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  1. Nice touch at the final whistle, well done to whoever thought of that. First song played immediately after the whistle blew, NOT NINETEEN FOREVER by The Courteeners, love it! 👏😁
  2. To all those who could have gone today but decided not to .... you missed a cracker, a game that will live long in the memory. I feel sorry for you. To those players that could have played but decided not to..... F off n find urself another club. To those players who played last couple of seasons.... it’s amazing what can happen when every player gives 100%. To all the lads involved, players, management, staff n fans..... Well Done.
  3. it's men against boys n I'm proud to say the real men are in white, every one of em been fab
  4. Just been up to buy mine. i asked to be sat next to Bassini . hes put me in west stand, so there's a fair chance,,,,
  5. Why say you will give an update in the morning then not provide one? Terrible performance by the admin. First rule in business, if u say ur gonna do so something then do it!
  6. Just been up to the club shop. not on sale yet. Imo it's an it issue. only taking cash payments for merchandise. im no expert tho! :lol:
  7. I suppose people who are moaning but still gonna go to the game are exempt from my rant 😊
  8. Anyone complaining about the price needs to get a grip. actually they’re fucking morons. £24 may be slightly above what i was expecting but I’d say yes a fair price. Fylde are charging £18 in the conference. Swindon in L2 charging £19. stop moaning! I suspect it’s just another reason for the morons to justify not going....
  9. Boothy, I really liked him when he first joined us, he put in some good performances and was well worth his place in the team. Seem to remember him missing a couple of good chances then it went awry. think he was dropped from the team, struggled with his weight n fitness, maybe lost confidence in himself and probably his team mates too. I thought he received poor service in many games due to style of play and poor performances by colleagues. then when he did get back in the team I think he was just going through the motions ( same as most of em) and not playing at 100%. whether something had gone on behind the scenes/off the pitch, I don't know but he wasn't the same player, yes he was pretty shit. needs to lose weight as some have noted 😊 but I suspect a new club will see him strip a bit fitter
  10. Suppose he will get more goal bonus n keep his NI place too, just the way he’s gone about it that leaves a sour taste
  11. That made me smile, one of their lads asking if they could get our stadium on the cheap.
  12. I really liked Magennis and thought he could make his mark in this league this season. surely he would be better banging goals in L1 than struggling to score in bottom half of Championship, coz that’s surely where he will be? I’m very disappointed that he now appears to be leaving. maybe this latest issue is the straw that broke the camels back but I think he’s making a mistake.
  13. I’m really chuffed for Oztumer, hope he takes his chance and shows us what we’ve been missing.
  14. Guess they need to see if we bottle it for any other games before they dock us 3 points?
  15. Appreciate your response, thanks. ive always had a soft spot for ur team, my dad was born near the old cigarette factory near Ashton gate and was an apprentice at Bristol city, he supported them all his life and I took him down to Wembley when u whupped us. youve been around the lower leagues for as long as I can remember so you’re due a bit of success, hope it comes to both of us
  16. Laughing Stock League Table 1. Bolton Wanderers 2. Newcastle Utd 3. Fleetwood Town 4. Bury 5. Coventry City 6. Man Utd 7. Chelsea 8. Macclesfield Town 9. Wigan Pathetic 10. Blackpool
  17. Well if we weren't the laughing stock already then we certainly would be if Bassini got us after all his shenanigans
  18. And more importantly, will we have the last laugh on them? ERRR, NO WE WONT
  19. It’s just that some people on here seem to be in denial, that’s why I asked the question
  20. Are fans from other teams laughing at us? Yes, they may be sympathetic on the surface but they’re delighting in our plight. I think they are! I remember Blackpool having few players before the season started and I was laughing at them, knew they’d go down, they did. (If I remember correctly) So, are we the laughing stock of the league?
  21. Agreed. good luck to the lad, he owes us nothing. got financial security for the rest of his life now. its rank bad management on our part, so frustrating.
  22. It’s Defo FV. im feeling quite positive overall. Four (?) heads is better than one, n all that. but on the other hand they’ll all want a slice of the profits. They get my support til they start to **** it up I suppose.
  23. Don’t agree with the beever bashers. Always gave 100% didn’t he? Except when he was on strike seemed a nice lad with a lovely family. out of his depth in championship but great in L1, now found his level n good luck to him. Nowt wrong with that. We took a chance but it didn’t work out. those punted agricultural diagonal balls are coached, can be very effective in lower leagues but doesn’t look good in championship when it doesn’t work. think our paths will cross again
  24. Article in today’s Bolton News. yes you moron, the writing was on the wall when you were in charge! We went out of the prem under his management. i was at the end of season player of the year bash at the stadium on the day that we got relegated from the prem. i nearly didn’t go as i was too upset and thought that it would be a morbid affair, I thought players would be too embarrassed to attend and that the mood would be sad. How wrong I was. nobody seemed to give a toss that we had dropped out of the prem, players were pissed up, gartside gave a rousing speech about how we had a great squad and was confident that we would bounce straight back up. coyle gave a speech, much the same! i couldn’t believe my ears. yes, the writing was on the wall seven years ago mr coyle!
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