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  1. Tungsten3

    Brum away

    3-5-2 with 2 up front according to bbc gmr radio.
  2. Tungsten3

    The Coaches' Voice

    Interesting read. I think you read into it what your opinion already is.
  3. Tungsten3

    Takeover - this actually might be a drill

    Yep wAge bills are more indicative. I believe we were second bottom last season. Only Burton albion paid less.
  4. Tungsten3

    Takeover - this actually might be a drill

    Agree with this
  5. Tungsten3

    Takeover - this actually might be a drill

    The protests at most could of moved the negotiations on faster and lowered sweaty kens demands. He probably realises that it is only going to get worse than this and so needs to get what he can as fast as he can and get shut.
  6. Tungsten3

    Takeover - this actually might be a drill

    Still more than donaldson. At least he could spirit the ball into the back of the net.
  7. Tungsten3

    Takeover - this actually might be a drill

    Odd timing since the transfer window is closed and thus too late for this season. Might as well wait for the end of season and get the club cheaper as a tier 3 team.
  8. Agreed with the view that it is harder to sell if protests
  9. Tungsten3

    Walsall and Wembley bound

    That quote was on bbc gmr as well. Still i would start him next game if we go with 2 strikers.
  10. Tungsten3

    Walsall and Wembley bound

    Ah bummer dont have the tv networked REd buttons seems to have them on a loop for me. thanks anyhow
  11. Tungsten3

    Walsall and Wembley bound

    How far through are our goals? Seems beeb are only going to show the goals at the end of programme.
  12. Tungsten3

    Rotherham, Home

    I would say this is the first time this season we deserved to win a game. WE didnt dominate but we did have 2 good saves from their keeper while alnicj had the one. More half chances as well today so yes we were the better team at last.
  13. Tungsten3

    Brentford away

    On the upside i am glad o neil is back and also doige up front
  14. Tungsten3


    Yeah one our best midfielders and most intelligent
  15. Tungsten3

    Good read - Allardyce years

    I remember thinking when we got anelka that it was a shame nikata left as i thought nikata could of threaded balls through to him a lot better than what we had during the anelka couple of years. Oh well memory is a funny thing :)

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