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  1. At our peak in the mid 2000s I'd think we'd make a fair go of it but now... not on your nelly!!!
  2. I'll be happier when somebody actually does takes us over, and not just talk about it
  3. You're definately a Bolton fan, Parkinson's been playing 11 of them every match
  4. Thankfully Ipswich were slightly shitter than us, a near impossible feat you'd think
  5. https://youtu.be/wCMf-fphgYw Lincoln v Bolton F. A. Cup A foretaste of next season. Not sure if it's been already posted but can't be arsed to check all 65 pages. If it is then let me know and I'll delete it.
  6. Lee, McGinlay and Walker tormenting the Liverpool defence in the F. A. Cup replay Ivan Campo and THAT goal celebration.
  7. Not sure about that judging by this season...and don't call me Shirley!!!
  8. Any Baggies fans giving you shit, gently remind them of the score at The Hawthorns first match of the season. After all they were a recently relegated Premier League team and we struggled on the last day of last season to stay in the Championship.
  9. Don't worry mate, I won't tell the missus, :lol:!!!
  10. Dammit Gonk, was just about to mention Bolton's legendary Spanish defensive midfielder. Would like to add Oooh Ah Franz Carr, El Hadji Diouf and Frank Worthington
  11. Going to recycle and old joke which is kind of relevant at the moment "The pitch at the UOBS has been voted the best in the whole league... not surprised really with the amount of shit they've been putting on it all year!!!"
  12. I think one of my late father's famous sayings comes to mind when it comes to Bolton Wanderers fans "... Could fall in a barrel full of tits and still come out sucking their thumb".
  13. As long as we bloody win I don't care really.
  14. Any chance we could nick The Cowley Brothers from Lincoln City? And as for Phil Parkinson, I'm going to quote my great great mate's late ex-boss Neil Holmes "I'm not going to call you a cunt, I'm going to call you a double cunt"
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