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  1. Sorry long time ago,thought you was in the van
  2. Leigh white we left at half time if you remember, stopped at a pub near a local pit having a few beers when in walked London's Finest, thought me,you,Packy,Alan the plaster,Phil, were flying pickets,Notts Police escorted us to Derbyshire who in turn escorted us to Greater Manchester.
  3. To be honest the lad is flogging a dead horse, the B,E,N is finished long gone are the days of looking forward to reading the Buff,hot off the press on Manny Rd on the way home .
  4. Yes had some good night's in Devizes late 70s early 80, remember he had a relative who worked at the local Brewery plenty of cheap Wadsworth's to finish the night off.
  5. The driver would be Max,good mate of Paki,Leigh White, ect,
  6. I think he had a set to with some lads from Bolton Fish Market,which resulted in his death.
  7. Off the Top of my head, Flecky, Joe Joint, Glen Williams,Jeff Fernley, could be more I've been overseas for 20yrs.
  8. Correct ,and a night of agro there great bunch of lads sadly a few no longer here.
  9. Was on that coach older heads we were all under 30, most of us got thrown out by half time ,only for the fighting to continue outside on the car park.T,C received a broken nose only been out of hospital 4 days after having it reset from a previous set to.
  10. Hate the curly haired bastard,Shilton should have broke the cunts jaw,broke my heart that day at the Aztec 86, end of the trip ,end of the dream.
  11. Early 70s ,Sock it to em J,B, Rex Garvin and the Mighty Cravers,
  12. Never saw you before 86 that's a certain one,
  13. First game at Burnden was pre,season friendly Chelsea, 69/70 I guess ,Manny Rd South my old man half time drinking bottles of pale ale with Alan Ball Junior+ plus senior, also Arthur Lee , Franny's brother,
  14. Yes very true va,va ,small in statue ,but a big heart last drank with him in Limosol Cyp,almost 20yrs back he was working the time share,used to meet up on Saturdays ,funny Bolton always seemed a better place through the bottom of a pint pot, R,I,P.
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