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  1. Relax, just sit back n enjoy a masterclass of running down the clock now zebs is on
  2. Bad miss by their striker there,,,, u could say coyote missed a howler 😃
  3. How many times are they going to get away with fouling halfalion?
  4. What a run by half a lion great stuff
  5. We’re starting to turn the screw n ask em questions
  6. I’m gonna try n listen to their clowns for as long as I can, won’t be easy, wish me luck,,,
  7. Can’t complain about that, we never recovered from poor start. im not reading no Shyte from doom mongers on here, no need for it. we all know our strengths n weaknesses, it’s plain to see, no amount of bitching is gonna change it. ta raa
  8. Six minutes injury time, .....
  9. Great cross there by zeberdee, Doyle should be better controlling that n pulling the trigger
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