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  1. As a wavering leaver I have to say I wouldn't trust either of them to deliver a workable Brexit.
  2. ^^ enoyed that Paul. Cheers. I'm sure it's the right season that their first goal was scored about 6-8 seconds after the kick off
  3. Aye. Go easy on us and the EFL will get loads of grief from the gobby half a dozen sides led by Doncaster. Go hard on us and it's just us moaning.
  4. Aye that was it. The brass portholes were a bizarre but pretty unique touch.
  5. Scholes and Scholes was a posh little shop. Anyone old enough to have gone in when Franky owned it and it was called Dalglish? (I think that was the place)
  6. You and me both! Our first ever game v Wigan. An 11am kick off and as would always happen at Springfield park, we pretty much took over the ground. They missed a penalty before Jeff Chandler nodded in the winner. Chandler scored the winner again the following day in front of our biggest crowd of the season (11000 iirc) & we were up into 4th position. I went to the new years Eve collapse at Sheff Utd. Could have been even worse if Farnworth hadn't saved two penalties
  7. It was worse than that. We lost to Wigan the following day. 0-1 ex Shaker Steve Johnson (?), big black lad, scored for them. The Chandler win was the following season
  8. The ref made me pretty angry on Saturday but not in a toilet door head butting kind of way. Some folk are odd
  9. Magna Carta was another clothing shop I just remembered. Next door to SFI? Three storeys of books in Sweetens Puppies for sale in the pet shop window off great Moor street
  10. Going into Wardrobe during the 80s casuals phase. Seeing the prices and coming out again. Unfolding half a dozen jumpers in Benetton and putting them back on the shelf looking nothing like as neat as they were a few minutes earlier. Seeing all the detritus of Bolton life when catching the last bus at Moor Lane
  11. Bruno Gudni Ben Haim Charlton Jimmy Philips shouldn't be in sight of any best ever list. He was shocking
  12. I bought an iRiver about 17 or 18 years ago. It has about 7500 tracks on it now. It looks clunky and is the size of a 20 fag packet but has never given me a minute of trouble. It's a piss take how quick apple stuff breaks. The fit bit watch I had lasted just over a year
  13. 😮 just seen that! The stadium of Light looks nearly empty on the box when there's 30000 on. It must have favvered a ghost town yesterday. Makes our crowd yesterday almost look ok
  14. Is the right answer. I can see City winning today. Liverpool have been riding their luck a little lately. 1-2
  15. That chippy outside Elland Road is run like a military operation. You join the queue outside the door, before you know it, you've got your grub, are 5 quid down and stood outside. Done right, it shouldn't be difficult
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