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  1. You might have seen them anyway if you've already done a couple but there's a Hal Higdon plan for people going for a PB and there's other ones there as well - www.halhigdon.com.
  2. Saw on FB the other day that the brother of a lad I know won one of their guitars and they drove to his house to drop it off. No idea if it was this Tom guy, wouldn't know him if I fell over him.
  3. I'm feeling very positive about it, already said I didn't see how FV could appoint anyone else really and because we're still on the wedding night I wouldn't normally want to temper that in any way but... ...look at the comments about Crawford's signing and we're a couple more decent additions away from being in the same situation PP ended up in in the L1 promotion season where in the view of some on here "he should piss the league with that squad" and so he was in a lose/lose situation for those lot ...Barrow have got promoted for being 4 points above Harrogate, in a normal season they would have still had to play Harrogate at Harrogate and they got dicked 3-0 at home at the start of the season so they haven't romped away with it due to them being by far and away the best team in the league Evatt's got the chance to build something long term here with his own players and own style but it might not be an instant hit and we shouldn't expect it to be, ideal situation for me is him still here in 5 years with a core of players who buy in to what he is trying to do and with us getting results more weeks than not.
  4. Don't know if they still do but Warbies used to use a load of bagged and bulk flour from Hovis in their main products, either that or they just bought flour in Hovis sacks and filled their silos with stuff out of Hovis tankers.
  5. Even supermarkets have decent tasting ones these days, for local butchers Barron's on COR have some excellent offerings.
  6. Lowe had made plans to settle round here so think he would prefer us or somewhere local but the life of a pro is going where the work is I suppose. This Barrowcelona thing, do any of our non league followers know if Evatt embraces it fully and plays that way every game ?
  7. Might be worth trying Vas at the Premier store on Lever Edge Lane, mate of mine takes all his PD empties there and buys all his new ones from him and I'm sure he does torps as well. Has deals on a lot, freebie glasses etc.
  8. Hartley's lime jelly, ginger cake, you're operating on a whole new trifle level.
  9. Jamaica ginger cake in the jelly in the bottom of a trifle anyone?
  10. Watched Twelve Monkeys last night for the first time, passed 2 hours on reasonably enough.
  11. Got some tickets for Fontaines in May in the pre-sale yesterday, wasn't really that arsed about em but felt nice to be buying summat with a view to a bit of normality hopefully returning next year.
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