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  1. As has been said, we are playing well, I’ve just done something that I thought I wouldn’t be doing for a long time....backed us to win at 4/1 , looks like good value to me?
  2. Think it were about 1&1/2 to 2 years ago, manure were sniffing so Newcastle put in a sneaky bid but I think he wanted to stay n develop his game at Fleetwood
  3. I’m so pleased for Evatt after that result! He’d backed himself into a corner with his comments after our last game so no wonder he was yelling after the equaliser. He ain’t daft, he knows where our weaknesses are and I’m confident that he will plug those holes over the next few weeks and months. We need to be patient, in a results driven industry that is hard but I really do think he will turn it round and in a few months those people calling for him to be sacked will look very foolish,,,,or I will 😁. weve taken a chance with Crellin, we must av got him on a cheap deal, they t
  4. IE is absolutely spot on. Hes still got my full support and fwiw I’m confident that he will sort it. some of u lot thought it was gonna be a cake walk this season. So do some of our players it seems. i understand the fans frustration but this is a new team and it’s going to take time to get it right. How long? Can’t say at this stage but I think it’s gonna be a struggle this season, no shit Sherlock I hear you say. the sooner IE calls them out and wakes them from their slumber, the better... hes done that now so we need to see what the response is. if it wer
  5. Our style of play is a bit predictable, we need a bit more urgency going forward, nice triangles looks good but allows teams to get behind the ball, Doyle needs space to lose his marker and he isn’t getting that at the mo coz we so slow and don’t know what to do in the last third. we are a bit lethargic at the back and opposing managers are now exploiting that weakness by lumping it forward and letting their striker take a chance in a 1 v 1. Crellin, well I did warn u about him,,,, let’s hope he can bounce back, I don’t believe in slagging keepers really so I’ll remind u that he made
  6. I can’t get on either, they can fuck off now
  7. Fleetwood academy is a fantastic set up. Not got a bad word to say about the place or the coaches. its only 40 minutes from the macron. if u get the chance then take it.
  8. Don’t rate crellin whatsoever, seen him a few times, poor.
  9. The anarchists, globalists, Marxist, crazy lefties (I lump them all together coz they’re all crackpots) have infiltrated blm in uk and I understand have aims to dismantle capitalism. They don’t like being rumbled tho. Plenty folk now realising what they’re up to and their main aims. im sure they’ll try to deny it, but WE KNOW, u know 😊 Theyll jump behind any cause if it serves their purpose to cause disruption. Just want to put that out there so we all know what’s going on.
  10. Won’t be funny when they want to ground share with us
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