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  1. Screw that, cancel the league now, no relegation or promotion and restart again next year. It's the only reasonable resolution.
  2. Cartman2932


    I thought that was a very good performance considering, fitness still an issue but liked the attacking intent shown and trying to keep it on the deck. Clearly tired in the second half and struggled a bit without someone to hold it up. Bridcutt is a class above in the middle, chicksen solid at the back. Verlinden is a real threat but tired quickly in the second half and became less effective as we got pushed back. Thought Buckley did well given his task and looks a different player than we have seen previously. Good confidence booster for the defence, Wright looked solid and you could see Matth
  3. Great first interview and i am really confident that things will start turning round and we can all start forgetting the past 3-5 years and come together as a fan base and have something to be truly proud of once again. There is some caution as we have been here before with first interviews impressing us, but with a Bolton fan in the mix i am confident that this is the right group. We wont be ripping up trees, i think we all know that, and they deserve our patience as it is a mammoth task. But get the fans on board, make it fun to go to the match again and that is going to go an awful lo
  4. Of course it can, just found it strange that during that shit show last night people started to chant about Parky. Clearly was only a small minority, as has already been pointed out, it wasn't really a crowd!
  5. Can only hope that decision to leave is because the takeover is happening and he knows his time is up, however I fear that he is jumping now as the takeover is dead in the water. That video last night will have helped his decision though, as instead of trying to call out Bassini the crowd focussed on singing they want rid of him. Shameful and Embarrassing don't really cover this anymore
  6. The club is dead, not dying. CPR is being performed and we are hoping for a miracle before a doctor arrives to pronounce it. There is no point demanding anything as there really is nothing that can be done that isn't already being done. It's a miracle we have played the games we have this season as it is. The takeover does need to happen as soon as possible but that won't bring lots of new signings as there is no money and that is why we are where we are.
  7. You must be on a WUM surely? It's not the administrators job to sign players, they are working on behalf of the creditors. FV haven't yet bought the club so cant sign players. It's either wait for FV to complete and be in this limbo until then (but still have a club) or FV pull out and liquidate at which point we have no club. How is it that difficult to understand?
  8. Cracking day out, great atmosphere and some very positive signs on the pitch. Add some more experience and I think we have enough to stay up. Fantastic by the majority of the fans today, a few negative voices in the second half but fairly quickly shut down. Can't speak but absolutely belting day.
  9. Ok so from your contacts/knowledge of the situation? Thought it had been expressed elsewhere publicly which was why I was questioning it Given your involvement with this site I trust your sources more than others. Like most though it just feels like we are all clinging to straws and with so much false information being passed around it is difficult to know what to believe!
  10. How do you know Michael James is comfortable with things? Not on twitter if that is where this info is from.
  11. Forgive me as I have tried to keep up but were we not told by howardroak that the moonshift debt was held by his group? Clearly that isn't the case, so why is anyone giving any credence to his comments now? If I I have missed this I apologise but the story changes every time and so he certainly appears to be a WUM, which is the last thing we need during this sorry time for the club.
  12. I posted something similar a few weeks back, if we go into admin will Eddie recoup some of his debts or do the administrators take into account the fact he has publicly stated that he will write these off to make a sale? If not then going into admin will benefit him more than a sale presumably and so the writing off the debt talk could be to save some face?
  13. Dont think he is sitting there with piles of cash letting this happen. I presume this is happening because of the exact opposite. However he has said he would write the debt of for any buyers does this get taken into account by administrators or would he get sorted during that process?
  14. So if we enter administration we get appointed administrators to start the process of sorting out all our creditor's, as Eddie Davies is owed the most presumably he tops the list although he has said he will waive these debts to any potential buyer, is this taken into account by the administrators or would his debts remain and therefore he would get what was owed to him (or a proportion of)? Honestly don't believe he would let the club go to the wall so he could recoup some of his money but interested to know the process. Conspiracy theorists will love that though!
  15. He used to sit by my Dad apparently. West stand upper, says it all really!!
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