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  1. If I stick up for what I think is right then it must make me an apologist mick coz I’m not sticking up somebody else. is it bad to be an apologist?
  2. I get what ur trying to tell me. Boris may have been seen to be those things by people who want to see him that way, like yourself, others will see him as being strong and supportive (😁) to normal centrists like myself it’s no big deal, hence my first response to you. the war of attrition continues but I don’t think uv gained as much as u seem to think
  3. Of course it’s caused damage, nobody is saying it hasn’t. as I said about 20 pages ago I’m sure Cummings will get his come uppance in due course.
  4. I can live with it, can u?
  5. That may be so but unless something else comes out this weekend then it ain’t gonna happen. you and ur alter egos need to accept this and move on, if u can
  6. And if ur in any doubt then I can remind u of this fact every day for the next 4+ years
  7. The only ones who give a fuck about it now are people Like urself, everyone else has moved on, uv been told that several times on here but u can’t let go.
  8. You just keep telling urself that, if it makes u happy. Meanwhile in the real world no one gives a fuck
  9. I’m inclined to agree that parky would have done a job but sadly I think money has meant that parky moved on, I reckon he’s on way more than Keith hence he’s got the sunlan gig, if we can finish mid table this season then I’ll be happy. he knows his way round this league so we’ll be reet. meantime we can steady the ship, get the car park developments going and ready the club for prospective buyers with a vision. (Probably wearing rosy tinted glasses😊)
  10. They should all talk to themselves on one thread. tho they’d probably fall out! 😂
  11. Aunty Brenda in Stella, phwooooaaaarrrrrrr! Give us a thrill Rudy!
  12. Of course he will, that’s politics! 😊
  13. I’m loving ur hatred, shines thru like a beacon 😊 u know what I’ll love even more? The feeling of emptiness u’ll have when when it blows over. Cheer up fella
  14. Dr Dominic pimenta from north London has said he will quit his job if cummings isn’t going. surprise, surprise, he’s a momentum activist. what a tool. U may think the gov have stooped but thats nothing compared to how low this lot will go
  15. Nah he wasn’t up to England class but was deffo a good un. Lost his fitness with injuries then lost his work ethic towards the end. if I was in his boots then I suppose I would have done the same, sat on my arse til my contract ran out. He didn’t play for anyone else after us tho did he. Wonder what he’s up to? Dont get me going on chungy, now he WAS a shithouse
  16. Are we back in training yet?
  17. Don’t be silly Tom, uve obviously not got a kid. u don’t take a kid on a trip like that without good reason. doesnt make it right but I’m prepared to give him the benefit of doubt, albeit with a bollocking. so it’s not indefensible really.
  18. Farri5 u have the manner of a previous poster on here but for the life of me I can’t think who it is 😂
  19. I know they’re pretty skint but their chairman said last week that they hope to stay up, well have to see
  20. D-Day today. ive changed my mind, sadly I think we’re going down, that points per game shit. really hope we stay up, would love to see if chino and co can get us out of this
  21. Drive past it, remember the good times, thank your parents for making them good times, but as u look at it in ur rear view mirror as u drive away, remember that a new chapter has opened, u need to ensure there’s good times ahead for u and urs, GL.
  22. Connor Hall not ruled out signing for Chorley again, would be great move especially if they get a reprieve.
  23. There’s more coming in illegally every day than dying from covid, jsl just for perspective
  24. I’m halfway now, u enjoying it?
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