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  1. Lostock Whites

    WBA home

    I heard it was over 30 the other day, or the bench was anyway. Thats the problem with our club, we aren’t bringing youth players in. The players who we are playing are 30+, and are tied down for 1-2 seasons at the very most, and don’t have futures at Bolton Wanderers. For our situation, we do need experience, to just try and survive, but that’s not working.
  2. Lostock Whites

    WBA home

    Parky has been somewhat very very fortunate, for the position we’ve been in. If we wasn’t such a mess of a club, he’d surely have gone a long time ago. It’s easy, when we get battered by a team, can just blame it on the opposition team having a 7 or 10 million or whatever player that can change the game. When in fact it’s mainly due to woeful tactics from the manager. Parky did a fantastic job getting us promoted and keeping us up, but we all see every single week how out of his depth he is tactically in the Championship. But I also recognise that our players are the biggest bunch of old, slow, untechnical, unskillful players in the league. Most good/average teams in this league, are full of young players, pressing football, possession play. This is everything our team does not have.
  3. Lostock Whites

    WBA home

    Ken didn’t remove the debt that was all Eddie Davies. And considering Ken has done such miracles, and has put us so much better financially, we’ve done remarkably well to have been acting so poorly as a club. I completely understand the poor position Ken was in, and the shite he had to deal with from our previous regime. To us fans, who can only really see what gets shown in front of us, there is no real difference between now and 2 years ago, unpaid/delayed wages, constant bad news being dragged out of the club. That’s what the issue is with the fans with Ken, is there has been no progression. We got promoted, and stayed up miraculously, and then was the point were we all beleived, yes, this is where we can progress. We stayed up, which was documented across the world, our debt was pretty much wiped, started brilliantly. All this positivity, you would of thought things would improve, and that there was no better time for an investor to come in. But the frustration is that it hasn’t, things have gone worse, much worse, and it’s obvious without a change, to our management, but predominantly our owners, we will be in the same position as 2 years ago. Thats where the frustration lies, as we all believed it was behind us, yet the amount of crap we’ve had to listen to, and that amount of problems documented, has been overwhelming for some. That’s why I can understand why protests are taking place. Add on that, the fact that we are a very poor team, with very poor sub standard tactics given by our manager, ugly football each game, with no results. I respect Parky, 100%, he’s done miracles, but to progress the club further, he’s shown his major limitations of managing a championship club. But at the moment, considering how poor our squad is, I can’t blame everything on Parky. If we did stay up, and did get investment, then I’d look to see if a new manager could come in.
  4. Lostock Whites

    WBA home

    You reckon completely wrong, I loved us back then, had no issues. Has Ken taken on a shitstorm? Yes But there has been an endless list of faults from him, within only the past few weeks. He acts like he doesn’t care, but it’s clearly obvious, that he’s using his time as the leading, foremost person in charge of our proud club, and spending that time more in social media, banning reporters, ex legends, making ridiculous comments to other owners. When instead, he should be focusing more on getting this club the investor it needs. People are saying, well we aren’t going to get an investor cos we’re broke. But we’re also definitely not going to get a good investor, when our chairmen is solely responsible for putting Bolton in bad limelight, ie, not paying wages on time, making stupid comments, acting as a dictator. Therefore, he more than deserves the flak he’s going to get on Monday from supporters, he gets to write an essay everyday on the club, just simply chatting shit about other people. So the fans deserve to say something back. I’ve said before, there was a Bolton Wanderers before, and will be after Ken Anderson, he clearly cares more about his own wealth, business ventures, than the club, as indicated in his comments, constantly defending himself. And showing all the traits of a dictator, and trying to exterminate anyone who says anything bad about him. Us fans have been the ones who’ve suffered the most, if some of us want to protest, I’m all for it
  5. Lostock Whites

    WBA home

    Fuck it. This club has gone all to shit, which has been all due to the owners and previous owners. Weve suffered in silence for a while, and almost like a dead club, and the chairman has just completely disrespected a man who’s been a servant to the club. I say fuck it, protest as much as you all want, Anderson out.
  6. Lostock Whites

    Brizzle AWAY

    Our team is literally a Sunday league team, given Sunday league tactics. Slow, Old, can’t pass, no flair, no possession, no energy
  7. Lostock Whites

    Sweaty Ken

    This guy is evidently taking us backwards as a football club, not forwards. Parky did his job, got us promoted, kept us up, with almost no financial help. And Ken clearly hasn’t done his job properly, as we are in the news every minute, ie, club shop stock taken, players wages not paid, taking excessive wages or greed. And that’s only the last week! Its your football club, respond how you wish. But me personally, I’ve had enough of Bolton being constantly bombarded with negativity, every week, and taking 1 step forwards, and 2 steps backwards each time. Our fans have got to be up there, with the most patient fans in the country, as we’ve had to sit back, and take so much goddamn shit, from poor management from up above. This tosser doesn’t give a shite about Bolton Wanderers, he didn’t before he came, and he won’t after he’s gone. But we will all still be here, till our deaths. So to make sure we have a proper club in the future, we need to get rid of this crook, Anderson out please.
  8. Lostock Whites

    Brentford away

    Can’t have a go at some fans protesting. Our fans have been incredibly loyal and patient, despite our club being completely messed around, and slowly decimated again. In most other European leagues, our manager and chairmen would have been given FAR more abuse, than just a couple of youths with a smoke bomb. Maybe we do need to show more defiance against this abysmal excuse of a football club, which Ken has made it into, ie not paying wages etc.- embarrassing. Ken and Parky, have been very lucky, that they know our fan base will tolerate our poor form, due to our financial issues, but the fact they are pretty much blaming everything on finances is pathetic. The fans can only tolerate so much. In summary, the chairman has not been doing his job, which is to run a football club properly, and to find sufficient investment, despite 3 years, 1 promotion, and 2 seasons in the Championship. And also the manager, who is responsible for 1 win in 19 matches, which is abysmal. Both need to go, it’s time for Bolton Wanderers to be run, and treated as a proper football club again, and one that can compete at the level it’s at.
  9. Lostock Whites

    Millwall away.

    Typical Parky match, this time we find ourselves winning, somewhat controlling the game 1st half. Then obviously encourages the team to be as negative as possible, at half time, with 26% possession against Millwall, yes MILLWALL in the 2nd half, and concede unsurprisingly. Other manages at this level, would have encouraged a 2/3-0 win, to guarantee the 3 points. We don’t need any more evidence that Parky is not suited for this level, and is completely out of his depth.
  10. Lostock Whites

    Wanderers V Swansea

    We had some great chances to score against Villa, and we are more than due some good luck, and a good run of form. 0-3 them
  11. Lostock Whites

    Villa v bolton

    Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, and expecting different results.
  12. Lostock Whites

    Bolton v Forest

    Every team in this league come to our ground, and outplay us, whether they are 16th or 1st. I don’t even think that in the 2+ years of Parky as our manager, even in League 1 did we see us pass the ball better than most of our opponents. We don’t press, we don’t pass, we don’t do the opposite and sit back, but also keep it tight, and make things difficult for opponents. So what is our game plan? Not good when after the match, Parky within 15 seconds mentions the money Forest have spent. Does that restrict us from passing the ball?
  13. Lostock Whites

    Stoke v Bolton.

    I’m actually in disbelief at the minute, I’ve always accepted we aren’t a passing, possession side. But that half from us looked like we were playing Sunday league. Incredibly poor.
  14. Lostock Whites

    Stoke v Bolton.

    Jonathan Grounds couldn’t pass to save his life, absolute dumpster player
  15. Lostock Whites

    Sweaty Ken

    Because of his failure to find us a suitable investor, he is heavily relying upon us, the fans to provide the largest funds to the club, through tickets. For most clubs, ticket sales are now no where near their biggest area of funding. Either way though, I can agree that the attendances have been very poor so far, not even hit 15k yet. But Ken needs a reality check, as a few weeks ago we heard administration, and handing out £30+ tickets for poor football.

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