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  1. Duck Egg


    I don't recall that but they've always been a town full of armchair reds. The state of the art training ground that City let them use for the last few years at a peppercorn rent was trumpeted at the time as a great deal. However somebody failed to notice that the running costs were 300k a year😂 Anyway, f*ck Bury
  2. Duck Egg


    And stood outside our ground rattling tins and shaking buckets. More embarrassing than that though, they started selling Utd gear in their club shop at that time
  3. Love watching these. Cheers. You always knew if the ref had given a debatable decision against us - Dave would give out their full name and address!
  4. We hate Liverpool too (and West Ham!) wasn't it?
  5. Duck Egg

    Taken over?

    Bob on. Season tickets again next season and great or bobbins, I'm aiming for a minimum 12 away games too. The check a trade trophy can feck off though
  6. I don't get the hating of Coyle. He turned out to be a poor manager but it was always inevitable that a club of our size was going to be relegated sooner or later. It's criminal that Gartside didn't appear to see that and adjust accordingly.
  7. Coming home from a pre season win at Bury on the 524 in the mid 80s. About a dozen Wanderers on the top deck chatting about the game as a bloke further along gets off at Radcliffe. We suddenly hear "Bolton bastards!" & this bloke, obviously a Ra-Ra, puce with rage and seemingly on the verge of tears, launches a half brick at the windows. It went straight over the roof as we all pissed our sides waving at him 😀
  8. Osama passed the EFL's fit & proper person test then?!
  9. 2-2 at Orient was one I'm sure. Can't remember the other though until we finally broke the jinx at Brentford
  10. Same. Hate to think how much time I 'wasted' feeding that addiction. I rarely managed us, usually preferring to start with a league 1 side, although my Newcastle team from CM4 will always have a fond place in my heart! Last few I've tried, FM15 &16 it seems to me to be much harder now? Lots of faff around training schedules that I could never be arsed with
  11. Ooh good shout. We were on a terrible run at that time and in danger of falling out of the play offs. We must have equalised in the 90th and won it in the 93rd! Jules get one of them?
  12. Keep posting the vids pal. I'm hoping it'll galvanise us into taking similar followings everywhere next season!
  13. Blimey that's one I'd forgotten about. Mass snowball fight on the terrace behind the goal. It was a big old ground that place
  14. That's because he makes Parky look adventurous! He's way too defensive. Which is OK when you're picking up points regularly
  15. Duck Egg

    Taken over?

    For someone supposedly in PR you do seem to get a bit touchy
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