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  1. Our Police aren't perfect but I'm a firm believer that they're as close to it as it's possible for a force to be. It's not an either or debate, or it shouldnt be at any rate but lots of folk, myself included, found it hard to throw our full support behind BLM when the extreme ends of that movement advocated disbanding the UK police. I'm thankful that there are still men and women brave enough to put themselves in harms way for our benefit.
  2. I have absolutely no recollection of that game. As always though, great to see footage from those days. Does anyone know the story with Brookman? These latest clips show that he was such an integral part of the side then. Was it a loss of form, lack of hard work or erm, refreshment based issues as was said at the time?
  3. They're all preferable to bloody Bjork though
  4. I read the whole of Jules piece and found it surprisingly interesting and informative. Then Peely, who's opinion on here I've learned to trust, comes along and trashes it. I'm not bright or patient enough to dig deeper, so I'll stick with being careful and masked up until it's all over. Thanks to both though. Its infinitely more preferable than seeing those interviews on the news of a man in a pub, telling us all we shouldn't be in pubs and we're not being as careful or as responsible as he is.
  5. Arsenal made over 50 staff redundant this summer in a cost cutting exercise whilst simultaneously offering contracts to Aubameyang and Willian in excess of 200k a week. The EPL clubs wont be helping EFL clubs any time soon.
  6. Really? They're not fooling anyone.
  7. A potential buyer was put off because of adverse publicity? We heard all this kind of bullshit when we were being sold. They can't have been that serious.
  8. The Mrs worked at the Manchester Evening news at that time and we watched it from their executive box. There were 4 of us Wanderers fans in there and they asked us to come inside and celebrate if we scored. Feck that! It was worth the dogs abuse we got when we did. I even shouted "Justice!" just to annoy them a bit more 😄
  9. Not by us perhaps but they've never got the following they deserve imo. Most folk I mention them to have never heard of em!
  10. Another vote here for Cherry Ghost I am Kloot The Rifles
  11. Agree with that. I think Blair and New Labour recognised it too and tried kicking the can down the road with the devolved parliament. It was inevitable the SNP would keep revisiting this issue. Less predictable was the collapse of any real opposition to them in Scotland.
  12. Our nuclear deterrent is only there because of our old colonial, post WWII, cold war history. We'll never be allowed to use it without the say so of the US anyway. We'd be far better off doing what the rest of Western Europe does (bar France) & sacking it off altogether. Spend the umpteen squillion it's going to take to replace Trident, on renewable energy sources instead.
  13. No. A chap called Walter Scott. The officer shot him dead and gave a false testimony, which only unravelled after a young lad who had filmed it came forward.
  14. We're fairly split as a nation on leaving the EU, or we were, but if the whole nation was determined we left, we'd surely find a solution to the Irish question?
  15. Or alternatively, as happened recently, prove that the Cop was lying when he shot a bloke in the back who was running away.
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