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  1. Just saved a tenner by letting my Mrs cut my hair. i looked like a right nob before, now I just look like a prik. prob cost me a score to have it put right
  2. What’s the betting that our mad Marxist moron will be on here calling for Johnson to resign within a week? odds on id say
  3. When Chelsea came up in 83 it was near the end f the season and we were expected to win. They brought loads and were in the manny rd where I stood. Clive walker ripped us apart and scored the winner. I was a cheeky young rascal in them days and at the end of the game me and my mate went down near the tunnel as the players left the pitch. “Colin, Colin, Colin!” I shouted to Colin Lee as he walked off. Eventually he heard me and looked up at us and smiled to us. “F*** off you w******!” I shouted to much hilarity til it all kicked off around us! :lol: In 84 I shat myself when Sheffield Utd came in the manny rd. There were loads of them but they kept quiet in the main and I learned a lesson. I’d realised that there were loads of them but I wasn’t happy about it. One of them, aged about 28 (old bastard!) went to the front and shouted “come on u Bolton b******* , who wants ago at me?” Nobody did. I seriously pondered it for ages but decided against it, I would have got leathered. it still rankles me that I didnt, still pisses me off, but it taught me to always be aware of your surroundings and the situation before kicking off, something I put to good use in later years.
  4. That Mansfield game was wild, one of my mates got arrested on the old boc petrol station , for some reason (prob coz we lost) every one was after their blood that night.
  5. I wouldn’t use houseparty, rumours it’s not safe? why not use zoom, set her and her friends up with a party meal, they can wear fancy dress or summat, they can all see each other and talk to each other.
  6. Bastard farmers are muck spreading near me, it’s enough to make u want to stay in...
  7. Loads of food n beer int fridge. We aren’t getting whupped every week.
  8. Just woken up, thought I’d write it down before I forgot..... I had a dream that we had signed a goalscorer on deadline day last year, can’t remember who it was, maybe Akinfenwa or ched Evans, does it matter? 😂 Anyway, he was a good ‘un and scored loads of goals, loads of assists too! As a result we scored an extra goal in every game. Is that too much to ask? One measly goal every 90 minutes.? I think not!!! Bloody hell, if I played for us then I’m sure I could grab a goal from standing around in their penalty area in over an hours open play. i remember that we started the season on -12 points coz the EFL had it in for us. Heres how our results went..... 3rd Aug Wycombe 2-1 BWFC A disappointing start with a scratch team, little did we know what was about to come! 10th Aug BWFC 1-0 Coventry. The kids done good! Crowd were on the pitch, carried the lads off on our shoulders. Police on the pitch to disperse the crowd, big grey police horse shown on news at ten. 17th Aug Tranmere 5-1 😢 24th Aug Ipswich 5-1 😢😢 31st Aug Gillingham 5-1 😢😢😢 14th Sept BWFC 6 -2 Rotherham Back on track, mystery striker got all 6, is that a record? 17th Sept Oxford 0-1 BWFC 21st Sept BWFC 2-1 Sunderland Parky embarrassed, says he should never have left us 😂 Negative points deficit cleared, season starts now on o points. 28th Sept Portsmouth 1-1 BWFC Chino wins his first Manager of the Month Award. 7th Oct BWFC 1-0 Blackpool Soooo, Soooooooo satisfying 19th Oct BWFC 2-3 Rochdale 22nd Oct Bristol Rovers 0-3 BWFC 2nd Nov BWFC 3-1 Fleetwood 16th Nov BWFC 2-0 MkDons 23rd Nov Accrington 7-1 Back down to earth with a bump, or maybe my Mrs kicked me coz I was snoring. 7th Dec BWFC 3-2 Wimbledon 14th Dec Peterborough 1-1 BWFC 21st Dec BWFC 4-2 Southend 26th Dec Sunderland 0-1 BWFC Our first double. Parky doubles the number of times he says he should of never left us. Sunlan double the number of times he has left a club this season. 29th Dec BWFC 2-1 Shrewsbury Keith not only gets manager of the month, they replace Fred dibnahs statue with a Chino Bronze, albeit with the same flat cap. End of the year and were on 26 points, on track for promotion! I wake up, go to the bog, pinch myself, is it a dream? No, it’s real! 1st Jan BWFC 4-4 Burton 11th Jan Rochdale 2-1 BWFC 14th Jan Lincoln 5-2 BWFC 18th Jan BWFC 1-1 Portsmouth 28th Jan BWFC 2-1 Bristol Rovers. Keith gets Manager of the Season even tho it’s only January. 1st Feb BWFC 3-0 Tranmere. Sweet revenge on the scouse bastards. 8th Feb BWFC 3-1 Coventry 11th Feb Doncaster 2-2 BWFC 15th Feb BWFC 1-2 Wycombe 22nd Feb Mk Dons 1-1 BWFC 25th Feb Blackpool 2-2 BWFC A last kick of the game equaliser saw us onto 55 points for the season (before deductions) and in the top two. 29th Feb BWFC 1-0 Accrington A big turnaround since we last met in the league shows how far we have come and how much we have improved. 7th March Wimbledon 0-1 BWFC 10th March Burton 2-3 BWFC we are on 52 points, not far off the play-offs, We can see the light. Or is it the light of dawn breaking through my curtains in Lostock? i wake up, can’t remember if we did sign that striker back in August, we did, didn’t we? please tell me we did 😢
  9. Then back to the shed and a sauna?
  10. Can we not sneak thru ur back garden onto the municipal?
  11. I’m so sorry , booze is down the far corner, I got bored waaaaay before I reached it so grabbed my shit n went home. ive got loads of booze tho, whilst u were stashing bog roll I was stashing magners
  12. I went down to Tesco Horwich earlier, it was fine, plenty of milk n bread but only allowed one item of each.
  13. Just imagine if Corbyn n Abbott had been in charge. Abbott crunching the numbers, would be down to zero by now
  14. Where is that shop ruddy, they’ve still got my favourite wine in stock that’s sold out at Tesco?
  15. Connor Hall grabbed his third goal in 6 games and was awarded motm for Chorley after a workmanlike performance against Chesterfield, who incidentally brought about 200 fans! He plays off the shoulder of the last defender, that seems to be his natural game, he’s looking for through balls to race on to, that’s how all his 3 goals have been scored. Chorley play so narrow, no wonder they can’t score, everything is down the middle, the ball is launched into the box regularly from the half way line, not from the by-line, so the full backs can tuck in so Connor doesn’t get as much room as he might do in a conventional set up. He’s looking for the midfielders to feed the ball through the eye of a needle for him to race on to, that’s how it seems, so obviously he isn’t getting much service. When he did get a chance he took it superbly, cracking finish from a quickly taken free kick. if he can keep it up til the end of the season then there may be teams with a more suitable style sniffing. anyone else any thoughts?
  16. I’m off to watch Connor Hall again tomoz for Chorley. he scored the other night for them but got subbed late on. would appreciate anybody else’s view on him, the more heads the better n all that.
  17. I understand that we considered Vardy and were offered him when he was at Halifax. apparently we rejected him as too old. just watch this video of him, you wouldn’t sign him would you? 😂
  18. I suspect there is more to come. for example it’s well known that the Bolton area could/should be supplying more talent than it does at the moment, so they’re probably going to “improve community links” by setting us “reserve” or “shadow” squads for all ages in the academy ( playing in bbdfl or jpl ?) that would act as a stepping stone for lads to play before/after full academy football, thus widening the net and ensuring continuous supply of talent.
  19. IMO it’s nothing to be too concerned about, will make little difference at first team level but the savings to be made must be important enough to swing the decision. We can always move up again when we win the lottery.
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