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  1. I'd forgotten about that song, great memory. Those were the days when we seemed to have a song or brief chant for every player. Felgate (Wales No 1), Derek Scott, Winstanley, Ju Darby, Tomo, Warren Joyce, Mark Gavin on the wing, Chandler, Tony Tony Caldwell, George Oghani, Asa Asa Hartford, someone scored a goal John Thomas, etc etc. And this for players either getting relegated to or playing in Div 4. When we were top 8 of the Prem you had to be Nolan, Diouff or SKD to have a song.
  2. If they want to discourage Scousers from travelling, Wigan is a non starter. Its a short train journey, and loads of scousers live locally in Skem, St Helens, Billinge, Haydock, Newton etc. They'd walk to Wigan flying their flags. At least they'd have to make an effort to get to Horwich or Blackburn.
  3. I fail to see how any lower division team can play without crowds. Its not like we're talking 10 games to finish the season, if they start a new season that's a commitment to 46 games with potentially no gate income and the need to get loads of new players on longish contracts, and get them all tested every week? Not going to happen.
  4. I've no idea who's in the quarter finals but I assume they are all Prem clubs. I'd love it if there was a Div 1 club in it and they had to train for a month till the end of June to play one game.
  5. Its annoying that we dont turn up at Wembley, you'd just want the results to be a fair reflection of how good the 2 teams were respectively. I expected us to lose to Bristol City, Liverpool and Villa so I'll take those 3. But the Tranmere, Watford and Stoke games still annoy me now. In our 10 showpiece games including Cardiff we havent once got a result better than the pools panel would have predicted. There must be loads of teams that have over performed at Wembley and we are in the other camp.
  6. If he repeated his run at the start of his 2nd season, near the bottom and no wins, his honeymoon period wouldnt last long. I dont get where the evidence is to appoint an unproven manager against the many unemployed one's with a track record. And if we're going for someone with links to the club/town, how is Nolan a better bet than Flitcroft?
  7. The only one between 2 Northern teams?
  8. I've just finished watching England v Scotland (it takes me several sittings to get through a whole game) and even though I was there on the day, behind the goal next to the Scots, I couldnt believe how bad we were re-watching it. We had 10 minutes around the time of the 1st goal and 5 minutes around the missed pen/Gazza goal. Scotland a much better, balanced team on the day (McAllister real quality on the ball). Gazza shows glimpses of being a class above, but yes he gives the ball away too much. In comparison Redknapp does very little, McManaman continues to look completely overrated, weak and one paced, and Darren Anderton. Can anyone explain? So bad! Its not helped by the commentators getting over excited if there's so much as a shot on goal miles wide, the quality is few and far between. And England fans singing Swing Low Sweet Chariots, a bit embarrassing.
  9. I've made this point on another thread, but if your following at Wembley is more than twice your home crowd, you should be embarrassed. A town full of glory hunters who cant be bothered with home games. If PNE had 30k fans its a poor do that they struggle to get a third of that at home. The Readings and Watfords are the same, need about 50k tickets at Wembley and struggle to get 15 at home.
  10. Great memory, that felt like a really big game at the time. What I loved about that season was the feeling we could win games 1-0, it would be 0-0 well into the 2nd half then McGinlay etc would break the deadlock. I've yearned for those types of games ever since and they happen about once a year now. I might have to check stats but it feels like we never win a game 1-0 especially when its 0-0 after an hour, which is rare. Sunderland turned out to be the only win in 8 games before and after, I hadnt realised until I just looked how much we "blew" the chance of automatic promotion. Last 4 aways we got 1 point at Stoke and lost the other 3 including Tranmere and Oldham. Added to how crap we played at Wolves in the play offs, then in the 1st half v Reading at Wembley, we definitely rode our luck to go up. Quite similar to how we bottled it under Parky towards the end but just managed to scrape up.
  11. It would be turkeys voting for Christmas. Playing games/testing players etc brings forward the day each club runs out of cash. Its completely unsustainable to fork out half a million or whatever it is with no income till maybe next year.
  12. I'm not pro-Hill at all, but for a bit of balance, not only did he get Rochdale promoted twice, in their first season in Div 1 (2nd spell, 2014-15) they finished 8th even though they only won 2 of the last 8. Well on course for play offs until then. He must have been doing something right even though at times its difficult to see what his plan is for us. I dont go along with this "BW are too big for him" we arent Man U or Arsenal where you have to have a media profile and have the magnetism to attract big names. If he can organise a squad of players to win games at Rochdale on their budget in Div 2 and Div 1 he can do it for anyone at that level, its mainly about good recruitment, good communication (dont laugh) and getting a team to play to a plan.
  13. Good summary. Not difficult to compare him to Vela, even looks similar. Neither ever completely cemented their place in one position in the team, I remember Jules playing some games at right back and centre back, and as a 2nd striker occasionally same as Vela. They also share a similar languid style and you could argue eye for goal, although Darby far better in that department. Both local lads with a bit of a love hate relationship with the fans. Great servant Darby both on and off the pitch, top bloke.
  14. Its still a bit strange. He doesnt have to be "working" to have a chat with the BN. All the interviews printed over the last few weeks arent in an official capacity, they are just people giving their thoughts. He should be able to offer some sort of comment, even if only to confirm that no work is going on currently and that he is furloughed or whatever. Marc Iles is (understandably) desperate for interviews of any sort, yet the world's chattiest man who happens to live in Bolton and manage BWFC is unavailable for comment?
  15. I'll give you the poncey footballer bit. But not sure about the 'modern' bit. I also enjoyed watching Mark Gavin, Jeff Chandler (Shirley), Scott Sellars, Claus Jensen, all in the same category. Plenty of examples at other clubs too, just part of the fabric of footballers, they cant all be Keanes, Taggarts and Spearings.
  16. If he wasn't defending enough he should have had a different role, off the striker or the Mark Davies type that hopefully Politic will take on. If he continues to get played out of position on the wing we'll all be criticising him in future about his workrate instead of enjoying what he brings to the attack. These talented players should be the focus of our attack, they win games. Eagles wasnt Prem class but he was exciting to watch on his day and one of the reasons for turning up for a game, he could create something, there are too many that arent capable of the goals and assists he conjured up, same as Ameobi and Mark Davies. I don't care about their 'workrate', within reason.
  17. No recollection of either game, but I recall a lot of other games around that time, some terrible results ending in relegation in the Aldershot play off.
  18. 1991. Those corners were blown in by the driving wind and rain if I remember correctly, at the Embankment end. We had some Swedish lads with us that day (fans of AIK). They'd met up with some friends at Italia 90 and arranged to come over for a couple of games, (no easy feat pre-mobiles) and our lot went over to watch AIK (proper nutters their fans apparently).
  19. Yes he was; I was stood much nearer the fencing in the Paddock than normally, and when he hit it he was really close to us and so he was celebrating in front of us for a change, he'd not normally be anywhere near us for a goal.
  20. I dont think anyone's mentioned the PNE friendly in one of the early seasons at Reebok. Thunder and lightning and torrential rain, abandoned at half time. David Moyes was centre back for PNE. I worked with an ex copper who was a PNE fan and sat with him in the West Lower, the one and only time we met up at football. Frandsen scored for us and I think Jon Mackin for them.
  21. I dont think I've ever missed a Wigan home game, and not many away. I dont remember that at all. Any more detail, season/score etc?
  22. March 81, a year or 2 before I started doing aways, so this passed me by. But looking at the fixtures/results, you're right that it was to be played on a Sat in late Feb and was rearranged for the following Wednesday. Only 8,500 on, no doubt our following was hugely reduced. No chance of games being rearranged so hastily these days. We won 2-1 (Reid and Gowling) and PNE went down a couple of months later.
  23. I remember Caldwell scored and I just didnt see it, it was really wierd celebrating based on rumour!
  24. No lower league club is going to go all out to appoint a new manager on a proper contract in the current climate. Options would appear to be: 12 month extension to Hill on much reduced terms (given there might not be any matches); he stays on a month to month basis on similar terms to what he's on now; someone like David Lee as "caretaker" if only to act as liaison with our (few) players; or we don't have a manager until the return of matches is relatively close, saving the associated salaries.
  25. So if its eradicated with social distancing it means we still cant get back to normality because it will come back as soon as we are out of lock down. Its like expecting nobody to have flu, its not going to happen, but its only a problem if we can die with it, which means we need a vaccine.
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