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  1. Duck Egg

    Sweaty Ken

    It surprised me this. Apart from here I don't go on social media much - did Eddie Davies get a lot of stick off our fans? And, genuine question, cos I've no idea, how come after all his largesse are we in such a worse position financially than Wigan? Dave Whelan said a couple of years ago that our debts didn't add up to him
  2. Duck Egg

    Todays Games

    Thogden and his dad are articulate Wanderers fans who film vlogs on our and their football club. Depending on taste you may or may not find them entertaining but remarks about grooming and slapping a kid are pretty poor imo
  3. Duck Egg

    Todays Games

    Javi Viander? Ex reserve keeper?
  4. Duck Egg

    Todays Games

    Why? Were you in a coma throughout the 1990s?
  5. Duck Egg

    In Or Out Again

    I was expecting to hear from Miami on this thread this week regarding the furore about a remain politician being bullied outside parliament yesterday by angry right wingers. It can't be condoned but it surely pales in comparison to the abuse Farage gets everywhere he goes or Boris got the day after the referendum
  6. Duck Egg

    POF pictures

    Wasn't there one on here years ago regarding a mosaic at the reebok? That was forum gold!
  7. Duck Egg

    In Or Out Again

    You're just bitter because you've had all your leave cancelled
  8. Duck Egg

    Sweaty Ken

    What's he ever done wrong to you? Or us? I get folk aren't comfortable with some sort of 'love in' that's going on but as far as I can see FGR and their chairman haven't done owt wrong.
  9. Duck Egg

    Sweaty Ken

    Hey up Thogdens on line!
  10. Duck Egg

    Sweaty Ken

    Defo! And having a pop at the BNs circulation too
  11. Duck Egg

    Sweaty Ken

    You can only take as you find. Not sure folk believe FGRs chap so much as can't believe owt Ken says
  12. Duck Egg

    Sweaty Ken

    Feck me. He's deluded if he thinks anyone is swallowing that load of shite
  13. Duck Egg

    Sweaty Ken

    Admin v Liquidation Soz for being a thicko but how does liquidation become a possibility over Admin? I thought liquidation would be if there was inadequate assets to pay your debts but we own the ground don't we (& did when liquidation was last threatened)
  14. Duck Egg

    Transfer Gossip

    The signs were there when Ken shafted Oldham over the Chris Taylor loan deal. Their chairman said something similar to FGR's at the time. We needed an unscrupulous bastard then (& probably still do) to sort some of the previous lunatic deals out. Eventually though the chickens come home to roost
  15. Duck Egg


    The Attwood story on Banged up abroad was interesting but in a pretty grubby atttempt to milk it, the story was written over 3 books. For Prison tales 'The damage done' as mentioned above and 'Forget you had a daughter' take some beating.

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