in the bottom division, we aren't going to be signing many perfect players.
  12. Played well at Burton apparently, but nobody was there so it probably doesnt count.
  13. I'm over it now, promise I'll move on. Evatt has purged all negativity from my being.
  14. Unlucky on Johnson. Really gets his teams playing decent football, does seem to go on losing runs occasionally but not sure where Bristol expect to be. He'll have no trouble getting a half decent club in a few months, I'd take him in a few years when we cant hang onto Evatt any longer.
  15. A couple of useless BW-related Mellon facts. That season when Allardyce managed Blackpool and they lost in play offs to Bradford, Mellon was their player of the year. And when Flitcroft was manager of Barnsley, Mellon was his assistant.
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