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  1. fcuk me lee bowyers aged badly, his face needs ironin!
  2. Bet 365 Just released odds on the poster taking us to the 1000th page Chris Custard 5/2 bwfcfan5 3/1 Sluffy 3/1 Benny The Bell 4/1 Tonge Moor Green Jacket 5/1 Mounts Kipper 5/1 MickyD 8/1 Casino 8/1 birch-chorley 12/1 gonzo 12/1 jules_darby 18/1 Biggish Dave 20/1 Leyther_Matt 25/1 Escobarp 25/1 Damocles 100/1 HowardRoark 1000/1 Others On Request*
  3. Gutted I'm gonna be standing on a cricket field today. Enjoy the day the lucky ones goin! Coywm!
  4. Don't even know if the Macgennis story is even true, hope not, wanna see his square head / body / ass combo rocketin' around the reebok some more
  5. George Tomlinson the founder of the Cambridge Apostles secret society.......? 👀
  6. 😂😂 - been pretty much a free for all this thread since inception. Taken 903 pages of complete bollox for someone to be pulled up! 😂
  7. We just need Howard v1.0 to come back like christ, throw out some bones and we'll smash another 100 pages in nay time
  8. Do we know what the balance of salaries is that is owed to the players still lurking around the club? Relatively speaking I can't imagine it being an insane figure?
  9. Ken - I know you're reading this...... You tank top wearing cunt.
  10. It's getting to the point when I'd like to see Bassini rock up in his blue loafers with 25 million large in a couple of heavy duty bin bags
  11. They tied up a few others also, including Darcy - who also appeared to know his way around a footy pitch in his Forest cameo.....good news!
  12. Taking the Sheff Utd home whopping out of it I think when Ameobi went off injured early against QPR (home) that we lost a bit of belief and it snowballed to where we finished. Ameobi nor the team where quite the same from that point imo. I think him and Pav where making a good combo down the right early on.
  13. This one aged well.........😂😂😂
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