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  1. Duck Egg

    Millwall away.

    Aye. It wasn't even our worst performance against Sheffield United in living memory
  2. Duck Egg

    In Or Out Again

    I was undecided which way to vote right up until polling day so I haven't got a strong opinion either way. I'd found this thread an interesting way of seeing both viewpoints but it appears to have really degenerated these last few days with some posters just using it as a platform to be abusive to others that don't share their opinion. It's peeing me off, so I've no idea how Theresa May copes!
  3. Duck Egg

    Millwall away.

    It's a bit soon to be writing Murphy off isn't it? How many games has he actually started?
  4. Duck Egg

    Tv Shows

    Let us know how it is. Recently finished El Chapo which was excellent, once I'd got past the dubbing. Presumably in place because Americans can't be arsed reading subtitles
  5. Duck Egg

    Tv Shows

    And now he's less chance of release than Avery now, having exhausted all appeal channels. Poor lad. Tricked into a false confession and the state closes rank to protect itself. He'll likely die in prison now
  6. Duck Egg

    In Or Out Again

    You have been pretty consistent with that but you did also say that the plan was to leave without a deal and blame it on the EUs intransigence. At the moment we're blaming each other! You also said May was a Brexiteer at heart. If today has shown anything it's shown how hard she's worked to get an acceptable compromise and remain close to the EU
  7. Duck Egg

    Scudamore golden handshake

    Agreed. The Beebs sports reporter was justifying him getting this due to the funds he's helped generate for the premier league. It was his fecking job! One he got handsomely rewarded for. Plus if it's to reward from what he's done over the last 20 years, why should the likes of here today, gone tomorrow clubs like Huddersfield or Brighton pay the same as Chelsea, Arsenal et al?
  8. Duck Egg

    Tommy Robinson

    Trump winning the presidential nomination was impressive, undoubtedly, but ultimately in the presidential race he was one horse in a two horse race. SYL would give UKIP a greater share of the vote but beat the 3 main parties in a GE? No chance. Oh, & it was Americans that elected Trump. SYL might find more discerning voters in Luton!
  9. Duck Egg

    Tommy Robinson

    Make it a large bucket because you'll be waiting a long time for Tommy to be elected as MP for anywhere, never mind Luton!!
  10. Duck Egg

    Todays Games

    A fantastic country. Do it!! My one regret was the day we left Buenos Aires the National side were playing Uruguay at River Plates stadium. We could have had tickets too
  11. Duck Egg

    Todays Games

    Watch a game there while on holiday a few years ago. The fans behind the goals are absolutely mental and a H&S nightmare. They were playing Huracan that day. Can't imagine what it must be like in a derby
  12. Duck Egg

    “Bullying” advice

    Nearly 40 years ago now my mate started as an apprentice at a well known Bolton builders. An older guy there used to get off on bullying all the apprentices and was pretty physical with some of them. Several of the young lads were terrified of him. Then one morning he made the mistake of singling my mate out and slapped him hard on the side of the head. Big mistake! Even today, what my mate lacks in stature he makes up for in being a right scrapper and never giving in. He launched into this chap swinging punches left, right and centre. Came off worst in the end but this bloke never took liberties again. Sad to say but sometimes violence can be an answer
  13. Duck Egg

    Wanderers V Swansea

    We have to find a place for Magennis for me. He works his socks off and can actually hit the back of the net. Donaldson and Oz playing wide off him
  14. Duck Egg

    Wanderers V Swansea

    My first hero as a kid. I was gutted when we sold him. Might be the same weather Saturday but there's no chance we'll score 5 in total between now and new year!
  15. Duck Egg

    This ere grenfell tower vid

    Saw the video. Didn't think it was amusing in the slightest and that there must be something wrong with anyone who thought it was. Didn't strike me as racist though. Deeply offensive to the victims of Grenfell certainly but without knowing the persons involved, I couldn't describe their actions in the video as racially motivated

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