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  1. Nobody's crowds are accurate though. We don't know how many turn up at other local clubs, only what tickets were sold ( 9 months earlier). And kids tickets are free at PNE so even if they say there are 15k on, 5k may have been given a ticket but we aren't told.
  2. Parky struggled to win games in Div 1 ( unless we were playing Gillingham). We were awful. And that was with the following players who are better than we have a right to expect by the end of August: Ameobi, Clough, Wheater, Beevers, Morais, ALF, Spearing, Madine, Derik, Vela, Karacan, Pratley, Henry....and not forgetting 12 points with Mark Davies still playing. We struggled to score against 10 men never mind 11. Could any manager have really finished below Fleetwood with that squad? Get rid, i don't care who we bring in, as long as he builds the attack around Oztumer.
  3. It seems a bit of a coincidence that the 1 player every bolton player wanted in the team that wasn't, was the only one concerned enough about wages to engineer a move.
  4. Nobody else would have tried to get a tune out of Buckley or Donaldson, they wouldn't have started any games. Oztumer would have had some chances and ALF would still be here. Amongst other things too numerous to mention.
  5. Never quite understood why being a top bloke, caring for and helping people, is somehow associated with religion. 2 completely separate entities. One is an undoubted force for good we should all aspire to & the other is just a way of life for some that is no more relevant than football & sport is for me.
  6. Our away followings at City, Everton, Liverpool, Spurs were tiny yet we pack out Walsall, Wimbledon, Bradford, Port Vale, Scunthorpe. There's a reason for that and its not just ticket price.
  7. Top 6 of championship isn't wilderness though. It's a great place go be, but everyone thinks bottom 8 of Prem is a dream existence, it isn't, you still have to go to Bournemouth, Burnley, Watford, Palace, Norwich etc with tiny away ends
  8. Course we are miles from the standard of Derby tonight but Leeds were woeful. I honestly think 1 of our better performances of last season e.g. WBA away, Derby home, would have got at least a draw, they were awful especially the defence and keeper and Bamford. Derby better than any BW side since BSA left though, top class.
  9. Me too. Top bloke, great footballer, plays proper football, i feel sorry for anyone that can find negatives in him.
  10. I saw that Coventry brown kit from Manny Rd terrace in 1980, the worst I've ever seen. Those Palace & WBA away kits, part of the greatness is that they are away kits that we all associate with the club. Add Leeds yellow and I'm struggling to think of another club that has a recognized away colour. Arsenal & Burnley have ditched theirs unfortunately. I alwsys thought our away kit should be the late 70s red, no other has come close and it robs us of an identity.
  11. I was driving a few of us to that game in my Vauxhall chevette. Absolute blizzard on the way, had to give up and turn back.
  12. That Financial Fair Play article is an interesting read. I didn't realise only top 2 divisions can't be bank rolled to promotion (or to avoid relegation in our case). It probably means Salford will soon be in Div 1 as well.
  13. WBA have been the big disappointment this season given their budget & squad, & having Harvey Barnes for half of it. Possibly the only team above bottom 6 that never looked a class above us in either game, thanks to the negative approach and lack of energy and pace. The criticism of the Darren Moore sacking can only have been made by people that didn't watch them grind out results against inferior teams.
  14. That kit was/is the best away kit, but when they won at 5-3 at Utd they wore blue & white. What a goal from Cantello!
  15. Must say I agree with Pricey. Some people speculating that we can aim for play offs, rightly or wrongly, are just adding to the points deduction discussion. It's nothing to do with making light of the situation. FWIW I'd be happy to have a team that doesn't lose every week that plays with a plan, finishing top half ain't gonna happen given the transfer restrictions.
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