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  1. Definitely true that, especially with the hoppy stuff because it has such a strong taste and aftertaste. Had a Cloudwater DDH Pale #2 before which was ok but I've been shitting through the eye of a needle all day due to last night's excesses I presume so I'm having nowt else tonight.
  2. Surely if you believe that the royal family are somehow superior to you and yours and should be looked at more reverentially then you then you are as mentally ill as people who think that someone died and then came back to life 3 days later and floated up to a place called heaven on a cloud? I'm all for treating every single person on earth with respect until their own behaviour shows they aren't worthy of it but no-one should get extra because of their family name.
  3. Lad I know from old and have on FB posted today about how accurate his wife was predicting PP would die and she replied saying how people say she's a tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist but how right was she. Mon's 99 and just out of hospital, a blade of fucking grass could predict he'd die in the next year.
  4. Belting tune this: spotify:track:464RSIIYrAB8rHkdbvrxyG
  5. Not sure if it's because I wasn't really in the mood last night but found the Space Hardware was just a bit standard although it did seem to drink a bit stronger than it was. First for me tonight is Cloudwater Crystallography, 8% and definitely worth giving a go but might not be for the staunch NEIPA people.
  6. Saw this morning one near us is up for sale: Chain free, South facing garden, Four double bedrooms, Loft conversion, Three reception rooms, Electric garage, Three bathrooms, Double driveway and all for only 330k oiro. Going off what you lot are saying it must mean it's shite round our way if you get all that for your money.
  7. The way with this is when you get the shout you have a device that's kind of like a balloon with a tube attached to it, the balloon being full of clean piss. Balloon gets put in your armpit, tube goes down the side of your body and then under owd fella. You squeeze the balloon to fake a piss, tester can even watch you doing it as it appears to be coming out normally and it's warm cos of being under in your armpit. Used to be all the rage in the sporting world.
  8. Much as I don't like linking to the Daily Mail, they've banged this up in the last few hours : Amateur sports clubs WILL be able to serve drinks outdoors during grassroots games | Daily Mail Online
  9. Arbor Space Hardware for starters tonight, pint can as well so have high hopes for it.
  10. GCHQ wiil be scratching their heads as to why someone in Ecuador was doing research into Walkden massage parlours of the 90s/00s.
  11. Just having a brew and honestly have no idea why but googled for it - was it Seventh Heaven?
  12. Have they closed Mere Hall? I went the other week and you can just rock up without saying anything to anyone and walk through and they give you 2 boxes of the tests, no questions asked.
  13. I was thinking Maurice Kobelt maybe?
  14. Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory the original, that's a musical for everyone.
  15. Hard to tell, all mancs look the same.
  16. Catch 22 an ok book, film not so much although a few decent performances. Wife's downstairs plaguing me with ABBA atm and it's bought The Princess Bride to mind, does that count as a classic people will have overlooked?
  17. Juat seen that, cheers for the offer. The good man at the shop has furnished me with 4 Strongbow, 4 Stella, some cheap blackcurrant, and 4 packets of Riesen chews so I'm going 80s student themed for a change.
  18. Today really required something overpriced and tasting slightly of mango. I'll end up with some Tyskie.
  19. Wasn't going to drink today but in the interest of not killing folk in our house have just got back from Tommy Wrights. Forgot it was Sunday so It was shut. Bloodshed incoming.
  20. Stumbled across it with a bad head early yesterday morning, hadn't watched it but now I have. Decent film, very nice to look at.
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