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  1. Think mine was £48 for 60 hours a week labouring, seems crazy but could still go out 5/6 nights on that.
  2. Part of me would like him to loosen the regulations for Xmas and at the same time announce the NHS is closing until March 1st, let people take responsibility for themselves for a while.
  3. Agree with that, went once and they were ok but not sure I'd go again. Not one for the beer snobs because it's made by Thwaites but I got a beltin deal on some 13 Guns and so have 48 cans of that for a standard sup over Xmas.
  4. I spotted this one the other day while I was looking for some Xmas stuff, like a couple of theirs(Huckabuck and Ikat) so it might be worth a go: https://www.saltbeerfactory.co.uk/product/tram/
  5. Im a fat fucker with a fatty liver.
  6. Day 18 without. Need to stop coming in this thread but you never know when you might miss a good tip. Very thirsty.
  7. Once saw a bloke eating a ham butty while he was cleaning the shithouses at warbies, one hand on his butty and the other gloveless hand doing the cleaning. Was a step too far even for me.
  8. Socially distanced gigs, yay or nay ? One came up on my twitter last night at the Academy in February, not sure how they'd run it in there, and I was half tempted to buy tickets just for the sake of having summat to do. Have a feeling for a lot of acts it might be completely wank.
  9. To ask us to do all that googling and follow all them steps? Definitely not.
  10. Think it's called "sounding" if my memory serves. That's honestly my memory and not my search history.
  11. Loads of students went home the other week because it was reading weeks/assessment weeks, missed the boat on mass testing with that one though.
  12. Just ordered some Treboom Kolsch because I've wanted to try it for ages and with a view to getting some decent stuff in for over Xmas (if it lasts). Tempted by that Track 6 pack but there's sooo much else out there I'm hesitating.
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