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  1. Good following obviously but its 10% of their home crowd. If we were top 6ish and had won 3 on the trot and were generally on an upward curve, we'd take 10% of our crowd to any ground in the country. When we went there, their fans werent happy at all and seemed to spend the first hour on the backs of their manager and players. Looking at them today, very very average, just adding to the frustration that we arent currently able to compete.
  2. There are exceptions! You can add Anelka to that, he was terrible until that goal v Arsenal. But players at this level dont have the luxury of settling in for 2 months and relying on their previous reputation. 2 bad games and you dont see them again (Weir for eg), your short term contract isnt renewed, simple as that. Players who base their game on being able to do the extraoadinary, like JJ, can afford to have 5 bad games before they beat 3 men and smash a 30 yarder in the top corner.
  3. That's confusing. Transfer embargo = small plans for recruitment this year. Yes we may sign a lot of players, because we will lose most of the current squad with their contracts/loans ending, but they will all be frees and loans. Has anyone told Kenyon? That's not to discourage him, I want him on board, but if I'm not mistaken Abramovich could take over and it wouldn't change how much we spend this summer.
  4. I'm not trying to criticise Fleming, no obvious flaws apart from possibly pace and height, I just thought Chicksen looked better in most aspects. Which parts of his game would you rate Fleming better?
  5. Only my opinion but I reckon we've judged most signings after 1 game. I think the exceptions are strikers, like if Murphy doesn't have a couple of efforts on target or notch a goal, he might look very poor. But as long as the game is an "even" game (not a 5 goal defeat where we only see our team defending), minds are made up and rarely wrong after 1 game eg Hamilton, Darcy, Bridcutt, Wright, Earl - nothing changed from the first time I saw them to the last.
  6. I completely forgot about Darcy there. He was the best midfielder on the pitch today. Hands up who said he should be rested? Top quality from him, simply knows what to do with the ball, see passes I cant see from the stands and more importantly can execute them. In comparison, by the time Murphy has controlled the ball, looked around and passed at a pedestrian pace, Darcy has us moving quickly up the field. You cant teach that (although Hill will probably claim credit). He looks like the player I used to think Vela could be.
  7. No criticism of him at all. Just saying he's no better than Chicksen. Whether he's played 1 game or 100, we know already how strong he is, how fast he is, whether he can beat a man, what his crossing is like. He's OK (better than Taylor and Moxey obviously) but clearly not better than Chicksen at any of the above. And just as important, he's no interest in being here next season.
  8. That's an understatement. Another mystery from Hill. He makes things happen, has more variety and shooting ability than the fairly one dimensional Verlinden for me. Its massive for us to keep Politic, Crawford and Lowe for next season. All 3 should be playing no lower than Div 1 and if Hamilton fancies it that would make a more than adequate midfield.
  9. I agree with most of that but Dodoo did OK, he has something about him at centre forward. I was thinking the same about the left back, nothing against him obviously and good luck to him, but Chicksen is simply a better player. Its all been said before, its just bizarre. Like even if Bunney is the white Roberto Carlos, who's the back up for the next 18 months? Good luck signing someone better who fancies being 2nd choice in Div 2.
  10. That was priceless. In fairness he did score a couple of decent free kicks after that, and a few pens, but if someone like Spearing gets to take them, and pens, he will have to find a way to score from open play. That's not easy when you cant shoot or head the ball towards goal very well.
  11. That's only 5 goals between now and end of season. He'll probably get 2 when they beat us 5-1 but he's not going to add anything they havent already got, and anyway they could have just bought Murphy off us to score more than 1 in 4.
  12. I think there's lots of doubt. Will he be taking free kicks and pens like he often did for us? If not, his record suggests he wont score many. Blackpool will have the biggest strikers in the league anyway.
  13. Johnnyrotten


    They'll get a points deduction late enough in the season, when they are mid table, to render it meaningless.
  14. We had Campo, Diouff, Anelka and Stelios playing that night and attendance was 17,014, so not much more than 16,000 of us. Amazing really how little our crowds have dropped in the last 12 years when you consider the scale of how far we have fallen and everything that's been thrown at us.
  15. It was Wed 2nd Jan, it wasnt on Sky. We did our usual thing of not playing on a bank hol so put it back to the following night. Dont blame Derby fans for not coming but it wasnt on Sky. Still a terrible following for a club getting 30k at home.
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