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  1. So we lost our first 2 games out of 3 (on pens) and still finished in top 2 and had the best goal difference. Cheltenham 4 Newport 7 which put Newport through at Cheltenham's expense on goal difference. 3-5 at half time.
  2. I think its fair to point out that not all season ticket holders are big fans, as daft as that sounds. Many families and friends get S/Ts together as a sociable thing to do together, and they are relatively cheap because kids tickets are so much more affordable than they used to be. Some people get brought along, but they just wouldn't go to the trouble without the influence of the main BW fan in their group. I'm one of those people, out of 5 of us literally nobody else goes if I cant make it (1 also has a S/T at Athy Colls). The club has benefitted massively from the seats/season ticket culture and the pay off is that cup crowds suffer. Same for every medium to big sized club.
  3. To clarify, the 83-84 season we started with Wimbledon, less than 4k on. The other time we played Wimbledon was our first in Prem at Selhurst Park; we took more there than we had for the 83 home game.
  4. I remember paying a fiver to go to Oxford on the coach on Good Friday that season. Going off topic but it was memorable because we had 2 games in 2 days, I'm fairly sure that's not happened since. Imagine going to Oxford, losing 5-0 and then getting up the next day to go to a home game, full of enthusiasm. We beat Wigan 1-0 (Chandler).
  5. 2-1 Rochdale after 70 minutes. The tension is killing me.
  6. Purely that people go to more games than they otherwise would "I'm going today coz I've got a ticket but I cant really be bothered". So when the cup comes round the following week (we're at home 3 Saturdays running), its the obvious one to miss. Simple decision, I bet not one season ticket holder "chose" to miss 1 of the 2 league games but paid to go v Plymouth. And its not just the cost, its the relative effort of sorting out a ticket, we've got used to just turning up. S/Ts are a relatively recent phenomenon, coinciding with all seater stadiums. Crowds at every club used to go up and down week to week upto about 20 years ago, now we all know how big a home crowd is going to be, it doesnt change because 90% of them have S/Ts.
  7. Probably the first game this season where I'll take a defeat badly. We're at home to a side we "should" beat. I'd say Rotherham last Christmas was the last one. Which puts it in the nervy category, especially on the back of a cup defeat that we were also expected to win. The result feels important for a change, a plucky draw wont be satisfactory.
  8. Agreed, the season ticket culture is in my opinion the 2nd big reason for the decline in the cup. Clearly the premier league (ie money) is the main reason for the decline in knock out cups, a successful season for many is 4th bottom of Prem whilst losing in the first stage of all cups. Champions League is 3rd reason for me, as there are too many games for the top clubs, ensuring they play a scratch side and send out all the wrong messages. Yes the cup would be losing its prestige with or without regionalised fixtures, but making the early rounds more fun, with bigger crowds, more money generated and more TV and local interest, might just provide some memories for fans that persuades them to come back next time.
  9. Good knowledge, I didnt realise that. I've been going to 1st and 2nd round cup ties since 1980 (bizarrely Northwich v Wigan was my first, then Bury v Lincoln and Bury v Tranmere). My first BW early round ties were in 83 at Tranmere then Mansfield home, and we had Wrexham away, Burnley away in the same era, all memorable games. It hadn't occurred to me this was all regionalised; these cup games seemed like an event, good crowds and atmospheres generally. I'm sure I wouldnt have picked up such enthusiasm for the cup at a relatively young age if I'd been forced to watch us play Plymouth in front of half the usual home crowd. The cup's dieing a slow death and the FA is speeding up its decline with these rotten set of fixtures where a local derby is hardly ever seen.
  10. I really think the 1st 2 rounds of the FA Cup should be regionalised, and I'm not 1 for messing with tradition. But with clubs so strapped for cash the cup can make bleed finances even more. Blackpool v Maidstone, Sunderland v Gillingham (and replay), Harrogate v Pompey, Crawley v Fleetwood, Kingsonian v Fylde, Forest Green v Carlisle, Yeovil v Hartlepool (postponed), rearranged to fight to go to Cambridge or Exeter. Unnecessary costly and lengthy trips/hotel stays for fans and clubs, in the middle of winter. And spoils the cup because of the disappointment such draws bring to the fans of all the clubs involved, not exactly adding to the atmosphere or matchday experience. Course the 3rd round onwards should be national as everyone should have a chance of playing any of the big clubs, but absolutely pointless getting Plymouth to come up here when they could be playing Pompey while we're at Harrogate or Port Vale.
  11. Doidge hat-trick for Hibs at St Johnstone, finally getting a start after the manager was sacked. No place for Vela which is no surprise.
  12. How are we 2nd favourites for this? Fair enough a month ago, but we've won our last 2 league games against better teams than Plymouth and their last away game was a 4-0 defeat at Exeter. We're 17/10 with Skybet, I'll have a bit of that.
  13. Its pay on the day for Bolton fans, there are cash turnstiles. So if Plymouth/Bury fans turn up without tickets they have to go in Bolton end? Not sure what that achieves.
  14. I remember that game in 81/82, it was a grim, wet Tuesday night and we won 1-0. They brought about 400 in a crowd of less than 6k. They were getting 15k at home at the time. The year after, with Keegan playing, they famously packed much of the embankment (17k total). I took an Everton fan to that game and he still reminds me now about all the trouble that day; a rock hard skinhead Geordie in braces and no shirt stood at the bottom of the Paddock near the singers, and walked up the terrace, and everyone parted, nobody would take him on.
  15. That's just reminded me that for about the first 10 years of me going to games, you had to collect tokens from the programmes to qualify for "big match" tickets. So for Everton away in League Cup Semi you needed about 20 programme tokens carefully cut out and glued to the official token sheet! S/Ts were virtually none existent, hence huge swings in crowds from 1 match to the next dependent on opposition, weather and form. Man U used to do the same, if you bought a programme for a previous game from club shop etc, the token number was erased. It was just assumed every fan would buy a programme in them days, now I dont know anyone that buys one. We stopped doing tokens around mid 80s when it became obvious we were deluding ourselves if we thought we were going to have a game, home or away, where demand might outstrip supply!
  16. I'm not disagreeing we care more about the league than the cup (and I like you love the FA Cup) but if season tickets included cup ties we wouldn't even be having this discussion. Attendance would be 11 or 12k and it wouldn't be commented on. If we get say 7.5k on that will be significantly more home fans than the 1st couple of league games this season, and it will be more than the Doncaster rearranged game. And that's 90% down to season tickets not being valid for those games. Its not because people cant afford it, its a "CBA" attitude to making the effort to buy a ticket when you can wait a week to just wander up to the gate.
  17. Born in Bolton according to Wiki. I was sat a few seats from him at Huddersfield about 20 years ago, Ian Marshall scored the winner in a 3-2 win I think it was.
  18. Repeating myself from another thread, but not following this logic. Manager of the year for me at Div 2 level last season with what he did at Macc against the backdrop of players not getting paid etc.
  19. 3 Saturday games in a row wont help the crowd, we want everyone to buy season tickets and so the cup takes a hit. I cant make this one as I had to find a blank Saturday for visiting relatives so picked FA Cup weekend hoping we'd be drawn away (wierd how we are hardly ever drawn away in FA Cup).
  20. Agreed on Verlinden. After that goal at Rotherham (arguably 1 of the stand out moments for our club in recent years) he's not done a lot except running rings round the Sunderland left back. But Buckley has a lot to do to to be an improvement on anyone, he was so bad at times last season, lightweight sums him up perfectly.
  21. I would have agreed a year ago, but I was very impressed with him at Macc, did a great job, and he seems to have left them a top half team rather than rock bottom. Hearing him talk, he's genuinely enthusiastic and into being amongst footballers and coaching etc. I'd take his positivity over Parky or Dougie any day. Will be interesting to see how he does at Southend.
  22. I spoke too soon, according to the BN the meeting has been postponed.
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