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  1. Heh yeah I forgot about the players.
  2. Behind closed doors it could finish, cost a lot though with noone through the doors
  3. Hopefully Ken Anderson. Will take over one
  4. yeah my thoughts as well lowe is best in cm with no replacement for him in midfield
  5. I dont expect hill to go before the end of the season but if a better manager became available it will be worth grabbing him while we can. Not saying grayson is the answer but i am willing to be thinking about starting next season on the front foot and i think hill is going to be carrying the baggage of this season wrongly or rightly.
  6. Hello, Like a lot of people i am starting to wonder if Hill can really take us forward. Simon grayson has been sacked by blackpool so would his availability get our owners thinking about canning hill sooner rather than at the end of the season which they may well be already planning?
  7. this town is becoming like a ghost town...... all the factory's have closed down.....
  8. Graham was completely off the pace. He seemed to be marking empty space and didnt seem to close down or tackle much. Its almost like he took a direction from management to sit in front of defence literally. Hope we have someone else in for burton albion
  9. does feel like one goal will do it for either team from the gmr radio
  10. a couple of interesting points. Allaedyce left because the owners spent more on race horses than players. And andersons son paddy knows how much he was paid and "how much" was his response. He then mentions about corruption in football.
  11. Interesting that football league paper gave DoDoo MOM. but then they thought the ref was good with a 7/10
  12. Yeah i thought that when i saw KD at ht it was a proper workman goal chasing everything and knicking the ball to score. Jason lowe and murphy up front with a sweet goal that he almost walked into the net leaving me having palpitations that he would get tackled.
  13. floodlight injured someone knocks his lights out
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