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  1. As opposed to current times when the official crowd is exaggerated, based on season tickets purchased, many by fans that have no intention of attending every game. And the freebie and cheap tickets that are thrown around and might be used or not, no such thing in the pre-all seater stadium days.
  2. Too right. I initially thought other terraces might be as good eg Forest, Arsenal, Palace, Huddersfield - but when visiting them, realised they wern't a patch on th'Embankment. It was great when it was packed, although that was rare in my time, but even when there was only a few thousand on there it was a cracking place to watch a game.
  3. I was going to say it in jest, then when I thought about it, how could it not be a factor? In 1954, average weight of a Brit was 11st 6, and 34 inch waist. Now its 12st 6, waist 37, so fair to assume in early 1900s the gap was even bigger. 50k people stood on terraces in 1910 may have needed 20% less space than 50k in 2000! How else can you explain Burnden holding 70k? Take it or leave it, no charge for this analysis 😀
  4. Looking forward to Spearing getting converted into a centre back/sweeper by the time we play 'em.
  5. For the life of me I cant imagine 70k cramming into Burnden. The biggest crowds I was part of were Spurs/Fulham in 77-78, about 33,000 and it seemed absolutely packed. But I know there were 50k for the Everton semi and surely that was the absolute maximum at the time? I think the fact that the average height/weight of a human has reduced over the decades has to be a factor. If they were calculating capacity for Burnden now there's no way they'd be suggesting 70k, nearer 50k I bet.
  6. Yes agreed with that. Its a strange one because we could have Klopp or whoever in charge but if they refuse to use a proven keeper, they arent good enough as a manager for that period, they simply wont get a run of results. In IEs case, he's flying by the seat of his pants GK wise because if Gilks picks up a month long injury, its not difficult to imagine we'll be back to winning every 4th game instead of maybe 2 out of 3. The other issue addressed is getting the lesser players out of the team and replacing them with better, on the whole. Few fans wanted him out, we just wanted to see the
  7. This article is damning. I was also happy for him to be considered for us, but maybe we dodged a bullet https://www.shropshirestar.com/sport/football/shrewsbury-town-fc/2020/11/25/comment-shrewsbury-towns-decline-under-sam-ricketts-couldnt-be-ignored-any-longer/
  8. 6 away points in 4 days, both wins fully deserved by all accounts, great stuff. Not often we've said that in the last 10 years. Now let's get a Saturday home win under our belts at the fifth attempt and feel like the season is really up and running.
  9. Agreed with first 2; I'd have Delaney 3rd because he didnt take ages to get started, he hit the ground running. Its got to be Doyle and Fonz 5th and 6th, because we would have hardly scored without their quality in the box.
  10. Played about 200 games for Rochdale and Bury over the years, presumably plenty were in Div 1.
  11. Don't want to tempt fate, but IF we win it will be the most pleasing of the 5 so far for me. Drawing at H-T and taking the game to them in the 2nd half to win. The only time we did that last season was against 10 men so god knows when we last managed it against 11.
  12. 😁 😀 yeah compared to Crellin
  13. That would definitely be a first this century 😀 (or they just cant afford a full time groundsman).
  14. Pity that I was hoping we might take him off their hands in January just to rub their noses in it! Before they lose every half decent player they've got, it would be nice to take one off them.
  15. Ha ha! Good memory. 2 different Hulmes - Kevin was a bit of a Bury legend in 90s, Iain Hulme was the Tranmere one, went to Leicester, Barnsley, PNE for biggish fees. Famously got a fractured skull from Chris Morgan.
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