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  1. Just back from Tesco at Middlebrook. You queue up, you walk in, a woman greets you and says "we've got a one way system set up to help keep social distancing and keep people safe". You look down and sure enough in the aisles there are blue circular stickers with white arrows showing the direction of travel. Avoid at all costs if you're likely to ask people if they're as thick a fuck as it seems to offend them.
  2. Condolences to you and yours.
  3. Took my dad about 18 months - 2 years to get his head round retiring, honestly thought it was going to kill him. Now says he doesn't understand how he had time to have a job.
  4. The standard bat back over the net is that Saville spent 11 NYE with Thatcher and so she not only knew about what he was up to but agreed with it and covered it up. It's all a load of shit.
  5. Do you have to ok this with your insurance?
  6. Went out early today for some fresh air, no middle aged men playing out together on their bikes but did see someone digging what looked to be a grave on the back side of Moss Bank Park. He was on his own so no problem from that respect, kicking myself I didn't ask him about it though.
  7. I'm now less worried about the people often referred to as chavs and more worried about people deciding their interpretation of stats and the like are better than those who are meant to be the experts. That's not necessarily anyone on here. Summat else I've been wondering and this is purely hypothetical. Tomorrow Johnson stands up and says everything we've said about this virus still stands, all our advice is still 100% valid, furloughs are still in place BUT we are no longer able to keep pubs, restaurants, parks, sporting events closed or cancelled. If Wanderers put a game on the day after are you staying in lockdown lite or going for a pint and to the match?
  8. One thing I never knew before all of this was how many homosexuals lived in my area. When I go for a walk the amount of 30+ yr old male couples I see cycling alongside each other and happily chatting away has been a real eye opener. Is that what all the rainbows I've seen in windows are about?
  9. You can use gram flour for pies if any of the asian supermarkets have it, I've used it before and it's fine but does have a slight taste to it.
  10. Not often heard on the wireless but 6 played it this morning, one of my all time faves and what with social distancing etc......
  11. Saw her complaining about clothes deliveries, I've put that much weight on since being in isolation I'm sat here looking like that gay hairdresser from Benidorm with my t-shirts barely reaching my belly button.
  12. People like AMAZON, YODEL and others are taking on self employed drivers who only need to have a car - sure on the YODEL site they do the jobs by postcode+distance so it's easy to see if there's owt in your area.
  13. Our stuff is B2C so the final leg will usually be man in a van or possibly man in a skoda estate but some of the stock reasons for parcels coming back aren't making sense and as it stands I'm reading it that they get to the hubs and then there's no-one to do the last bit. Re PPE I just checked with 2 of our suppliers and they aren't even taking orders for FFP2 masks or disposable gloves for the next 3 months, not because the stuff is going into government just because enough of the stuff isn't getting made. Would be nice if they are wrong and really it's all going to where it's needed.
  14. For us everything is still getting picked up as normal but we're seeing a big rise in problems from their hubs to the end user, whether that's because of a lack of final delivery drivers is hard to say at the mo.
  15. There's a lot of us at ours and the layout of the place means everything is watched with subtitles even if it's MOTD. You get so used to it you miss them if they aren't there and it means you can watch foreign stuff without even blinking.
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