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  1. Those crash barriers being painted sky blue makes it a relatively modern pic. I only remember them being green. That 2-2 was one of the great days. Why were you in the Burnley end?
  2. This is as good a thread for this as any...regarding the possibility of the National League season being cancelled (and I hope it isn't for football's sake), it would remove the possibility of relegation from Div 2. I'm not suggesting we are in danger of finishing in the bottom 2, but its going to change the landscape for a lot of teams if there's no danger of losing EFL status. And if the worst happens and IE's reign goes disastrously, he's just giving us a disappointing season and delaying our renaissance rather than risking our very future. If we lose our next couple, that thought will a
  3. That Tranmere game was a virtual bye. Watford mainly selected kids because they'd had a league game 2 days earlier after the cup tie was rearranged at short notice. Anyway Newport are tough opponents on Saturday, definite promotion contenders.
  4. Thanks for taking the trouble to respond/debate, although not really a need for the “coach/insider” refs, when did football fans lose the right to debate the manager’s tactics? If only the manager’s opinion matters were we wrong to debate Hill’s use of Bridcutt at centre back, etc? I’ll agree to differ on a couple of points but recognise the sense in what you’re saying. In general, you’re happy with the time spent working on one formation, fine, I think it should have been sorted out before the 4th competitive match and I think he may have signed a winger or 2 if he’d realised earlier (a
  5. If number of i-follow passes sold is quite significant, and each club obviously knows the figures judging by that statement, they should start publishing "attendances" with away fans in brackets. It might just encourage a few more to pay up which can only help the clubs, and it would provide talking points and bragging rights for us massive clubs.
  6. Disappointingly no FA Cup action tomorrow for Colls with Bamber Bridge cancelling the match due to Covid. Colls get £2,250 prize money which might make up for loss of gate receipts.
  7. Just reading IE's post match comments, "Sometimes when you have 3 centre backs they are not as comfortable building attacks as a fullback or a midfield player....so I put an extra foward in who would drop back into space and enable full backs to get higher up the pitch. I thought we could build attacks better using the midfield pivot...we have only been working at it a week but the results were really good. I saw it last week and I think the decision has paid off". Honestly I'm encouraged that he's changed it, but how could he not see that earlier? Why wouldn't all of the above be the case
  8. Even if they get a bit sussed out they'd have to get a lot worse to go down. And they have such a good manager and stable club. The same applies to Burnley, for me those 2 aren't finishing below West Ham, Villa, Leeds, Newcastle. Then again I thought Wycombe would go down last season after they struggled to beat our kids on day 1.
  9. If everyone was packed into one stand that's disregarding what each club agreed to when fans were first allowed back in. Every club has to have a designated person responsible for ensuring restrictions are adhered to, and with only 3 or 400 people there it cant be that difficult to get them not to be packed together. I've been to 3 games, admittedly only about 150 on at each, but there's more social distancing than in Tescos or walking around Southport or Rivington on a nice day. I would just ask that live sport is treated like other forms of social gathering. (And seems ridiculous that a
  10. I think you suggested Crawford and Darcy are bang average, implying they are no better than the other midfielders. Unless Darcy has gone backwards in the last 6 months, which none of us know, he has to be better than what we've seen from a few of the new signings to date.
  11. Agreed. Trouble is I'm struggling to think of the last time that happened. I would absolutely love us to play crap and win 1-0 away. in fact 0-0 would be heaven. Genuinely cant think of it happening since that Hull game mentioned above. I'd settle for us going 20 minutes under pressure without conceding never mind a whole game. At Hull I came away thinking Smolarek was going to be a big player for us.
  12. My gut feeling is that I'll give him the whole season to get us looking like a potent team as long as he doesn't insist on 3-5-2 most weeks with this squad. For the life of me I don't see it working, as our full backs aren't going to create enough whilst being exposed defensively. If we play every game like today sounded, I'll take the defeats as being honest losses where the ball doesn't drop and next week can be better. By the time we've played at Barrow in just a month's time we'll be 8 games into the season, that will give us a better idea.
  13. Crawford isnt a championship player in the making, like arguably Politic could be. He's an above average Div 1 midfielder, I saw enough of that division last season and the year we got promoted, to say that. If he was poor today I'll take your word for it but he's better than average in this division. Last week in his half hour he was playing on a different level to the midfield of both teams. And we haven't seen Darcy play for 6 months, not sure how you think he's worse than say Comley or White based on what we've seen (they may improve).
  14. We were 2nd worst in Div 1 last season, so 2nd worst in Div 2 isnt arresting the decline, its a whole lot worse. I don't think we'll finish that low, but lets not pretend stopping up is an achievement just because of last season's car crash on and off the field. With the midfield and forwards at his disposal, IE would have to be a bad manager not to get enough of a tune out of them to be mid table.
  15. I dont think Merson has ever said "top" without adding another top. I've been reading his autobiography and he even says top top in that. That gives me an excuse to mention his tale about when Rioch was manager, and Wright had missed a load of chances. Rioch was having a right go at him in dressing room, saying McGinlay would have buried those chances! Not surprisingly Wright didnt take kindly to the comparison and went mad at him, and handed in a transfer request on the Monday. Merson thinks its the reason Rioch didnt last long, because either Wright or Rioch were going to leave and Wrig
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