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  1. Liam's last two albums have been great. Noel's stuff on the other hand..
  2. If our first away game was somewhere like Carlise, we'd take about 6000! Football, pub, gigs, spontaneous meals out, cinema and hugging loved ones.
  3. That's outrageous! How did a rogue state with nuclear capability get into the US and evade checks and capture? Whoevers watch this happened on should resign immediately!
  4. It's quite a positive thing if we in the west are eating less meat as the east are consuming more than ever. Ultimately as a planet if we eat less of it, we rear less, less methane, less animal feed that needs to be produced, lower carbon footprint etc That said, much as it's the right thing to do, I couldn't be giving up bacon, ham or pre match pies.
  5. Each to their own. My only worry with it, is if I were to unintentionally offend anyone, like say calling somebody black, coloured, 20 years ago. I looked at the debate a while back and it was all Terf this and CIS the other, it went over my head. That was a unique case last week though. Woman gives birth a few years ago, changes gender to male. Now wants to be recognised as the childs father rather than mother on the birth certificate.
  6. Yeah, that definitely comes across in the programme. 2 side issues I picked up on. Neil Warnock might be an utter c*nt but he seems to be held in high regard for all that have played for him. The Kick it out bloke on the programme. It was driving me mad who he sounded like. Close your eyes and it's Warwick Davies
  7. It was wasn't it? Felt sorry for the bloke but half the time I couldn't really grasp what it was he was looking for. He's really beaten himself up over the years for not speaking out at the time but I'm not sure how he could, as (a) he didnt hear what Terry said and (b) it was subject to legal proceedings. Some of the stuff on Twitter though was just vile. It would have been interesting to know if there were any prosecutions from that. Scandalous if not.
  8. I was surprised to learn recently that the French had blocked our entry to the EEC a few times before finally allowing us.
  9. Our next game at Burnden after that, South Yorkshire police were there in force with their GMP colleagues and photographs, picking out fans who'd been a bit naughty the week before. Great header from Stevens and scenes behind the goal. The amount of double denim on display was a bit worrying.
  10. Better to get in trouble for buying something than nothing, I reckon. 50 quid maximum though if she's saying that.
  11. Lower Nags, Swannies and Maxims in town. White horse, Classics wine bar and The Vic in Howfen. Happy days in all of them. Being a boring sod, I'll throw in Bolton snooker club where you could play all day and phone your food and drink order from the tables. You'd come out after a skinful into broad daylight, that just made you worse!
  12. Just watching the goals again. The pass from Isgrove to Baptiste to cross for the 3rd. Fantastic. I've liked the look of him each time he's come on.
  13. We tempt them out, get behind them then pass sideways or backwards. They all drop back behind the ball. Repeat. Totally lost momentum now.
  14. American Bulldogs generally look like stocky boxers or mastiffs with their jowels. Pit bulls have more squared off features. I used to do a lot of voluntary work at Bleakholt and the amount of staffies and staffy crosses that were in there was heart breaking. The overwhelming majority were lovely dogs that had had the misfortune to be owned by bellends who soon gave up on them. Once in a while though, there was the odd one that came in that looked and behaved like an absolute monster. I was only bitten twice and both times it was by collies. Probably frustrated at the lack of exer
  15. Brilliant. So many dogs out there that deserve a 2nd chance. Do you know much about its background?
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