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  1. “Where the hell did you learn to drive like that?” ”Manchester” This white lines is absolutely brill so far
  2. Started watching White Lines tonight. theres ten episodes. Funny at times, but serious undertones, its gonna be good.
  3. So, Scotland, Ireland and Wales have to stay at home? Its just like the World Cup!
  4. Wee Jimmie k? Surely not
  5. I’m playing “blind” on this next one. Double points if I get em right? 42, 88
  6. Wee jimmy krankie been banging on about easing lockdown for the last week or so, now that we might be easing up a bit she’s saying that Scotland isn’t ! Stupid fucking cow
  7. So have I got this right? left wing socialists want this lockdown to continue so it will wreck the economy and they can then complain about government and austerity? if lockdown is lifted they can say gov don’t care about people v economy. normal people want lockdown easing slowly to lessen the burden on nhs. right wingers want lockdown lifting coz it’ll kill more of the moronic Marxist moaners. i think I’ve got it sussed 😊
  8. The final of race across the world left a sour taste with me. them two lads, cheating b**********, sold their iPods or summat to raise cash for their taxi. That wasn’t in the rules, it wasn’t part of their budget. They didn’t say oh they’ve got 5% of their budget left plus two iPods did they? thay should of been stripped of the title. That’s prob why they gave it all away. that lad from Yorkshire must be kicking himself. He could of pimped out his sister every night and stayed in the best hotels.
  9. Yep the role le fondre played won’t be forgotten in a hurry. the way he wheeled away after putting that cross in and ran over to the bench (?) says to me that he knew (we all do) that he put it on a plate and set up the Wilbraham wonder goal
  10. I took a still of that moment that The ball hit the back of the net n put it on my Facebook page. i spotted myself in the background jumping to my feet! STILL GOT IT! 😁
  11. And why not? So it should be onviously not not losing sight of what it’s about tho
  12. On this day two years ago Aaron Wilbraham wrote his name in history by scoring one of the most important goals in our history. That goal was absolute class! The long goal kick, flick on, the run by Le fondre and cross,,,,, but what a run by Wilbraham, the way he angled out then turned inwards and lost his marker was fantastic and a lesson for all young strikers. i never tire of watching that goal. we should have our own bank holiday in Bolton every year called Wilbraham Day.😊
  13. Looks like he’s still around. All u lot on here that’s been slagging him off had better watch ur backs. Happy Saturday!
  14. Tried Jon’s chippy last night, it was good, terrific VFM. will be going again
  15. Lt. Aldo, hope u not been letting Abbott work out the figures for you!
  16. A BIG WELL DONE TO ALL THE TEAMS INVOLVED IN ACHIEVING OVER 100,000 TESTS A DAY IN APRIL! Credit where credit is due, I didn’t think they’d do it but I’m happy to admit I was wrong. shame some other people can’t admit that!
  17. U noticed how different Ministers keep mentioning wearing Face Masks? theres not enough for the general public at the moment but be assured that sewing machines are whirring away as we speak, hundreds of thousands being made, with your teams colours and logo (I kid u not) in readiness for easing of lockdown restrictions when they gonna be made compulsory.
  18. The pitches look superb, as always, especially the 4g! 😁
  19. No offence fella but that is absolute bollocks. dont believe the media spin on that for one minute.
  20. I don’t really see how u can criticise our government when the governments of some other countries have been far less organised (Sweden?) yet seem to have a better performance. fwiw I really don’t think u can compare countries performance in this way due to methods of reporting, timings, strain virulence, quality of media reporting, etc.
  21. Part way thru new afterlife, oh it’s good, just as good as the first lot. he needs to stop watching them videos of his ex
  22. I can tell from ur name that u know fa about hoovers
  23. Dysons are on special offer, free ventilator with every purchase
  24. I think that getting a reprieve albeit on -12 will galvanise the town and support, and fwiw this is what I think will happen, null n void, start again as u were. Really looking forward to it now. think prem is a different story, they’re desperate for the cash so will play it out even if it’s five-a-side every night for a week
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