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  1. https://mobile.twitter.com/CaddysWmc/status/1277598652043853824 No idea how to embed it (mods?) but this thread proper cracked me up
  2. Duck Egg


    Aye. She shaved Kev Webster's tash off
  3. Duck Egg


    Blimey 😮 - the footage of the incident on the thread. Protesting on the highway at night, in black. One tweeter referred to her as 'non brainery'
  4. Over on ITV4 yesterday morning our game at Hull in 1977 was the 2nd game on the big match. The first game after the Everton semi defeat and we blew a 2 goal lead. Some of the older posters on here might recognise themselves behind the goals in scarves and flares.
  5. The reasonable side of me hopes they get through this as a club but have to spend several years in division 4 or the conference rebuilding. The unreasonable side hopes they go down the tubes, have to reform as Afc Wigan and the DW burns down with DW in it. Tbh I can easily live with either outcome
  6. Has the club ever sold away season tickets? If so, how much do they usually cost? I can only remember ever missing out on City away in 1997 so never felt the need.
  7. I found that place heart breaking. The heat was oppressive walking around the gravestones, what it must have felt like to be worked to death, riddled with Beri Beri in that heat I couldnt imagine. Nearly all of them in the early 20s too
  8. Formula 1 allowing 60% capacity in Austria on Sunday.
  9. ^ christ, that's pretty desperate stuff.
  10. I don't see how new owners can take over the club at the height of the pandemic, put them into administration and then appeal against a points deduction because of the pandemic!
  11. I've seen a suggestion that the 'new owners' were essentially the same people as the old owners, a loan has been taken out on club assets and the new owners are now nowhere to be seen. It sounds far fetched, and a little funny too, if I'm honest, if only we had some football finance expert on here who could explain it..
  12. Whelan has already said he's prepared to step in. If his broken leg allows, obviously
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