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  1. Go into admin then MJ and his bankrupt land grabbing cronies can put reastaurants/retail units/ houses on our land. the thing is, this may well be our best option
  2. Nearly Three and a half thousand at Chorley today to see them reach play- off final. Chorley keeper Matty Urwin saved three penalties in the shoot out, reckon he will get snapped up by a better team if they don’t get promoted. enjoyable afternoon.
  3. Tossers, they could have at least let us score a goal!
  4. We play when we want, we play when we want, We’re Bolton Wanderers, We play when we want!
  5. It's only worth what someone is prepared to pay. Anderson needs to wake up
  6. For so many people to have tried and failed to reach an agreement with KA shows there is a massive stumbling block that no one is prepared to overlook. Not debt, maybe some term of agreement that ken is insisting on, but for what reason? 🤨 Something big that we don’t know about, but what could it be?
  7. Remember rickets being sub in a game at Stockport once. it was o o and we brought him on about fifteen mins to go. stickport fans were singing “who the f******* hell are you?” To him. It was loud, bless em. he got the ball on the edge of the box, bamboozled Carlton Palmer, left him on his arse, smashed the ball into the top corner. stockport fans started singing “Ricketts for England!” Think we won 1-0.
  8. I went down there fir that game with came up front, was fuming when I saw the line up, knew we’d get beat.
  9. Actually the u18's would get battered, so maybe not. Unless they played their u18's too 😊
  10. I'd be happy if we played all u18's. fuck the seniors off,, most of em are Shite anyway
  11. So it's a chorus of "you're not fit to wear the shirt!" On Wednesday if it's the seniors? Id join in with that
  12. And if we had a point for every bit of bullshit that Anderson’s told then not only would we be promoted but we would be champions!
  13. If the game is off then why don’t we knock up a game on the car park? Jumpers for goalposts stylee. itll be empty. we can “move the goalposts” (in true ken tradition) n make the pitch bigger/smaller depending how many people turn up. theres bound to be some people turn up who don’t realise that it’s off. I bet u all want to come n join my game now!!!
  14. Does Thread title needs changing ? Not superstitious bit it seems bad form to count your chickens
  15. Players need to strike to bring this sorry saga to a head. those that are out of contract at the end of the season got a better chance of getting paid now whilst they still got something to bargain with rather than after they’ve walked away and new owner (?) says nowt to do with me
  16. Tommy, the people responsible for ruining our club are dead! KA done his best, but not good enough, out of his depth, although I think he has been handsomely rewarded for his effort no matter what the outcome. Nobody seems to genuinely know what assets we still have, if any. not only is the cupboard bare but we’ve sold the cupboard, probably got a loan against it as well .
  17. People looking for excuses to stop going. That’s what happens when a team goes diwn. if we’re winning in L1 then you’ll be back. if we’re winning in the Championship then some of them others will be back if we’re winning in the Premier then we’ll be back to 20k+ thats the way it works
  18. Got to love them fellas in the corner of NSL, best atmosphere for ages today, silenced them brum fuckers in the first half til they scored. anyway, grealish is shit, I’d rather have our young ‘un, he’s gonna be a better player long term
  19. Maybe she lent to Bassini after all. im pleased he's got us, think he/we need to be realistic with expectations tho
  20. Players privy to a lot more info than us, some of em gave up ages ago
  21. Academy must be worth about £10 million, sell it, big houses, access via CNR, they can train on the Arena.
  22. I’m still hopeful n confident that Baz completes today
  23. Can I make a music request to be played before the game? In honour of “Howard” Gerry Cinnamon - Belter Belter She is a belter Different from the rest Diamonds on her finger And she always looks her best She is a gangster With a hundred mile stare When she walks Her feet don't touch the flair She is a belter She plays with lightning I'm a hundred miles high Dishing out the thunder Like a God inside the sky She is a dancer And she dances in my dreams Reminds me that the world Is not as evil as it seems She is a belter No happy endings Unless fairytales comes true But she looks like a princess And there's not much else to do I think I love her She gets underneath my skin But I've been stung a few times So I don't let noone in No even belters She is a belter She is a belter How can she reach me When I'm high above the shelf Lost inside a smoke ring While I ponder to myself Is she… 😻
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