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  1. I can’t get on either, they can fuck off now
  2. Fleetwood academy is a fantastic set up. Not got a bad word to say about the place or the coaches. its only 40 minutes from the macron. if u get the chance then take it.
  3. Don’t rate crellin whatsoever, seen him a few times, poor.
  4. The anarchists, globalists, Marxist, crazy lefties (I lump them all together coz they’re all crackpots) have infiltrated blm in uk and I understand have aims to dismantle capitalism. They don’t like being rumbled tho. Plenty folk now realising what they’re up to and their main aims. im sure they’ll try to deny it, but WE KNOW, u know 😊 Theyll jump behind any cause if it serves their purpose to cause disruption. Just want to put that out there so we all know what’s going on.
  5. Won’t be funny when they want to ground share with us
  6. Late 80’s and we were on the pitch more than the players! Best three I can remember : Darlington away, that freight rover game, u could say we were on the pitch twice, we got there late, saw the floodlights in the distance, drove in a straight line towards them, ended up down a cul de sac on a housing estate, parked up, ran straight thru peoples back gardens and over the fence onto the cricket pitch, think Durham played there? Anyway, ran straight across the cricket pitch and into the ground, on their pitch after the game, a 3-0 (?) win. Burnley away, about 88, there’s a video
  7. It’s that spicy curry sauce from Jon’s chippy, taste buds overload, mmmmmm! 😊
  8. I’d be well happy with Evatt, now that I know more about him. we need a proper clearout, I know we’ve had them before but I think that dropping down to cat 3 and L2 will see proper building blocks put in place to enable a revival. he knows the kind of players that we need at this level, so did hill, but from what I’ve seen his attitude will make a massive difference. im happy with a mid table finish if we can see that we’re moving in the right direction.
  9. My partner works for an American firm in the uk. Theyes been given the day off today coz it’s Juneteenth, or slave liberation day as they call it over there This is the first year that they’ve had a day off tho.
  10. On about episode 25 (out f EIGHTY!) of Schitts Creek. Its a bit of a slow burner but u can’t help but like all the characters, especially Alexis. Its a Canadian series and not too readily available over here, doubt anybody’s heard of it never mind watching it.
  11. For a few years up until about 5 maybe 3 years ago she was a good social commentator, seemed to say what a lot of people were thinking, but said it in a clever and politically correct manner. Irritated the socialists of course. in her quest for column inches and to remain in the limelight she seemed to become more desperate and outrageous to the point where she became viewed as extreme. No surprise to me that this has happened.
  12. You’ve met all three of the magnificent 7?
  13. In summary... Over 200 votes fairly evenly split between Ricketts, Clough, ANOther n Nolan. Every other named candidate in the vote has received support. Over the course of this thread almost 30 names being seriously touted, with most being rubbished by at least one other person. Just goes to show what a difficult decision it is for FV to make. imo they have already made up their mind, it’s a brave decision to get rid of hillcroft, so u wouldn’t do that unless u had a plan. That’s how FV work. Lets hope they get their man (or woman)
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