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  1. Ladapo was the more eyecatching but thought Matt Crooks ran everything for them and we just couldn't get a grip on the middle at all. Positives for me were Chicksen and maybe Bridcutt who looked very willing, lot of basic errors all around though. Some near us seemed to be chosing their scapegoats already, just have to hope the recent unity lasts.
  2. There's some cheap pay and display behind the police station but it's not much closer than the free parking on that island.
  3. What sort of numbers are people predicting for season ticket sales ?
  4. or an apprentice... The young lad here tells me East Upper is 3125 , not sure he can face doing the rest just yet though!
  5. Just had a look at last year's prices because am thinking of moving and only paid £32 more for ESU than would have for ESL last year, thought the difference was more than that.
  6. Aye I reckon my maths had gone missing a touch when I said "if any" but 2 senior keepers and Earl to come back would take that to 15, and I'd be surprised if KH didn't get a couple of frees to fill the squad in so we might end up with a bit of competition for those remaining places.
  7. Numbers wise some will have to be on the bench and the ones mentioned would probably be the most obvious ones, not only on ability but because that's where we'll need cover.
  8. Brilliant turn out last night, really was a great feeling seeing them having to open ESL. Have really been impressed with Weir so far this season and the effort from the rest couldn't be questioned, not sure whether it was cramp or something else but Boon played the last half hour with one leg and still went up to take a penalty. Thought Senior did really well all night, another one (of many) who has grabbed the opportunity they have been given. Hand on heart I honestly don't see many, if any, getting another first team appearance this season outside of maybe the Leasing.com and barring injuries but they've been part of something special, something unique, and it's something they should be proud of forever.
  9. Wish him all the best, don't always agree with what he says but like listening to him do footy and especially RL.
  10. Don't like quoting myself but here was the info:
  11. It might not seem related to the thread (it is) but how many season tickets are people expecting us to sell for this season ? When I was asking if anyone knew capacity of the lower home tiers the other day I was wondering how many seats would be available for one off fans/walk ons after season tickets, and also further to that what happens to LoV hospitality if the ESU is closed ?
  12. I posted some stuff up a few months ago on this but no idea what thread it was in.
  13. Looks like he had last season off ?
  14. Although Lee has been MIA and has moved into shithouse status for some on here, I wonder if KH's first big move will be to officially pot Lee and bring Beech in?
  15. Could well be, there's always more going on that we don't see than we do see. I wanted Hill/Flitcroft when we appointed PP and although I have some doubts and have said some negative stuff about Hill recently, you can see the thought process with the appointment and I'll back them all the way while they are here.
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