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  1. Politic and verlinden are very similar for me, good skill but very one footed and overplay things most of the time which make them easy to defend against for anyone with half a brain.
  2. We lacked width today especially on the left, Hamilton looked ok but he is always going to wander inside. Fleming looked ok as well but for me he looked tired from 65mins, that's understandable if you look at his game time but in that state you're always more susceptible to getting an injury. Thought we showed a bit more edge and fight today which was needed because they were well drilled in shithousing, looked a red for the last man situ and maybe for the hand to face but would have to see replays. Unbalanced and one from the bingo machine but was better than it has been recently. Shit league, shit officials taken as read.
  3. Bridcutt is kind of key in all this bullshit. KH has said he wants him but it's up to the player. Bridcutt has looked confused since his reinvention as a CB. Does Bridcutt have any faith in the KH vision or not?
  4. Ended up with summat that says it's a Trivento Private Reserve 2018 Malbec, should have been 10 but was on offer on 8. Not drunk much red over my lifetime but can report it tastes nice and you seem to drink it more slowly than a white.
  5. Fundamentally disagree with that, he has to be judged in the first place on what he does this season. That doesn't mean results, it could be building a squad, building systems, getting plans in place but no-one should get any of this free hit bollocks. Mon's getting paid a good 6 figure salary and needs to do things now to justify it, the club and fans deserve that much at least.
  6. In the short time he's been with us he's managed to get the players that confused about what the fuck they are supposed to be doing that we could have the best 11 in the world on the pitch and they'd still look lost.
  7. Watched this over weekend, mind blowing that a lot of it is on camera or audio especially the end.
  8. Wry smile from me when he discusses Chicksen being brave enough to play his last game as we don't want to base things on 6 month contracts and in the same game plays 2 players starting 6 month loans.
  9. It's been out long enough that spoilers should be ok. Yon man gets sent to jail, weird woman blames us all, but who the fuck was behind the camera?
  10. It's just how KH behaves and always has, wants to come across as a professor of the game. If he delivers on the pitch it's fine, if not he just comes across like a total cock and people, especially those paying to go, have to make their own minds up where he is on that scale.
  11. I couldn't go today but did end up listening on the wireless, who was playing in front of Chicksen in the first half ?
  12. I've taken 0-2 at 20/1, where there's life there's hope and so on.
  13. Think Traf did a post once where he explains that he views a forum thread like a conversation you're having in the pub, you say something, someone replies and then it's on to the next load of bollocks so I wouldn't pay too much mind to it. Back to KH, one thing I'm really frustrated with is the people seeming to think it's ok him doing whatever the fuck he wants this season and then having a crack next time around. He should be showing he's worthy of having the job THIS season and if not get rid in May.
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