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  1. Top Boy was great telly wasn't it? It's been so long since I saw series 2 I might watch them again before embarking on the 3rd
  2. When you said you'd sell your kids for a 'go on Michelle Keegan' I hadn't thought of it as being an economic benefit!
  3. Duck Egg


    The atmosphere generated by a small crowd seems much better to me when it's only the lower tiers open. I understand why the new regime wouldn't want to upset folk but I'm wishing now we were keeping the upper tiers shut.
  4. Not trying to point score or owt here but is it possible that Fox, Redwood and Davis may have all been correct if the UK had accepted the result of the referendum and presented a united front to the EU? May, and now Johnson, have gone into every round of discussion, with the EU knowing that our parliament and a significant chunk of ours populace are doing everything within their power to prevent any deal or us leaving.
  5. Duck Egg


    We might score again but a win? No chance!
  6. Duck Egg


    Getting back in Bolton for 2am after a night match in Pompey is great going! In the last few years I've had a 3am after MK Dons and 11pm after feckin Crewe! Both were thanks to the bloody M6
  7. Duck Egg


    Making a weekend of it and driving down. New ground for me
  8. Caffreys, Murphys and Oranjeboom. All sadly missed.
  9. Fireman Sam is way too unrealistic. He actually fights fires. Most firemen these days, if they're not in bed, they're playing endless pool tournaments to pass the time until their shift is over.
  10. Aye you're a feckin hero. For a bloke who likes to patronise and thinks he's superior to others..you really are a grade A bell end.
  11. Duck Egg


    That was two long posts to say "I don't know"
  12. Duck Egg


    If they can purchase shares in airports, buy and sell land, buy and sell works of art, then surely they can purchase or take over the towns football team?
  13. Duck Egg


    The council sponsored their shirts for several years and that upset many of the local residents
  14. Either or both. He chose to spend all his millions on the club, without using some of those millions to safeguard the long term interest's of the club. Wigan enjoyed as many years in the prem as we did, went into Europe, won a trophy and employed Owen Coyle without coming as close to bankruptcy as we did.
  15. My noggin isn't what it was but I'm certain it was to do with his wages not the fee. I seem to recall a senior player quoted in the BEN bemoaning the then chairman's reluctance (Chaytow? ) to break the wage structure to sign him. That was the Xmas period when we won 3-1 at Tranmere too. Pike at left back meant Bazza was at left midfield, avoiding his annual mauling by Lee and offering solidity with no little creativity.
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