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  1. I really enjoyed that first twenty minutes when we knocked it about. Game evened up a bit after that but well pleased with our performance. New lads brought confidence, passion, enthusiasm and commitment to the team. Defo something to build on, I can see a bit of light at the end of the tunnel.
  2. It’s very good, well done, but you need some of the bulbs broken on the illuminated unibol sign.
  3. One of the best nights of my life. i always hated souness. Still do. but I can laugh at him now aswell, fucking clown.
  4. Chorley are paying £600.
  5. Beavers always used to smash the ball towards the corner flag when we kicked off, wonder if he will do that today? I’d be gutted if he did it and it caught us out 😂
  6. Home win. bookies being very generous. easy munny
  7. -3 today, +3 tomoro, as we were 🤔
  8. I’m sure they’ve shrunk my seat this season, probably so they can fit more in 🤔
  9. Of course he was bobbins. thats coz he’s shit. Cheers. 🍺
  10. I’m so excited for this! Ive moved seats. sat between fan5 n sluffy would be just perfect! 😂
  11. Worth more as well 😂
  12. Haha ill happily go sober for October if he scores or is motm. but he won’t, coz he’s shit
  13. I remember they used to have Bolton wanderers pot gnomes in the club shop. there was one that was stood with his foot on the ball, about to make a pass. i joked to my lad that it was spearing! I then realised that there’s no way it was him coz he looked as if he was gonna pass the ball forwards... shit bastard
  14. Is this @rsehole playing tomoro? Hes shit. i always said he was shit. cant wait to give him some stick.
  15. I was told 8500 when I renewed last week. shop still empty tho
  16. A meaningless game? WOW! What nonsense! i don't think it was meaningless at all. Neither I suspect, did the players, management and fans that attended. Hence the emotive behaviour.
  17. Yep he'll learn n that's what it's all about
  18. Great that the youngsters got a game. Think there will be another three players at least signed soon so prob the last chance of first team action for the vast majority. Fab experience for them and At least it's on their cv that they played for bwfc
  19. A Cocky kid tries to score a penalty in that manner and misses deserves a shove in the chest imo.
  20. Nolan, Hill or Flitcroft.
  21. I’d be well happy with Kevin Nolan.
  22. The deal will get done imo. no businessman ever got rich by not doing deals. they can’t afford not to. just playing silly buggers, and we all know who the main silly bugger is don’t we?
  23. KA know that MJ wanted the club “ on the cheap” MJ wasn’t prepared to pay what KA wanted so chose to wait..... KA knows that eventually MJ gonna get the club so he’s doing EVERYTHING possible to cause as much pain and damage beforehand that he can, in effect the club will be in L2 and worth relatively little ( except for land! 😊) Pathetic behaviour by two grown men. ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC.
  24. Anyone think the problem may be personal between KA n MJ? Im thinking they’re so entrenched in their positions n neither will budge that It might need someone to bang their heads together to get it sorted! I propose Mounts do it 😊
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