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  1. Fuck me, you lot wanna see what Ifollow was like right at the start
  2. I may have missed something with Sarcevic, and admittedly I haven't seen enough of this season but is this a case of the less he plays the better he gets? Not sure we can rely on a player to immediately start shining after a long lay off either.
  3. Aye, thought he should have anticipated far better there
  4. Hunchback of Notre Dame in the centre of our midfield looks like he could be a cracking player
  5. Doyle should have squared that
  6. I think I had nominated her. In the interests of neutrality think I had a Tory and a Labour as well.
  7. Suspect someone has already made this into a gif. To use on here.
  8. Hope he thought it worth asking the linesman
  9. My 77 year old Dad in Spain chased up a first jab. Not yet guiri, >80 year olds still.
  10. Aye, paused it too and it's an incredibly tight call. Not worth dwelling on.
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