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  1. This and That does ace food. About the only meaningful thing I can contribute to this thread 👍
  2. Company I used to work for in England were a bit tight and reluctant to put you up in a hotel for meetings. Net result is they'd expect you to drive say 3-4 hours for a 1-2 hour meeting then drive back. Not totally sure if that's even legal. This was always an issue for me, tried red bull and still had to stop at services due to tiredness.
  3. That's the start date of the thread! He said it Thursday. I'm not fookin Rainman.
  4. Make it easier eh... https://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/news/17824202.bolton-wanderers-fan-pictures-taken-1989-1995/
  5. Was it Bowtun Baked, hung himself when realised 0.01% of seats are red ?
  6. Mostly here so no.
  7. All Iranians I've met have been lovely people
  8. For me he means that the publicity surrounding mass shootings and the "lets have gun control" reaction, is greater than it should be compared to the other issues TMGJ, he's the US version of Brian Cox I guess, with more razzmatazz.
  9. Strippers, curry and cheap ale?
  10. Aye they've been great and look like being fantastic hosts. Let's make sure we're great guests too.
  11. All the money we're gonna rinse from the bookies we'll be able to buy the club.
  12. They're reintroducing golden eagles to Scotland though. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-scotland-south-scotland-45248409 Youri, I think the Haast Eagle died out as their primary food source, the Moa bird were hunted to extinction by Maori. I saw a reconstructed Moa in a museum and they're feckin massive so Haast eagles must have been huge
  13. Icarus. Documentary about Russian state sponsored doping. Very good.
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