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  1. I thought Fog was a nice drop but I'm undecided as to whether I'd rather have 3 Ikat than 2 Fog for pretty much the same money.
  2. Goal up, man up, how we manage the game from here will show whether we should be dreaming of automatic or not.
  3. Congrats to you and yours, I'm using it as an excuse to have my first Fog, am even going to pour it in a glass which is a no-no for me.
  4. An "Owen Jones sponsored safe place" sounds the ideal area for a danger wank I reckon.
  5. Golden time for pop. Wonder if anyone will have the front to suggest anything from the ginger scum god of love Hucknall?
  6. Much more bite about us, much more energy, just much more of everything.
  7. Anything with Levon Helm on it basically.
  8. If everyone had to carry a plastic chair around at all times there'd be a lot less violence in the world. Could be a whole new political movement that.
  9. Two lads getting robbed by a group of 6 and one getting stabbed by a 14 yr old Somali is the word on the ground apparently.
  10. £50 of what I won on IE getting appointed went straight on us to win the league at 6-1. Fifteen wins out of the next 18 games should see me right. 🙄
  11. Finally got round to starting Taboo yesterday, 5 episodes in and really enjoying it.
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