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  1. The Mrs worked at the Manchester Evening news at that time and we watched it from their executive box. There were 4 of us Wanderers fans in there and they asked us to come inside and celebrate if we scored. Feck that! It was worth the dogs abuse we got when we did. I even shouted "Justice!" just to annoy them a bit more 😄
  2. Not by us perhaps but they've never got the following they deserve imo. Most folk I mention them to have never heard of em!
  3. Another vote here for Cherry Ghost I am Kloot The Rifles
  4. Agree with that. I think Blair and New Labour recognised it too and tried kicking the can down the road with the devolved parliament. It was inevitable the SNP would keep revisiting this issue. Less predictable was the collapse of any real opposition to them in Scotland.
  5. Our nuclear deterrent is only there because of our old colonial, post WWII, cold war history. We'll never be allowed to use it without the say so of the US anyway. We'd be far better off doing what the rest of Western Europe does (bar France) & sacking it off altogether. Spend the umpteen squillion it's going to take to replace Trident, on renewable energy sources instead.
  6. No. A chap called Walter Scott. The officer shot him dead and gave a false testimony, which only unravelled after a young lad who had filmed it came forward.
  7. We're fairly split as a nation on leaving the EU, or we were, but if the whole nation was determined we left, we'd surely find a solution to the Irish question?
  8. Or alternatively, as happened recently, prove that the Cop was lying when he shot a bloke in the back who was running away.
  9. The stats tend to suggest that shouldn't be too much of a worry for them.
  10. I imagine your pre season positivity is the subject of much hilarity on that league 2 forum you were posting on?
  11. Good shout. We've really enjoyed the food from there and they need folks support more than ever now.
  12. Is the Swiss/EU border considered a hard border? I know its subject to the Schengen (sp?) Agreement but its relatively a soft one, surely? Certainly the kind we should all be hoping for if we can progress this
  13. It certainly sounds pretty grim. Genuine question here; Has there been any precedent for this kind of thing? You can imagine some Banana Republic unilaterally breaking a signed trade agreement but amongst first world countries has this happened before?
  14. Crellin has been fine so far. We have lots of problems to be getting on with. Goalkeeping isn't one of them right now
  15. Worth noting from that 87/88 table that all the promoted sides were in the bottom half after 3 games
  16. I didn't go to the league game, no idea why. After the cup game there were battles going on everywhere and it was a pretty intimidating journey back to the car. The return match at Burnden was when they mobbed up at the Bradford Arms so perhaps they were encouraged from the earlier rucks?
  17. I'm surprised you've any free after last Thursday's girl!
  18. Agreed. It seems like most folk these days, irrespective of how they voted at the time, genuinely want the UK to go into, and get through this, in the best shape possible. The Irish issue seems the stickiest issue to be able to extract ourselves from, and potentially a spanner in the works for future Anglo/US trade agreements.
  19. Memories from that game: George Oghani getting dogs abuse from the Wanderers fans. Fights breaking out all over the place after the match. Nearly breaking my mates nose with a flailing elbow when JT scored his penalty. Unbelievable to think players weren't sent off in them days for a professional foul. Wanderers fans calling at the Corner Pin pub in Stubbins on the way home and nicking half the furniture It was a much lower crowd for the league game the week after, which perhaps shows how important the FA cup was in those days.
  20. Well there is that I suppose but I'm not having it that a few of us whingeing on here is preventing Santos and others from being great footballers
  21. Aye. We've practically a whole new playing squad, new backroom staff and no fans in the ground. Where's this losing culture coming from?
  22. I've been feeling a bit shit the last couple of days, temperature, woolly head and aching like feck. No loss of taste though. I was passing the Etihad this morning so drove in to see if I could get a test. There were loads of staff about but no one but me as far as I could see wanting a test. I got turned away as I didnt have some number or other and they told me to turn up at a centre in Ancoats instead. You could see the tents there but after queuing ages through the traffic and temporary lights there was no drive in facility, or none I could see anyway. I was feeling even worse by
  23. Does that make Iron Maiden the Wanderers then? Most folk cant believe they're still going, despite years of shite and living off a couple of brief highlights from donkeys years ago.
  24. Really? I've never even heard of the former. Even being generous, how would 2 players in an at best mid table championship side, get in every other team in the division?
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