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  1. They are arguing like fuck on latics speyk. Good job it is hosted online and not in a socially distanced beer garden or the chairs would be flying
  2. I used to have a few pints in ground before and during the game. Over last prob 5 or maybe more seasons ive found myself staying in pub and getting to ground for kick off. I dont even bother at half time now. Its not the price that puts me off i think that is ok for a stadium. Its that draught anything tastes proper shit
  3. Not for me. Got used to it as it. Should just keep kiosks open all 2nd half . That way if games shit you can get hammered but still throw your ale down and leg it to the top of the steps to celebrate if we score.
  4. Did i ask for an apology. . You wigan loving tosser😁
  5. Pieman wtf are you on about you clown. Get a grip murdoch
  6. So i should fuck off because you dont like that i dont like wigan fans. Is that what your saying. Or are you telling me to fuck off because you have hit the upper limit on your ability to debate
  7. How do you work that out from that post. My kids went to school in wigan got shit all the way through even teachers. They are fucking rats. Everyone of them is getting from me at every opportunity i get. I dont need the fucking web to do it
  8. Trust me ive jumped in the deep end. They aint escaping me . The fucking skip rat cunts. I FUCKING HATE THE TWATS
  9. Plus one from me . Sit back and watch the show. Karma is a bitch
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