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  1. The Provos documentaries also great. Also on YouTube
  2. NZ refugee intake has always been historically terrible. They take in 1000pa atm, rising to 1500 next year. She promised to reduce net migration from about 70k to around 20-30k. Getting residency is much tougher now.
  3. One point worth making is the alternative is Simon Bridges who is a fucking idiot. JA promised to crack down on immigration so she's not that red.
  4. It's in that documentary. Michael Stone turned up at the funerals of the IRA members shot dead by the SAS in Gibraltar. His escape was allegedly aided by the RUC I think.
  5. How come Carol Vorderman's tits are now massive?
  6. Lived in Christchurch for 3 years, they've been through so much the last few years so this another kick in the teeth. The irony is Chch has a very small discreet Muslim population. Probably the best thing about living here is the lack of fear about attacks like this. NZ is so isolated I think most assume they're out of reach. Such a shame that's likely to change.
  7. Fantastic potential Spoonerism there
  8. rules changed after Bobby Sands?
  9. Reminds me of that Italian free for all sport
  10. jayjayoghani

    13 years

    Folk mentioning Wrexham. I'm sure Dave wouldnt mind reliving....
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