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  1. Confused sex yeti https://amp.theguardian.com/politics/2019/dec/07/frankie-boyle-election-countdown-praying-prorogue-next-parliament
  2. Well known Astley Bridge lad is Mike Pollitt, went to Thornleigh and a Bolton fan.
  3. Last time I was in Bolton, had a good drink in The Kings Head. Not far to walk from Chorley New Rd. No frills, good ale and bar staff looked after us all night. Had one person basically full-time pulling pints for us.
  4. Seem to remember we were either favourites or joint favourites for Euro88. Our qualifying record was superb including a fantastic 4-1 win in Yugoslavia. Played 3, lost 3 of course, at the Finals
  5. Our problem was we, or Gartside didn't have a good record of appointing managers after Allardyce.
  6. Lived on Thornham Drive, Astley Bridge I recall.
  7. Fair fucks to em I say for renovating half of East Manchester
  8. Not sure if permanent but long term yes. We'll be living near the CBD so not far from Richmond wherever.
  9. No holidays booked but imagine lots of places in Oz. Moving to Melbourne at Christmas. Already accepting bookings for Boxing Day 2021.
  10. He chose the better venue. Hamilton ain't great!
  11. Is he around next week in Hamilton? May meet him if so. Booked a weekend on Great Barrier Island so couldn't make the First Test.
  12. Aye Winny arrives tomorrow apparently. Not unreasonably I thought Sydney White in Tauranga would be him. There's two mad uns it seems 🙂
  13. Pretty sure that's Winny btw.
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