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  1. Aye, in Queensland would be fantastic. Victorian winters not so much!
  2. Selling a load of stuff atm, the rest going into self-storage.
  3. Been planning a nationwide campervan trip. so me and my gf both jacked our jobs and apartment in. My job got so toxic I didn't even finish my notice period. So yesterday they shut the NSW border. Today South Australia likewise, and then Melbourne announces a lockdown. 22nd July, we're jobless, homeless and candidates for becoming feral. I've had better starts to a week.
  4. The MAMIL thing isnt funny - i don't wear Lycra either. Now fat folk on the other hand...
  5. Ale any good? Not quite sure why I'm asking, hardly like I can drop in.
  6. Jimmy, try not to get down about the lack of weight loss. That's fantastic progress you've described, well done. I suspect tweaks to your diet will improve the weight loss.
  7. Born Farnworth probably means Townley's. He's an Astley Bridge fella. Went to Holy Infants and Thornleigh.
  8. Understand Cyprus gets good weather year round
  9. I note Scott Morrison trying to entice a few too. Like you say, educated and hard working folk in the main who can't stand the Chinese government as a bonus.
  10. This. Most folk seem to have used lockdown to weld their arse to the sofa and hone their drinking skills.
  11. He doesn't lack confidence does he this Evatt fella. Fine by me, it's a results business after all.
  12. BLM should be BLMT - too on the end, for all the windowlickers out there who don't get it.
  13. Not all of em. Ian Wright curtailed the clown act and is now a much better pundit.
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