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  1. Look forward to getting out of this league ASAP, having the likes of Doncaster, Lincoln and Accy Friggin Stanley all over our radars reminds me how far we've dropped!
  2. Can we still procure Free Agents......? Now that the seasons well and truly underway some of these lot sat on their backsides may be missing the bug, may want some action......we could do worse than trying to entice in some big names on very short term / very low paid deals - test them out as men, get 'em off the scrapheap, do each other a favour.....kind of thing.....there is a long list of unattached well known players loitering about...just to waste away a bit of time until I go home.......could put together this eleven: GK: Adam Bogdan LB: Coentrao RB: Abate CB: Vukovic CB: Paletta MD: Ledley MD: Ben Arfa LM: El Ghanassay RM: Honda ST: Bony ST: Martins Test 'em out - £2000 a week, get fit, get us some points, clause in contracts allowing them to fack off to a "big club" as desired...... Or have I been playin too much footy manager....?
  3. We were paying him £28k a week? Wow.
  4. Efforts all round there.... Knew Clayton would bottle taking one. Crap get.
  5. He turned up at forest when no one else did.... Clean slate, as above
  6. Weeeeeeerrrrrreeeeeeeeetheonenonlyeandruz
  7. Has Kane been blocked from starting threads yet?
  8. In bed in my hotel in la rochelle.... Went for afternoon sleep to shake off two bottles of chablis..... Then woke up, heard news, sent Mrs out for food, marlboros, n more chablis
  9. I haven't left any reviews on his shitty bistros fora while....
  10. What a weird feeling, total sense of relief.... And also an over whelming realisation of a rebuild job starting immediately.... We could still stay in this league with some clever signings and decent managerial appointment. It'll be a big job, but there's going to be a pack mentality going forward, us versus everyone.... Credit to the likes of Matthews and Lowe who show they really want to be here, get some more senior pros around the blended in with one or two of the youth and we'll turn some heads Credit also to parky on the last few months and the hands he's played with the cards he got dealt.... It coulda been a lot messier without him, and in years to come we may remember his time fondly, coywm! Drinking hard on la rochelle tonight!
  11. Cruisin down the west coast of France with the Mrs and can't put my phone down lookin for news n updates ..... Can see she's startin to tick...
  12. Do we know what fee we got for McGennis?
  13. fcuk me lee bowyers aged badly, his face needs ironin!
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