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  1. Yes. We finished about 10 points above tranmere that season. Didn’t turn up in final, summed up with comstive’s late chance. we were too confident going into that final.
  2. Forest were my second team as I kid as I played centre half and des walker was my idol. Went to second leg at burnden. If memory serves me right we scored first or got it back to 1-1. Then they totally terrorised us with Roy Keane running the show. Class show from them. Was enjoyable watching them to be honest.
  3. That’s him! Tony! He certainly is! They all need putting on dvd for future generation. Along with yourself must have some of the rarest Bwfc videos around.
  4. He’s a great bloke, lost none of his Love for Bwfc. Always enjoyed listening to his tales. Never changed his prices. always wondered what happened to that Stuart butt and younger bloke (forget his name) who shared commentary with king Dave back in the day.
  5. I spoke to jimmy about 12 months ago still has all his old tapes. I have his mobile is anybody wanted to contact him. Lives in midlands these days
  6. 1: Preston. March 1985 2: Bradford 3: Fleetwood. August 1986 4: Halifax. November 1986 5: Boro. April 87 6: Barnsley. Jan 88 7: Burnley home April 88 8: Tranmere home December 1986 9: stoke home October 1990 10: Blackpool. August 74
  7. Here’s some newspaper headlines from the BEN. Can you guess which matches they come from: 1: Burnden fans face rail ban 2: Burnden battle: ... and the police blame the Bolton thugs 3: Shame of Bolton soccer fans. Hooligans in battle at friendly 4: Cup invasion fans rapped 5: Soccer thugs in pitched battle terror. 6: Shameful. Now Bolton louts may face FA ban 7: Fans in pub siege 8: Kill the bill taunt as mob corners police. 9: Soccer thugs KO away fan in brawl. 10: Armfields plea do something.
  8. Yes mate as far as I’m aware. Treasure chest of information in there.
  9. I’ve got a ring binder full of clippings. I used to troll through the microfilms at Bolton library. Got the paper after the Blackpool game 1974. It’s great to read through all the old headlines.
  10. Steve McMahon when he was swindon boss. those 2 semi final cup matches got abit feisty. He wasn’t happy with super John in first game at theirs. He’s bald; he’s scouse; he’ll rob your fucking house
  11. Anyone got a good account of chesterfield away 86. Few good clips on YouTube Bolton in their end. And police wading into Bolton section.
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