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  1. No..Ian Evatt..get it now?
  2. IE IE IE O up the football league we go....
  3. For me the missing piece in the jigsaw is Phoenix. We’ve heard nowt from him and if we are to understand who is the right guy for manager we need to understand the bigger picture. At this point we are totally in the dark and have to trust in SB and co....
  4. One of the worst days following the Wanderers in 55 years! Reported racist bile from some of “ours” outside the ground then had more inside. Fucking pathetic some so called fans today...totally embarrassed
  5. I’ve been following this wonderful football club for about 55 years and I can say that this is by far the strangest pre match experience and feeling that I’ve ever known...train is full of oblivious Baggies who don’t see my pain talking about something called the play offs.....God knows what the moods going to be like in our end?! 😓
  6. ..they did and I think quite a few only realised as the teams came out and there was no one they recognised. We thought we were low on numbers even in those days!
  7. RIP Bernard....I remember some hilarious trips in the mid - late 70s from London with Bernard and Malcolm.Cambridge away springs to mind..think it was the game when a few Whites went to the wrong ground..... a fabulous guy and a real Wanderer who will be greatly missed!
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