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  1. I'm still saying Proctor, at least Donaldson was on the way down age-wise like Wilbraham and Heskey the other that were way out of their depth by the time they came to us. Proctor was about 25, playing in a team that would win promotion and not only never looked like scoring in about 20 appearances, he looked like his limbs didn't know where they were heading when he ran, and the ball seemed to be an irrelevance.
  2. Ha ha, great memories! (not). Statistically Donaldson is miles ahead of Proctor, scored just short of 200 goals, Proctor not got 50 yet although obviously got a few years on him. I must admit, without the Wilbrahimovich moment I would have put Aaron up there with worst ever, couldn't trap a bag of cement for 6 months for us, and unlike the others he was picked to start championship games. Heart sank whenever I saw his name in the starting line up (little did I know at the time).
  3. My view is that the game will be tight, rather than cracking. I don't think there are 2 teams in L2 capable of dishing up an entertaining spectacle tbh, including us. I've not watched every away game, but we're in March now and I've not seen a game yet that I would say I would have enjoyed as a neutral. Just not enough efforts on goal, not enough goalmouth action, an inability to shoot from any distance and a lack of pace and skill (Dapo is improving this it has to be said). I really don't care if its an insipid borefest, as long as we win and get nearer to getting out of this awful le
  4. Where were you when Jamie Proctor was playing? 😃 He definitely wins the prize for me.
  5. Very sobering. We played them the bank holiday Monday before and they brought about 3k, celebrating impending promotion. Law of averages says a few of the fans at Burnden just 5 days earlier would have died in the fire, it certainly made it even more real to me at the time.
  6. I did, 1 of the other 3. Agree FGR look strong, I'd put them 5th on the list, but can't be perfect with 3 goal defeats to Southend and Stevenage in last 3 games.
  7. Agree that we don't have to play "well" to win in this league, as long as we are solid, have a reliable keeper and we keep 11 men on the pitch and don't concede a pen. Throw in a bit of the rub of the green and we should win every game. Not sure we've played any better recently, maybe 1st half v Scunthorpe although little end product. We are just doing enough, creating little especially in the 2nd half, aside from last 15 of Mansfield.
  8. Yes, only saw the goals but it does show that possession is meaningless without an end product. If you can't shoot or win headers in their box it doesn't lead anywhere unless you can work an opening for a tap in (like we did for our first goal, but haven't done a lot in last few games). Cardiff's last 2 goals were unbelievable shots.
  9. We're falling into the trap of over estimating these sides just because they've put a few wins together. In the last week some on here thought draws against Scunthorpe and Oldham would be OK results. Bratfud will be workmanlike, slow and not very good at shootin like all the other teams. Nothing on these highlights to suggest there's anything to be worried about. If I was them I'd be settling for a point, so we shouldn't be, because then its no longer in our hands to stay above them. And not even got 15k of their fans urging them on, don't treat it as an away game. https://www.skyspo
  10. Mick McCarthy's done some job at Cardiff so far, what a run they're on.
  11. Cheltenham, lost 1 in 10 and won 5 in last 6. Currently looking like 3 from us, Bradford, Tranmere, Cheltenham. Course it will change, its league two. After Saturday we've no more games against those so in that respect it won't be in our hands, relying on others to take points off them.
  12. Looks a good player. Not a kid though, he's 25, only been in England since October.
  13. If he'd got 1 in 4 for us in last 7 or 8 years he wouldn't have been far off being top scorer every season. I wouldn't say no to a midfielder in double figures every year, and loads of assists for Peterboro (going off TV highlights).
  14. Scunthorpe just taken the lead at Cambridge
  15. Great to be the team getting the rub of the green last couple of weeks, this is what it feels like to be on the right side of the OGs, the late winners, the keeper errors, the sendings off, the pens. Bring it on, we've waited long enough, its our turn.
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