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  1. Thought Murphy was terrible and offered nothing all game, he doesn't have any hold up play, he doesn't win headers, he doesn't make defenders work. He scored though so what can you say. Echo ianexofrochdales sentiments though, Hill really hasn't got a clue tactics or substitution wise. If it's going well he can get away with it but if not he's fucked.
  2. Just had cheeky double on 2-0 and Ruiz in round 5 @ 259/1, actually have a bad feeling we're going to get turned over today but you live in hope that one day one of these bets actually comes in.
  3. Elephant in the room is that you'd have to walk a long way before finding someone who looks more of a nonce than Musk, least I can go and tweet that now.
  4. Deffo not a big tipper
  5. Wonder if Sharon has owt like this in her locker?
  6. Another shining example of a bloke with a mobile phone ruining a classic day out. Wasn't Thogdad filming was it?
  7. Yup sure it was Grounds, good tune and deffo makes you look forward to more new stuff.
  8. Hill said they were all gym bunnies and shit from a skills point of view but going off posts here we got done for strength and fitness as much as skill last night so maybe he was just talking bollocks and throwing soundbites around? Just a thought.
  9. IDLES at the Academy last night. Still smiling from ear to ear.
  10. ErnestTurnip


    Coyle as Indian food? Aloo Gobshite maybe
  11. Watching City game on smart TV here and quality of picture etc has been fantastic.
  12. Don't have sky, do have prime, so first live premier league game ever in our house. I'd be very concerned if I was sky or bt.
  13. Fans near us at Accrington were blaming individual players, lose this and it might start getting a bit more rocky for the management I reckon. 2-0, very cold, 9756 attendance.
  14. Is this likely to end up pay on the gate?
  15. Odd innit, I didn't laugh once during space worm. Are we having a concerted effort to get welly baby through to the semi final when voting starts?
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