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  1. Went to Lincoln Saturday just to get Super Kevin Nolan's autograph, good job I did. Also got Eastwood Town legend Matt Rhead, but missed out on ex-Boltonian Andy Kellett (Andy who?). Shame really he's gone, his win percentage was pretty good, and last season, Notts County were heading in the right direction.
  2. I should pack your water wings just in case. Just don't breath in if you get submerged, :lol:!!!
  3. To all my detractors: A few little factoids to confirm I actually was at the West Brom match on Saturday 1. The beer shower I spoke about came from around six rows below where I was sitting. Although it wasn't a lot of beer I still got a light soaking. 2. At half time the competition was won by a guy named Zack, and one of the questions (I believe the first one) related to Sam Allardyce. 3. During the match at least two smoke bombs (One blue coloured) were let off somewhere behind where I was sitting. 4. I apologised to a gorgeous lady in a black dress sat next to my best mate for my rather brusque language, mainly insinuating that the referee was a 'Deciple Of Onan' Now then I wonder what course of action will you take. Will it be... a) Totally ignore my post as it destroys your reputation as an online self-opinionated bully, who can never be wrong. Continue acting like a petulant child and claim that my post is meaningless, and come up with more bullshit excuses. c) Try to have me in some way censured or thrown off this site thus solving the problem in one fell swoop or... d) Actually having the chutzpah to admit you're wrong and apologise. I await your responses with an-ti-ci.......................pation!!!
  4. "What a ding-dong do!!!" Went to the match Saturday and what a day it was. Got there 11-ish courtesy of my great great mate Dusan Nikolic's driving and my in car DJ-ing and bantering skills. Managed to bag a few autographs pre-match, Jay Rodriguez and Super Bob Taylor, but most of the West Brom players weren't interested, much to the annoyances of fans and cries of 'You Bastards'. Atmosphere was electric inside the ground, banter was flowing freely between fans. Bolton fans were merciless when the combi boiler mascot started dancing in front of us and was despatched to the chants of 'What the f-ing hell is that'. Got a couple of beer shampoos when we scored and hugged by complete strangers etc, but what the hey. Was nervous however when we conceded around half time, another typically dodgy Bolton performance perhaps? Thought we played really well overall, a lot better than last season, thought that wouldn't be too much of a challenge. The new midfield looks really useful, though our defence is still dire, need a new left and right back in my opinion. Post match bagged a few more autographs including Stelios, Julian Darby, plus a few of the new boys and West Brom legend Tony Brown. Fantastic day overall, and look forward to doing it all again at Preston in early September. Hope to see you there chaps. DLM.
  5. Eeeeeeeeeew!!!, gross but funny.
  6. Good old Boris 'Chopper' Johnson, showing Ze Germans how to play football. To my eyes that was a perfectly good tackle, and will not here anything to the contrary about it, :lol:!!!
  7. Still can't make my mind up whether I love or hate the the red white and blue striped one, from the mid 2000s. Wish someone would get off their tuckas and do a repro of the kit that most Bolton Wanderers fans want, the 1979/80 home kit.
  8. Just looked at an article on t'internet and there's still an impressive group of players who have made it from non league into league football, Jamie Vardy, Troy Deeney, Grant Holt, Gary Hooper etc, so it can still be done. Just wish that we could find one or two.
  9. Fantastic player til they made him a winger, wtf?. Will see your George Oghani and raise you Tony Philliskirk, :lol:!!!
  10. Can I just add one name to this argument pleaee?, Tony Caldwell, signed from Horwich RMI for around £2500 I think in the early '80s and knocked in a shed-load of goals for us in the time that he was with us.
  11. Stelios was a great player for us no doubt, but know absolutely nothing about his business acumen. Don't want the club forever trapped in a constant cycle of financial uncertainty.
  12. Tricky, our record of players come coaches/managers is pretty much 50/50 to be honest. (Armfield, Greaves, Neal, Allardyce, Rioch etc against Coyle, Megson, Lennon, Wright etc).
  13. If he'd made up songs about most of the squad from last season, he'd need a very good lexicon of swear words, :lol:!!!
  14. Would have loved to have heard what the late great Dave Higson would have made of Sunday, :lol:!!!.
  15. Think I know for sure who'll win player of the year now after today's shenanigans.
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