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  1. I can see the argument for resting Darcy but Politic should start for me. He's not had nearly enough game time and is one of our few real goal threats
  2. My dad used to always stand there every Saturday. I'm buzzing, I've just spotted him!! Still a Wanderer in his 80s but not well enough to attend games now. He's about 31 in that pic.
  3. Duck Egg


    The Rooney deal alone must have pushed Derby well beyond the FFP limits. I'd not be surprised to see them having fire sales and getting relegated next season.
  4. Virtual Lego? Like sim city type of thing? Have you ever kissed a girl, son?
  5. I saw that and initially thought the same but then, which households have to go to the tip more than once every week?
  6. Crucial fact? Were there riots in 1868 or sommat?
  7. Still to watch the Jonestown thing but I'd highly reccomend the book all about it, 'Raven'. The Hitler devotion analogy is bang on, it was incredible what he got ordinary folk to do. The Louis Theroux film on Scientology is a cracker too. For bite size chunks on how mad them feckers are, I'd recommend the Leah Rimini series. She interviews others who left the cult, lost all their family, money etc. Still amazes me that these evil gits have a centre in the middle of Deansgate.
  8. Well that was an emotional 10 minutes. Watched the Liverpool highlights and the Reading play off victory followed on straight after. 25 years ago and I was still punching the air when De Freitas equalised!
  9. When the FA cup was a big deal. Ww knocked out the holders on their own patch 2 years running. Wonderful times
  10. Played Sunday league footy in a few challenging venues, the worst of which were Darnhill, Hag Fold and Johnny Fow (vs Schooner or some other similar guise). The latter two there was always several gobby feckers on the touchline as well as in the team and mentally half our team had accepted defeat before kick off!
  11. Specifically, what has she preached about that Harry hasn't? Diana wasnt afraid to comment on social issues of the day in her time (AIDS, homelessness, land mines etc) What she and her husband did do was block the paps and press scum from getting too close to their kid's christening. I suspect this was when criticism was particularly ramped up.
  12. How on earth have some folk formed such a negative opinion of Meghan? She's a beautiful looking lass, comes across very well in the few times I've heard her interviewed and Harry clearly loves her. I don't get the issue unless it boils down to her nationality and/or her heritage, which would be unbelievably ignorant, not to say stupid.
  13. It certainly appears Iran have shot it down and are therefore to blame. They shot it down during a period of heightened tension in the region and just a few days after tit for tat bombings. Trump/the US arent without culpability in all this.
  14. If you say it often enough, people start to believe it. A quick google search and it's quite easy to see how much they cost. It's a lot more vague about what they bring in. Buckingham palace for example costs a lot to maintain but generates income from tourism. Would having no royal family see a drop in tourism numbers? I'm not sure it would. Not significantly anyway.
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