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  1. Feeding off Veloso's through balls. We'll be unstoppable in League 1
  2. We might only get in there mid afternoon. The judge will be looking to get away and indulge in whatever perverted fantasies high court judges do these says. Plus issuing an order against a founder member of the football league and a sizeable community asset would be pretty controversial and high profile. Easier for him to kick it to the kerb & let some other mug worry about it. Got adjournment written all over it this
  3. At last. A post on this thread that I fully understand. Cheers pal. I've never had any time for Latics, or Wiganers in general tbh, but I'd rather you were around than not.
  4. Duck Egg

    Wigan away

    Don't blame you pal, some of the players have.
  5. Duck Egg

    Wigan away

    These conditions and a slick surface should help our passing and quick counter attacking game. 3-0 win.
  6. Duck Egg

    Wigan away

    I regretted buying my ticket before Tuesdays latest defeat but it's hard to disagree with the above sentiments. They're our club. In their darkest hour. I should be there. I don't give a feck if some folk sing 'sack the Andersons' ,sooner 50 of them at the match than 500 folk sat in their lounge grumbling.
  7. I'm looking forward to it. At least we should win a few more games
  8. ^ defo. The amount of public money that's been spent lining the pockets of solicitors on the enquiry is obscene. A time limit on such claims would be a good step forward imo
  9. There's some twisted fecks out there and I'll never begin to understand people having that level of hatred. Horrific
  10. I was with you until that last paragraph. The GFA and the passage of time should have meant it wasn't in the public interest to pursue any prosecution in this case. That said I think it would be a mistake to change the law. As horrendous as conflict is you can't abandon human rights or remove responsibility for how soldiers behave in the battlefield. That way leads to more Abu Ghraibs, My Lais etc
  11. So long as they get shot of Parky and can pay their way every month, I'll be happy (ish )
  12. 😂that's brilliant!
  13. Because he didn't want to be sat on the bench while Parky picked duffers ahead of him.
  14. Agreed. Had me laughing and skriking in equal measure. The guys a genius.
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