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  1. beanfund

    Sweaty Ken

    Yes, very interesting. Thank you. It seems that for 18/19 Bolton are/were due to pay more in rates than both Sheffield clubs combined. Perhaps that's the story that should be given airtime.
  2. beanfund

    Sweaty Ken

    I don't suppose there is an "investigative journalist" working for any local paper that might have tried to ascertain what Wigan, Blackburn and Preston pay in annual rates is there. Then perhaps we can form some kind of opinion on the content of the story.
  3. beanfund

    Bolton v Roverrrrs

    Had enough of our multitude of ineffective "wingers" after yesterday. Mark Little would give us more physical presence and penetration down the right than anything else I've seen this season. Play him in front of Pav (not instead of Pav) - got to be worth a try.
  4. beanfund

    Transfer Gossip

    Not a regular poster on here, but if anyone can shed any light I would be grateful. Aaron Mooy - Australian International, seems to be getting on with his career in England without any difficulties relating to International Clearance etc. Mark Milligan - Australian International, seems to be unable to progress his career in England due to difficulties with International Clearance. Aaron Mooy is a good player, possibly worth the fee that Huddersfield paid, and it is unfortunate for BWFC that he developed later in his career than we would have hoped - but that is subjective judgement and largely irrelevant to the objectivity that seems to govern the rules of international clearance. I don't see a difference between Mooy and Milligan in terms of their background. Can anyone help ?

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