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  1. No chance would the club, the manager, the doctors or the player risk that, if he is close he will be on the bench and get 10 minutes at the end to start picking up match fitness.
  2. Exactly, the attitude of the team since January shouldn't be in question, they want this but it was a very bad day in the office. More likely nerves with a bit of fatigue
  3. Do yourself a favour and read posts before replying. I never said you had said that, I presumed you agreed with him, jumping in at his defence. And no i can't play either, my knees are fucked after a ruptured cruciate, playing football very badly I may add.
  4. Maybe, for the time being, we should use jousting to settle arguments, the slight curve of the concourse and stadium might prove a bit tricky though
  5. I know, I was just quoting back Black Sheep
  6. I know fuck all as well, that is why I am on a football forum on a Saturday night. By defending him though I presume you agree that Evatt needs to go no matter what?
  7. Yeah I am not sure Miller will give much from start, just maybe give Doyle a bit of a rest. We know Arthur is ineffective from the start. Not sure what else you change. Zebedee but one quality ball in the box, but not much else. But then par for the course really today.
  8. Yet in that time we have moved up the table into 3rd, strange. We have thrown points away, but so has everyone else. Teams at the bottom are fighting for their lives and pressure creeps in to teams at the top. It would be incredible if we had sown it up by now, but it is still in our hands. Sarce has been a huge miss since his injury and that coincides with us dropping off a bit, agree with maybe starting Miller but it isn't time for major changes
  9. Nah, Mourinho knows fuck all about football as well on current form. Evatt must have shagged Hughs, wife, daughter, sister, dog or all 3. He hates him and wants him out no matter what. Or as I suspect he is just here as WUM. So yes, in this case he knows fuck all! Now calm down
  10. If, and its a massive if, you are not a WUM, then you know fuck all about football. Clown
  11. Generally our passing and ball retention isn't a problem, our final ball is lacking at times but today we created some more gilt edged chances and if we got one I think we see a different game as the nerves would get to them. But we didn't, overall we were shit and didn't really deserve anything. But it is still in our hands and we need to regroup and get ready for Tuesday, I hope we get Sarce back before the end of season, we are missing him badly
  12. Fair enough, our set pieces have been crap and I have called them constantly. When you say basics though I think more than just set pieces, defending, passing etc and they haven't been an issue
  13. There is the controversial statement to try and stir it up
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