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  1. No idea either, I switched off. Mark Iles has Baptiste MOM FWIW. I think he's been an 8 out of 10 in every game of the unbeaten run, and occasionally Santos, John, Lee or MJ has been an 8.5 or 9; yesterday I thought they were no more than 7's, not their best games for me, so Baptiste MOM.
  2. Fair points. Always happy to have a balanced debate with reasonable folk. A 6th big positive apart from the obvious impact of the new signings, is Baptiste. Becoming one of my favourite players, from being one of my least favourite. It will be interesting to see if he gets a new contract next season if we're in league one (for debate in May).
  3. I was talking to a Stoke fan the other day and he watches their games on i-follow but has to pay for every game as they didn't sell any S/Ts (as in, they weren't for sale, not that nobody wanted one). It made me wonder how many EFL clubs other than us have S/T holders, and so get i-follow free. It seems hard to believe that the likes of Forest, Derby, Sunderland, Norwich, Sheff Wed wouldn't have more interest in their game than we do in ours especially given how poor we were till recently. The stats need a bit more context to mean a lot.
  4. Agreed, I got it as a present a couple of years ago, a great read and keepsake. And because its all reproductions of newspapers sports pages, you get other stuff too that adds a bit of context, other match reports and news etc.
  5. That's top quality, very funny. I heard something similar for a Coventry game last year, might be same guy doing commentary? Great stuff whoever did it.
  6. That's one of the best posts I've read on here 👏.
  7. Just mean he's our most physical forward player. Agreed he's not there to flick on headers and bully the opposition. He's got more to his game than that. Battering ram was the wrong phrase, just someone to win some of those balls that Doyle usually cant compete for, and to offer another outlet when we're trying to break, as for most of today's game.
  8. It has to be that way with the players that start, I feel like we're missing a trick not using Arthur as more of a battering ram. Its not as if he's limited to just being a Madine type, he's got more skill and pace than that, I'd be more than happy with him up front for Doyle to play off, as with the late goals v Barrow, Cheltenham and Southend without which we'd be 7th. Put another way, if I was the opposition I wouldn't be happy if I was faced with those 2.
  9. Agreed, but add John to that list. And Dapo. And Doyle. That's 7 at least that walk into any other team in the league. Which is great, but does make you wonder if we could be better, given that the other 3 outfield players (Jones, Fonz, Thomason or Isgrove) would get into most teams too, and no other team can boast our subs bench surely.
  10. That's an amazing stat given that we aren't prolific. It would be great to keep that going for another 9 games. Been going for a few decades and the only season we must have come close to that is the 100 goals/98 points season surely.
  11. Plenty of possession in the first half, but only the 2 shots to show for it. Their keeper only had to get involved twice in the game and thankfully he couldn't get to Doyle's shot. I think we're a long way from improving our goal difference, but we could win 100-0 and its still worth less than half of that equaliser Bradford got, so its irrelevant for me, 1-0 will do.
  12. Port Vale were that team for me, we didn't even play particularly badly on the day but they scored 6. And Orient couldn't have been too shoddy in the 4-0 even if it was Crellin in goal. FGR looked completely toothless up front compared to those 2 (accepting their top scorer got subbed, if that had been Doyle instead it might be a different game).
  13. I'm surprised more than worried. I'd expect these players to have more shots on goal, eg Dapo, Fonz and Lee. Just as I would have expected a goal from Santos or Baptiste by now. But I settle for how it is now, squeezing the games, making it a midfield battle and free from goalmouth action, with us having just a bit more quality in the final third. We are making most teams look poor, but against other teams they appear to have some quality. So we are stopping them from playing, that will do to be going on with. In league one we'll need a bit more but that's for another day.
  14. They looked poor at our place, worse than Walsall and FGR. But we don't destroy teams, I think you mean we'll stop them scoring and we'll score one!
  15. There's a crowd on at the Holland game, at Ajax. Can't say I'm glued to it but it makes the difference between zero interest and it being semi entertaining. Apparently its 5000 allowed in as long as they've tested negative. Sounds and looks more than 5k.
  16. Our game there could be a nervy affair if we're still neck and neck, there's only 2 games after that, might be a few of us making the trip for that one - beer gardens, sun at the seaside, clinch promotion...? OK 1 game at a time.
  17. You're right. Its at Rodney Parade.
  18. Last 10 games we've made at least 9 points on every other team in the top half; 14 more than FGR. Surprised to see the best team after us is Stevenage, 8 behind.
  19. Cracking goal from Mullin right on half time (unfortunately), fair play to him though, 27th of season.
  20. Hard to believe when we were supposed to play there on 6th Feb, we were about 10 places and 10 points below them and our only hope of a result was that Maddison was going to be on fire on his debut. Would probably have gone 13 points behind them. Now we're 12 points clear and no longer even concerned about their results. Thank God for that rain and the crap pitch at Mansfield.
  21. Of those 3 options I'd have Arthur above instead, holds the ball up better and creates more and his strength would come in handy, whether on either wing or in behind Doyle. Great cross from Fonz today though.
  22. Good to see Tutte get some game time, I like him, never seen him have a poor half (I didn't watch Orient away btw).
  23. Goal was earlier than I expected but changed by mind on the bet to 1-0 Doyle at 22/1 so I've had worse days. Poor game, great result, that will do.
  24. Sky usually have a Prem game on at 3, and there's no game at all before about 5, don't get why its not the 3pm game, surely they'd get more watching with not much else going on.
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