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  1. Well, the season is more or less half way through, where do YOU think we’ll finish? me ~ TOP 😊
  2. It was a fair result overall. im sure plenty of u not happy but that’s our level, mid table. IE got to keep rebuilding, we will get there, just not this season. I’ll now concede that we’re not gonna win the league.
  3. Surely we gonna get one last chance,,,,,
  4. Lost our way now, team of strangers
  5. Must av heard me shouting louder than gilks
  6. Need to Replace zebrrdee with gnu
  7. Ref cud av give a penalty against Doyle if they adnt scored anyway
  8. We’ve carried on were we left off, battering them
  9. He’s great Doyle, should av scored there
  10. O o at h/t, didn’t want that half to end
  11. We are starting to create chances now
  12. I’m bored not a lot of good football plenty of pass backs to keeper
  13. I follow commentators just said we looked like the dog n duck pub team in the warm up 😩
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