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  1. Well after 5 weeks of driving you all mad I finally did it. Was a great day, met and got drunk with some old school West Ham fans. Most importantly, as a whole we’ve topped £21,000 for Isla who is the most important part of the whole effort. Bolton fans from both groups have been brilliant with their support and donations. So now it’s over you won’t have to put up with my begging anymore. I’ll leave you with the donation page once more and some photos of the day. Thank you all once again, you’ve been top notch. https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/tony-munday3
  2. Two more days until I run into the valley of death! Look out for the Goals pull out in The Sun this weekend, it’s possible there will be a bit in there about Isla, the run and the coming together of football fans to raise this money
  3. Let’s hope so. I’d like to see them fall through the leagues
  4. Well you know West Ham supporters aren’t the brightest bunch
  5. How tight do those socks look!! No way I’m trying them on before I have to
  6. Great win at the weekend. Love to see you stay up after all the support I’ve had from the Trotters.
  7. Where do I start!!! Today’s Brentwood half marathon was cancelled due to the inclement weather and will not be rescheduled. I took all the donations on the premise that I would do the forfeits I put in place. So I will honour them all. So now on Saturday 31st March, I will run a much more dangerous route from Cold Blow Lane to the Olympic Stadium via the New Den and the Boleyn ground wearing full West Ham kit and having claret and blue dyed hair. I will do crosses hammers at the finish where I will meet up with some of Isla’s fundraisers and then take in the West Ham v Southampton game I’ll be surprised if I don’t get a whack from someone along the route, more so through Millwall territory in Bermondsey!! I hope this will satisfy all of those who have donated. Wish me luck, I need it!! I thank you all once more for your incredible support
  8. I met young Isla and her family last night for the first time when I went to collect the West Ham kit from their house. A very very humbling experience. Isla’s parents are so strong and Isla was running around like any normal 3 year old just a week after an op to remove a brain tumour with the only visible signs being her face and head are totally bruised from the surgery An inspiration for all
  9. If you want to follow Isla’s story you can on Twitter @islasfight Facebook https://m.facebook.com/teamislanoonefightsalone/?tsid=0.6731053486079308&source=result
  10. Got no chance of getting anything from that pair, they could have paid for the whole treatment themselves
  11. Thank you for your support, it’s really appreciated and I’ve had a great response from Bolton fans. Regarding a tattoo, I have stated elsewhere that I’ll hsbe a hammers tattoo at £200,000. I’ve also stated I’d close the page at £199,000!!!!
  12. I can’t be any worse than what they have!! And thank you for your support, it’s bedn great seeing all the fans coming together for this on the forums I’ve managed to get onto.
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