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  1. Johnnyrotten


    Talking of Bury, we are due to play them in a couple of weeks. If we can accept another couple of thrashings this week, we then get either a week off or a game against a team no more experienced than us. That's a bit of a carrot to keep the show on the road till the end of the month then relative breathing space.
  2. Does anyone know if Doncaster will be pay on the day? Especially as there's no danger of away end selling out and no last minute rush situation as with Coventry.
  3. Johnnyrotten


    I always thought he was just an oddball but hats off to him for the job he's done at Macclesfield and the way he comes across. We could do worse than getting him when/if the dust settles.
  4. This has to be the longest collective holding of breath ever
  5. Johnnyrotten


    Fair enough but they do have a manager (Wilkinson) and they do have an owner, unlike us. They must have 13 or more players in the building they could use of similar standard to our's, and cant possibly be any less eqipped to sell tickets etc than us. I'm totally relieved we are being allowed to play, touch wood, just not sure why Bury arent, in comparison.
  6. I wasnt there but I agree. Lowe is a centre mid, and I like his attitude, but he's never a left back in the memory of man. Although I'm not knocking the line up because if a young kid needs a rest, I'm not going to argue. On Murphy, I've yet to see him have a good 10 minutes, never mind a good half. A total mystery that lad. Gives the senior pro's a bad name, because they arent all that bad.
  7. Johnnyrotten


    I'm struggling to understand how Bury's games are going ahead but our's are being played. How are we any more fit to play games compared to them, especially given tomorrow's court case. Rhetorical question, not expecting anyone to understand the complexities of the respective cases, or how the EFLs mind works.
  8. Its embarrassing for any club to be perceived to be smaller than their manager, but for big clubs like Chelsea, or Steven Gerrard's Rangers, ridiculous. At least Sol Campbell's Macclesfield may benefit from a bit of rare publicity and recognition. And even Joey Barton's Fleetwood. At least we no longer have to hear "Harry Redknapp's..." and only 1 more year of Neil Warnock's.
  9. Not really. If they'd got injured, as per Marc Iles tweet, and were out for 6 months and BWFC get liquidated, they dont have a club to treat their injuries and they dont have an income.
  10. On reflection I agree Olkowski should be cut more slack than the others, being in another country not to mention the language difficulties. I just have sympathy for them all to be honest, what a ridiculous and unique situation they were in. I don't feel qualified to criticise because if it was me I would have probably been off sick with mental fatigue after the 3rd month of not getting paid on the back of losing every week without having a shot on target or having any possession (if I was playing) or not getting a sniff of a game from 1 month to the next if you didn't fit into Parky's plans.
  11. I respect anyones considered opinion, no problem with different views to mine, not sure why you didn't say that in 1st place. But for what it's worth, Olkowski was the first to chuck his toys out of the pram, he showed not 1 ounce of loyalty, he couldnt leave quick enough. On a scale of 1 to 5, he is a 1, McGennis is a 2, the other seniors are a 3 and the kids 5. I'd have them all back apart from Olkowski and McGennis, because they've been put in a position nobody else has been put in and I feel for them.
  12. Attendance 8668, capcity 10k. Accy only took 250 so home end a virtual sell out. Away end is small, when we go there it will sell out quickly. My brother lives in Lincoln, and he's expecting me to be there for that game but I cant guarantee a ticket therefore not committing to a hotel etc yet.
  13. Its their loss. Its our loss. Everyone associated with the club has lost in the last year or so. Nobody signed up for us, or any team, thinking "sod this lot at the first sign of trouble I'm chucking the towel in". How about none of us know how we would react in the same circumstance, we've not been party to all the crap going on behind the scenes, I would never judge another person for striking eg teachers, train drivers, nurses, without being in that situation myself first.
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