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  1. Last time I saw Plymouth we won 7-2 and George Oghani ran amok. And we were in bottom 6. We had some crap days in the 80s but scoring a load of goals wasnt that unusual. If we score more than 2 these last few years its like we've gone goal crazy.
  2. Disagree with it by all means but there's nothing odd about it, its just an opinion. If a team wins all 38 games in a season, all by 1-0 with a 90th minutes offside goal, OG or dodgy pen, I'd suggest their points total of 114 exaggerates how good they are, but it doesnt mean they arent a good team. Yes I agree their 1st eleven is a top side and should beat anyone, but I'm not sure any team has the luxury of naming their 1st eleven most weeks, it just doesnt happen, realistically you need a 1st 15 or so and that's why I think their points total is kind to them, they arent playing as well as they can.
  3. I'm not suggesting every point or win was lucky in either of the 2 "successful" seasons, plenty were deserved, but when it came down to the narrow margins of finishing a point or 2 above the chasing pack, it was definitely lucky. We blew the promotion season by only having 80 points with 2 to go, which would normally put you in the play offs. The last 2 fixtures were lucky in their own way. Same the year we stopped up, we all knew Burton was the pivotal game and he blew it massively. We scraped 43 points with that freakish Forest (on the beach) game , a total which would have relegated us in any of the other last TEN seasons at least. For me he failed to get the points required both seasons and he'll do the same with Sunderland.
  4. Not clear what you mean. Their points total exaggerates how good they are. Arguably someone like Stoke have until yesterday had a points total that doesn't do justice to their potential to win a championship game on a given day. Yet the media expected Liverpool to turn up and roll over a team that very rarely loses at home, even though they've been matched by Sheff U and Leicester in their last 2 games. Over hyped in my opinion, they have some very average players, whereas City are streets ahead of every opponent they face.
  5. Jack Hobbs can be our dependable centre back (Wheater) for the next 3 years, whatever division we're in. Everyone else can play around him, he's a top pro and if he hadnt played v Blackpool we lose that game, equally we draw yesterday with him playing. We dont need points this season but a bit of progress and confidence is vital. Nothing wrong with his passing for a centre half, if he hits a few long balls its because he can.
  6. This opinion doing the rounds that Parky's style is rubbish, but of course he'll get Sunderland promoted, is laughable. He will do what he did here, which is to make the whole worse than the sum of the parts. Thanks to the freakish contributions of Wheavers and Morais, we got 86 points under Parky, enough to get us 5th place last season, 3rd the year before , 4th in 14-15, joint 4th in 13-14. He scraped home with the help of playing 10 man Port Vale followed by on the beach Peterbrough. If we'd been in the play offs we were in no form to get a result in 1 leg never mind 2. Simply lucky, as he was in keeping us above Burton and Barnsley the year after. Poor Sunderland fans.
  7. I do think Liverpool are overrated, not in City's league for me. Just look average in respect of being top 4, they look exceptional when Sala is doing his stuff but when he's off form or not playing it all looks predictable. Lucky to win at Sheff U, lucky to beat Leicester, and played poor again today (draw was fair as with previous 2 games). I've not seen City matched by 3 opponents running for years, then again they dont have Henderson and Origi starting games for them.
  8. Couldnt agree more. Why cant people accept that women football commentators just dont sound good. Nothing against women commentating on sport, like the one on Test Match Special, or presenters like Clare Balding etc but its awful for football. No doubt we would also have a quota of black and Asian commentators if their colour wasnt hidden behind a microphone.
  9. We all see things differently. I saw Chicksen as MOM in 1st half, intelligent, crisp, accurate passing, and a fantastic overlapping cross onto Murphys head. The 1 time he gave the ball away was because he slipped. Light years ahead of what we've become accustomed to with Taylor and Moxey. Little involvement in 2nd half and didn't play well but he's a real bonus of a signing given not 1 of us had heard of him when he started at Rotherham.
  10. Attendance will be a good pointer for rest of season. First Saturday S/T game, unattractive opponents (like every game till end of season now). Max 1k away fans. If we've sold 9k season tickets we should expect 12k official gate, much less actually turning up.
  11. Difference being, we have hope for a better future both in terms of results and watching some matches we would like to be associated with. Not dreading Saturday, imagine that.
  12. The measure of how well he did with his resources is whether he had a better squad than his rivals like Fleetwood and Bradford. Aside from Sheff U, nobody else had a squad like this: Clough, Ameobi, Vela (in his one good season), Spearing, Karacan, Pratley, Morais, Henry, Madine, ALF, Wheater, Derik, Beevers, Dervite, Alnwick. Not many are "Championship" standard but every single one was proven to be of top 6 Div 1 standard at that time in their careers (OK, maybe not Pratley). I bet hardly any other teams Div 1 that season except Sheff U had any championship standard players, Parky just made us worse than we needed to be all the time he was here.
  13. Quality player, its obvious from the second he controls the ball, moves into space and finds a man, all in his own time. You cant teach that. Added to the fact that he doesn't get brushed off the ball easily even at 17, he's going to be minimum Div 1 quality for the duration of his career. Same as Politic.
  14. For him it's worse, he's got to travel to Oldham every day to play for a basket case of a club in bottom 6 of Div 2. For us, we signed Wright to replace him, not sure that's an improvement?
  15. I must admit, I'd got used to just the lower tiers being open and was happy with it. But it hit me last night what had been missing, just that feeling of it being a football stadium fully occupied (not in the full sense obviously, but that each stand was populated). It just felt like a football crowd again.
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