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  1. Lostock Whites

    Wanderers V Swansea

    We had some great chances to score against Villa, and we are more than due some good luck, and a good run of form. 0-3 them
  2. Lostock Whites

    Villa v bolton

    Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, and expecting different results.
  3. Lostock Whites

    Bolton v Forest

    Every team in this league come to our ground, and outplay us, whether they are 16th or 1st. I don’t even think that in the 2+ years of Parky as our manager, even in League 1 did we see us pass the ball better than most of our opponents. We don’t press, we don’t pass, we don’t do the opposite and sit back, but also keep it tight, and make things difficult for opponents. So what is our game plan? Not good when after the match, Parky within 15 seconds mentions the money Forest have spent. Does that restrict us from passing the ball?
  4. Lostock Whites

    Stoke v Bolton.

    I’m actually in disbelief at the minute, I’ve always accepted we aren’t a passing, possession side. But that half from us looked like we were playing Sunday league. Incredibly poor.
  5. Lostock Whites

    Stoke v Bolton.

    Jonathan Grounds couldn’t pass to save his life, absolute dumpster player
  6. Lostock Whites

    King Ken

    Because of his failure to find us a suitable investor, he is heavily relying upon us, the fans to provide the largest funds to the club, through tickets. For most clubs, ticket sales are now no where near their biggest area of funding. Either way though, I can agree that the attendances have been very poor so far, not even hit 15k yet. But Ken needs a reality check, as a few weeks ago we heard administration, and handing out £30+ tickets for poor football.
  7. Lostock Whites

    Bolton V Qpr

    0-0, after a Beevers long ball hits Marc Iles in the crowd, who is then vacated, and the match postpones after 53 minutes. 4,203 in attendance, chairmen Ken Anderson shouts to the Bolton fans from the away end. Singing “Your support is f****g* s**t A tweet by son, Lee Anderson, is then sent out on the following Monday morning, with fire emojis. This is after Bolton complete the signing of a new groundsman.
  8. Lostock Whites

    Pne Away

    Come on, we are due for beating these now!
  9. Lostock Whites

    Pne Away

    This is the Bolton we all know and love
  10. Lostock Whites

    Transfer Gossip

    7 figures we spent apparently. 7 figures? I know it’s not that much in football, but for us, that’s huge!
  11. Lostock Whites

    Sheffield United Home

    True. What was worse, is that I know a few people who turned up, who have not been to a game in a lifetime. And they saw that.
  12. Lostock Whites

    Sheffield United Home

    Stadium was empty anyway, from the start.
  13. Lostock Whites

    Sheffield United Home

    And also, Jonathon Grounds, Jesus wept. Don’t want to say it, as it was literally his first game, but don’t think he can start again. Hopefully he just had a bad day, but he was absolutely annihalated today.
  14. Lostock Whites

    Sheffield United Home

    Jesus that absolutely horrendous. Cannot allow it to continue from now on. Let’s not ruin the good start we have had
  15. Lostock Whites

    Sheffield United Home

    Number 4 Lowe, has to have been one of the worst players I've seen. He even did a headed clearance from the edge of Sheff U box.

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