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  1. Got to agree. Verlinden has been a real disappointment, but his cross for the goal was top quality. Prior to that I'm sure he didnt put one cross in, he was just passing back for Chicksen to cross. Talk of Stoke recalling him is daft, he's not going to be playing any championship football this season.
  2. Only allowed 5 loans and under a transfer embargo I think 3 signings would be optimistic. Not that I'm too bothered as new signings = expense = can we afford it?
  3. I agree Murphy was average at best other than his goal. But I sort of accept that. He scores goals, he wins a few headers but not loads, and he holds the ball up sometimes but not all the time. If someone said we could attract a real goalscorer in our situation we would take that all day long, we dont expect him to be a box to box player at the same time, otherwise he wouldnt be here. Has he been worth the effort to get him? All day long.
  4. Lost 7 aways on the trot in league and cup and scored 1 goal.
  5. He's doing what he always does, making whatever squad of players he has under perform. The whole is weaker than the sum of its parts. Just let him hang on in there till Boxing Day (and yes they'll probably beat us anyway but the atmosphere will be interesting if nothing else).
  6. Me too. Puzzling how anyone couldnt see that Darcy has what it takes. Great set piece delivery, great energy, can see a pass, and breaks from midfield. He could be what Vela was meant to be. Despite the poor game generally and disappointing result, I came away pleased we've got another player from the academy who's likely to make it. Along with Graham. A word for Lowe too, drives the team on, never lets his head drop, real captain's performance leading by example. And yes Wimbledon were terrible and we werent good enough to beat them, but let's have a bit of consideration for the ridiculous injury list.
  7. Not at all. If anything too many passes in midfield. A mate attended his first game for a year, said the football and spirit was miles better, whilst obviously the standard wasn't great and clearly too many mistakes. But that wasnt long ball football, I dont think Matthews kicked it out of his hands once did he? The centre backs didnt boot it up, they passed it to midfield and the full backs 90% of the time. Even in the last 5 frantic minutes we refused to boot it despite the crowd screaming for the long ball.
  8. So goalkeeper is the only position clubs employ a coach for. If there was a right back coach, Nicky Hunt would be nailed on. Just train with Emmanuel and Brockbank every day and maybe an under 18 right back. How hard can that be. David Burke could be left back coach, would just have been working with Chicksen for a few months but Bunney will be joining sessions now. Tough gig that.
  9. I'm struggling with Villa getting 'found out'. Won their last home game at a stroll v Newcastle, drew at Man U, only lost narrowly at Chelsea, have I missed something? Sheff U manager man of the moment? About 8 years? Its like if you tear up trees for years then lose a home game you are no longer any good if you arent a fashionable name. Chris Wilder and Dean Smith are top class managers, proven over many years, they dont need to bounce back from an odd defeat in the Prem to avoid being called a flash in the pan.
  10. After tonight's results everybody below Spurs in 8th is in a relegation battle, everyone within 5 points of Everton and you'd expect them to get out of it eventually, so they're all in trouble. Teams like Villa and Sheff U look really good, well over achieving in their performance levels with superb managers, but could easily go down. Good to watch from afar, glad we aren't involved in a way because the standard is so high now.
  11. Everton fans will think going down is the worst thing that can happen, they just dont realise yet what fun they'd have in the championship. Their club would be reborn, the atmosphere would return and they'd feel 'big' and important again, selling out everywhere. I dont have a dislike for them but as a football fan it would be a great spectacle to see them in the championship, it would feel like their games mattered and I cant think of a recent season when Everton's results or position in the table was of any interest to anyone but themselves, and even they must getting bored of finishing between 7th and 11th.
  12. If I was in 2 minds about going, the difference between standing on the open terrace and under cover for a night match in December would be a major consideration.
  13. I'd be surprised if they hated them (they're too busy hating each other), probably no more of a rivalry than us and Preston but I'm willing to be corrected.
  14. Re getting invested in other team's games, I love the end of season promotion and relegation deciders. Play off final weekends is the best sporting weekend of the year, in stark contrast to the ceremonial routine of watching Man City in another cup final where the players look bored to be part of it.
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