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  1. Tony Philliskirk header at the back stick, attacking the Lever End. 30 feckin years. Sheesh
  2. Absolutely. I'm sure we'll miss out this year but I was comforting myself with the idea that we'd storm it next season instead. We won't though until this is addressed.
  3. Horwich is in Bolton. Same as Beswick is in Manchester. Salford though...
  4. Parking eye won a case in court which prompted all the 'dont ignore' it advice. I know someone who did and she gets quite amused every 6 months when a different company writes to her, saying they've taken the debt on and how would she like to settle. Its been going on about 4 years now. Go on the Martin Lewis site before you pay anything. I followed their advice after getting a ticket from them at MK Don's. Parking Eye wrote it off. They probably issued about 100 tickets that night. They only need a dozen to think "feck it" & cough up and it pays for itself.
  5. Fair point, well argued. I'll go with that. Wigan however....
  6. I wonder if the EFL will give some clubs leeway on FFP due to covid? I expect we'll see more of these over the coming months. Blackburn might be c*nts but I wouldn't want to see them go through what we have.
  7. Aye. If I'd been the keeper I would have claimed it had gone out, so I didnt look as much of a berk doing what he ended up doing. It was Crellinesque was that
  8. It interested me to note that while the centre half ran screaming to the linesman to presumably claim the ball had gone out, the keeper who was under it the whole time, just booted the ball away in frustration.
  9. This ones in Westhoughton but I understand its part of a chain
  10. We had those fireway pizzas again last night. They put to shame every other takeaway pizza I've ever had.
  11. Erm woosh! Latest reports suggesting it was 2 lads approached by a larger group who tried to rob them and did the stabbing when they resisted. That could happen to any of us. Here's hoping he makes a full recovery.
  12. Happened just down the road from me. I've seen several mentions of kids from Deane and elsewhere coming into the town for some reason. Going out with a knife on you is the kind of thing that happens in London or Farnworth, not Howfen.
  13. Too little too late for me. The squad is much stronger and we've won 2 games that earlier in the season we probably would have lost. However, we've yet to perform well over 90 minutes and it's easy to fall the wrong side of the fine margins that are currently benefiting us. 8th and we start next season hot favourites.
  14. One of the quotes in there sounded eerily similar to Phil Gartside's "We only owe £10m. The rest is a loan from the owner we dont have to pay back" Burnley were a great example of what could be done under a sensible, prudent regime. It's sad if this deal is due to such cautious ownership no longer being feasible.
  15. Nah. Bury's owner didn't produce proof of funds despite several requests. Their takeover, which was described as imminent at the time, has still not happened. Wigan have the funds through to summer, when I expect, sadly, some loon will buy them.
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