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  1. Best not mention Uighur Muslims then
  2. Starts March, playoffs and grand final in September
  3. Thing is I thought him a good keeper at the time. These videos don't paint a great picture do they.
  4. Some Irish fella gave up a very lucrative AFL contract to go home as he was homesick. Just googled him, Conor McKenna.
  5. Now now Baxter, you know I don't speak Spanish
  6. Was just about to say, "movies" pushes my "fuck off you twat' button
  7. Average football fan weight is I'm reliably informed 22st 6
  8. Aye, and throw in shit pitches and hitmen masquerading as defenders.
  9. Like a scene from Phoenix Nights that
  10. The biggest insult to his ego would be for all his followers to unfollow. He'd kill himself I reckon
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