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  1. If you read the source quote I was on about traitors not empires
  2. Bet he wishes it was Carla Bruni
  3. That's rich coming from a country that collaborated with the Nazis in World War II and helped to round up thousands of Jews to transport to work or extermination camps.
  4. One way or another this will happen, football stopped being a working class sport years ago and it's all about the money nowadays.
  5. Reminds me of that gorgeous red head in Peter Kay's Car Share when she mentioned she'd gone dogging, sadly not what I'd hoped it'd be
  6. Oldham 4-3 behind now get in there!!!
  7. Knees bent arms stretched Ra Ra Ra!!!
  8. Curious to know how the token ex Bolton player is playing Giles Coke
  9. Or we're flattering to deceive, don't know which to be honest
  10. Who's supposed to be marking Lionel Woolworths, Stevie Wonder or his guide dog?
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