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  1. Just heard he's been appointed under 23 coach at Liverpool...nope I don't get it neither!!!
  2. For me the best actor by far in the whole series was Craig Fairbrass, he was immense as Pat Tate, Terry Stone was good too as Tony Tucker
  3. The second one is more about Carlton Leach I think of the ICF infamy and the third is a prequel of sorts concentrating on the back story of Pat Tate.
  4. Didn't reckon much to the second one though, third one was an improvement on the second, yet to see the fourth, though its looking to me like it's becoming a Halloween/Hellraiser/Friday The 13th cash in job
  5. A very funny Silence Of The Lambs parody I found a few months ago...
  6. Just finished watching Rise Of The Footsoldier, which is loosely based on the Rettenden Range Rover murders in early December 1995. Overall not a bad film and although it has a better cast (Sean Bean, Tom Wilkinson etc), a lot better than Essex Boys or its sequels. Next I think a bit of classic 70s cannibalsploitation with Joe D'Amato (Of Anthropophagus, Absurd and Porno Holocaust infamy) and his 1977 classic Emmanuelle And The Last Cannibal.
  7. Glad there's somebody else who's got this problem. I've been use to the old 1-11 system for so long, squad numbers just wind me up. Back in ye olde days it was: 1 3 5 4 2 11 7 8 6 9 10 Actually does anybody know why we just didn't go 1-11 left to right rather than this ferkakte numbering system?
  8. Do you know who I am? I'M ROBBIE DUNKLEY, :lol:!!!
  9. Remember it briefly, as I last watched it many many years ago. You're right it came across as an Exorcist rip off, but still a lot better than the official sequel to the 1973 horror classic.
  10. The Cowley Brothers have just been sacked at Huddersfield, shame we didn't hold out and maybe had a chat to them for the managers job?
  11. Vigourous and aggressive fingerings eh, bet his missus is one happy woman, pmsl!!!
  12. Reminds me of a brilliant trailer for an as yet unmade movie I think called Handjob Cabin, where a group of randy teens spend a weekend in an isolated shack and are wanked to death by the ghost of a woman who accidentally died during of a five fingered shuffle related fatality.
  13. Just seen the potential interview list on Burnden Aces, David Lee, Steven Reid and Michael Jolley. Out of that lot I'd give Lee a go, but would rather have Nigel Clough, Sam Ricketts or Super Kevin Nolan.
  14. Anybody know what this A. N. Other's managerial record is like?, never heard of him myself, :lol:!!!
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