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  1. I'm not sure if it helps or not to be a Bolton Wanderers supporter AND an acute depressive, :lol:!!!
  2. To be honest it's been so long that Bolton have hade to worry about cup competitions, that I don't think we'd miss them.
  3. Just read on BBC news players will be given mini extensions, I assume if the league is restarted after June
  4. That's a tough one as technically if this season is voided, then the 12 point deduction and the embargo hasn't been served, but you could look at it that we'd be punished twice if we do (Oh feck I hope the EFL don't read this and get inspiration from it). Either way it looks like court cases will be in abundance, even before the season starts as then the other 23 clubs in league one will want to stick the boot in too. Anybody want to discuss something simpler like the meaning of life, the creation of the universe, the string theory or why do women go to toilets in pairs?
  5. Don't get too excited if the league season is abandoned, the EFL will find some way to butt-fuck us as they've got a host of League 1 clubs pissed off at us that we apparently got off 'lightly' with a mere 12 points deduction.
  6. My mate asked me this question Thursday night when I phoned him up for our weekly chat. Without looking it up I got Tony Dunne and Brian Borrows right but guessed wrong on Dave Sutton, Paul Warhurst and Nicky Hunt I think. And between us we got Derek Scott. Barness technically played 100+ times for us (92 appearences + 24 substitute) P. S. Useless bit of trivia, but Bolton Wanderers have had a H. Simpson and a P. Griffin play for them over the years (Harry (I think) and Paul not Homer and Peter)
  7. No, I've been very ill for the last month or so and haven't been doing much t'Internet surfing or TV watching
  8. Just heard that the EFL are appealing the suspended points deduction... A shower of bastards the lot of them. Add that to the possibility of individual clubs appealing against the decision too, we're not entirely out of the shit just yet unfortunately.
  9. Bollocks to 'em, after all the shit we've had to endure over the past few years, we deserve to go bat=shit crazy when we win a game.
  10. You don't know tonight's lottery results as well do you?, :lol:!!!
  11. (Chanting) "The Whites are on a point, The Whites are on a point, And now we're gonna stay up..." (Repeat ad nauseum)
  12. Feel sorry for the poor buggers at Sunderland. Hairy muff there may have been mitigating circumstances that affected performance, but sometimes Parkinson's tactics just got on my tits.
  13. Parts of Lincolnshire/Nottinghamshire still look like they're in the 1940s, :lol:!!!
  14. You're not a Lincoln Lad are you?. Met a guy a few months ago wheeling a pushchair wearing a white 1989 Normid home kit (Could have been the Freight Rover Trophy one), was that you? I can be seen around town occasionally wearing the red away kit.
  15. Somebody give me a kick in the Niagras as I think I'm dreaming, did we actually WIN a match?
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