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  1. I could have gone to Lytham for a mooch and some chips this afternoon but swapped that for watching the match and trekking to the frigging illuminations tonight. Make some bad decisions me.
  2. Us BTTS and Fonz to score. Might as well set fire to the tenner but one day it'll all come good.
  3. Don't think there's been much love for Brie or Camembert in here so far, causes issues at ours because the wife likes it unripe on a butty but I prefer it when it's just going runny and smells like a baby's bib. For cheese on the go I'm a bit partial to buying that Bavarian smoked that is packaged as though it's a sausage, similar size to a Mars bar but far more satisfying.
  4. Felicity by Orange Juice and The Wedding Present. Wish I was able to post up links to compare but am struggling atm.
  5. Due to one thing and another I did one day of not drinking after drunkenly posting I was going to join gonzo on his 100 day mission. The "one thing or another" does seem to have been around for almost 40 years though. Wonder how many regulars in this thread could knock it on the head tomorrow if they said so. Did it instantly with ciggies after being a pretty heavy smoker and have had the odd one since without going back but ale is different as is every drug with different people. It's seems to be part of what a lot of people do on here and are involved with but at the risk
  6. Last meal? Bacon butties made with 3 slices of Warbies Toastie, salted butter, back bacon, HP brown sauce Last drink? Full fat milk out of a pint bottle with a foil top Last song to listen Everything's AOR - Half Man Half Biscuit Last bird to sit on your face? Desiree Cousteau in her 1970s form Last words? I was right, you are a cunt.
  7. Thinking further about it I can take or leave a pickled egg, sometimes get one as a cheeky extra when we do chippy day at work but could live without em.
  8. Is there anything pickled that isn't good ?
  9. Accidentally Like A Martyr by Warren Zevon was the first to come into my head. My Favourite Dress great example as well altho possibly the owder u get the less you remember what Gedge is singing about felt like.
  10. Started when I was a fit young lad for a protein fix and just grew from there. Mixed all sorts with it over the years, sometimes even put it in the oven so it sets a bit like a quiche.
  11. Cottage Cheese has to be top for me, eat it on its own or even mixed with tuna or peanut butter. Lancashire might edge 2nd place, rarely have it though because nobody else at home will eat it. 3rd I'll give to Pecorino for the magic it does when put on top of a hot pizza. Honourable mention to that Primula in a tube, the one with chives preferably.
  12. My beard is usually scruffy as fuck and often full on homeless, never been accused of being lazy though. Apart from when it comes to shaving.
  13. Sure my lad said Samizadeh scored against Daisy Hill in their FA CUP game with Colne and did a somersault to celebrate.
  14. Having a bit of a shit morning today so big shout out to @gonzo for bringing the Porthcawl Elvis Presley Festival to my attention, laughed out loud.
  15. Always presumed the only reason a man wouldn't have a beard is because he couldn't grow one.
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