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  1. Roger_Dubuis

    Things which get on your tits...........

    Burnley, Watford, Huddersfield, Fulham, Cardiff, Crystal Palace and Bournemouth receiving £100 million each in TV money on the back of how popular Manchester United are, yet Manchester United themselves not receiving enough TV money to compete with the world's biggest clubs.
  2. Roger_Dubuis

    Norwich City at home

    The following season they had a League Cup quarter final on Burnden Park, it was back to the usual Norwich that night
  3. Roger_Dubuis

    Norwich City at home

    Norwich have hardly changed in the last 40 years, a nice footballing side bottom half Prem/top half 2nd tier standard.You know what you get with them.
  4. Roger_Dubuis

    Todays Games

    We weren't the only financial basket case to chalk up an impressive away result last night
  5. Roger_Dubuis

    Brum away

    Big following in the 90/91 Div 3 season, enough so for Bolton to be on the front foot when Birmingham were waiting outside.
  6. Roger_Dubuis

    Sweaty Ken

    Rates for homeowners are a lot more in Tory voting Lostock than in Labour voting Burnden.I haven't been to Sheffield since Bruce Rioch was our manager and am no expert on the city's geography but would think the grounds are in poor inner city areas rather than affluent Tory voting suburbs.
  7. Roger_Dubuis

    Preston h

    Bolton fans aren't exactly famous for their loyalty but the crowd figures have been remarkable this season really, averaging over 14,500 to watch a club with no ambition for the football team. The ambition if there is any is to simply not go bust (while paying the owner a handsome wedge of course), paying the monthly wages on time is a news event in these parts
  8. Roger_Dubuis

    Takeover - this actually might be a drill

    The Council would be justified in going after him for the debt in my opinion.If there is enough money at the club for Anderson to pay himself a 525k consultancy fee and his son 125K there is no need for the debt to the council to be so high
  9. Roger_Dubuis

    78 Promotion

    I don't think we did.From memory in those 2 near miss and promotion seasons we came up against 6 Division One sides in the cups. Of those ties we lost to Coventry, Leeds, Everton, Newcastle and Middlesbrough and had a fine win at Derby.The reality was that when we came up against Division One sides in the cups they usually had better teams than us
  10. Roger_Dubuis

    Todays Games

    Promising signs that the Scousers arses are starting to go
  11. Roger_Dubuis

    Takeover - this actually might be a drill

    Thogdan's mother is Russian. Thogdad owned a bar/eating place in St Petersburg in the past which they visited during the World Cup
  12. Roger_Dubuis

    Preston h

    I dislike Tranmere as much as anyone but that goes back to them postponong the league match in 1987 when they had a long injury list and were in poor form.The league deducted them 2 points for them postponing the match without good enough reason.Typically by the time the match was reaarranged we were in poor form and lost.
  13. Roger_Dubuis

    Takeover - this actually might be a drill

    But don't offer all your money at once because Ken agrees a deal in principle and than whacks his price up before signing a contract according to some.Possibly what happened with this one over the weekend
  14. Roger_Dubuis

    Takeover - this actually might be a drill

    I read somewhere that Doidge's wage was 30k for 4months so 90k a year.This means he was on similar money to Lee (superagent not David) and less than one quarter of what Ken is taking out. When the clubs strikers are on similar money to the owners son for modelling the club tracksuits or whatever it is Lee does it doesn't bode well
  15. Roger_Dubuis

    Preston h

    I am sure it's entertaining and quite a novelty for Preston fans to have an afternoon viewing the Bolton car crash and watch them take on such a pisspoor Bolton side.I bet Preston have had away games at Rochdale, Crewe and Bury in the recent past where the number one opposition striker was better then Clayton Donaldson.For a club that gets bigger crowds than them it must be eye brow raising just how shit Bolton currently are We relegated them in 1993 and we beat them in the play offs in 2001.Memories like that will have created a strong dislike of Bolton for some Preston fans

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