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  1. Sorry to hear this. I proper filled up when I read that bit she'd said about the Wanderers. Condolences pal
  2. It's funny because yesterday I saw the same post but in that instance it was referring to the Cyril Smith investigation rather than Jimmy Saville. It's just bullshit mudslinging and says more about the numpties sharing it rather than Starmer himself.
  3. I'd be wearing a coat, it's still pretty cold.
  4. This was Italianos too. My last order from them the feckers.
  5. Ordered a pizza and a kebab with chips tonight. £22.50!! The bastards have put their prices up by about a fiver.
  6. I'm surprised that the 82/83 crowd was so low. I seem to remember them bringing a fair few to that, the weekend before they met Brighton in the cup semi final. Ian Bailey who we'd previously had on loan that season broke his leg iirc
  7. The year when Wrexham went down was the year that 3pts had been introduced for a win. Had it still been 2pts, we'd have gone down instead of them. 2-2 draw at Orient was on a Sunday, I'm almost sure of it.
  8. The average wage in the Prem is what, 35/45k a week? As a player said in the link someone posted last night, it's not possible to spend that much money every month. Its different for those further down the food chain for sure but theres no reason established pros at that level cant manage without pay for the next 3 months.
  9. Because they're not furloughing the players? The legislation was brought in to help small businesses keep going through this difficult period not to subsidise those with multi million turnovers that continue to pay their biggest earners whilst abandoning the poorer paid.
  10. Our win against Derby in the first division being on was a surprise. I don't think I've ever seen that footage since.
  11. Christ, that was a bad period. The successful 70s I'd been going to games with my dad but this was the era where I started going with mates and there were some grim times. I'd forgotten all about that Shrewsbury hammering. My memory of Cantello's goal wasn't a daisy cutter but higher up and thundered in off the post, no? Some highlights and lowlights not mentioned; Losing 1-4 at home to Swansea. This was Toshack's exciting side and they tore us to pieces. A 4-2 win over Cardiff including a belting volley from Dusan Nikolic who was clearly too good to be playing in a lower division 2 side. The unbeaten run in 82-83 that for a spell had us looking upwards rather than the relegation spots. Wayne Foster bursting through in the last minute to score the winner in a 3-2 victory at Oldham. A 0-5 loss at Carlise where even the aged Pop Robson scored 2 against us.
  12. The 70s one was Frankie's debut. Golf balls the main things I remember flying around that day. The early 90s was a 0-1 loss and there was battling up Manchester Road before the game. A Utd lad I worked with at the time brought a copy of Red Issue in, where it was discussed. They had no game that day and a few came along to watch our match instead and were taken aback at the violence. Some Stoke lad with a Gazza t shirt on got battered senseless outside the Wagon and Horses.
  13. On the issue of deliveries, did anyone see the piece in the MEN the other day? Courier complaining that her deliveries kept piling up because people were ordering too much non essential stuff. I mean how dare anyone give her some feckin work to do!! https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/courier-pleads-shoppers-stop-ordering-18021869
  14. Finished Narcos Mexico last night. What a series this has been. The first 3 with Escobar was the best telly I'd seen since The Sopranos. The first Mexico was good but not great but its definitely back to it's best now. I'm eagerly awaiting the next one.
  15. Unless my noggin is failing me, I'd have sworn blind that Chris Thompson had long since left the club before we ever played Wigan. In fact didnt he once play for them against us?
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