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  1. jayjayoghani

    Todays Games

    Did remember reading something that Rooney having coco pops for breakfast and his pre-match meal. Know that's a bit comic but can't help thinking that's merely the tip of his poor lifestyle.
  2. jayjayoghani

    In Or Out Again

    Used to work with him about 30 years ago
  3. jayjayoghani

    In Or Out Again

    Your big assumption is that 600 odd man/woman babies have the ability to compromise. Let's face it, it's not in our DNA. Self-interest is the priority.
  4. jayjayoghani

    Jamie Bulger Documentary

    Haven't seen the show but thought one of them was (currently) rehabilitated? With the other back inside on child porn charges.
  5. jayjayoghani

    Jamie Bulger Documentary

    I was wondering if WW was live from Saudi Arabia. Do they even execute kids there?
  6. jayjayoghani

    California Wildfires

    The engineering term is ductility. Timber framing is fantastic in earthquakes, plus it's light. You can design masonry and concrete for earthquakes of course, it requires steel reinforcement, but it's more expensive. So you avoid unless your client wants for example, a concrete suspended floor which you cant support on timber framing. Some famous victim, cant remember who was worried about his priceless art collection going up in flames. Well he should have built a fire rated room the idiot.
  7. jayjayoghani

    King Ken

    So I can now start stabbing my home made Holdsworth voodoo doll. Thanks for the clarification.
  8. jayjayoghani

    Our next manager

    Some people quote Morrisey etc. My knowledge is less profound.
  9. jayjayoghani

    Our next manager

    Been gone too long
  10. jayjayoghani

    Todays Games

  11. jayjayoghani

    Todays Games

    Las Malvinas Ingles?
  12. jayjayoghani

    Our next manager

    Might not be right like, but thought PP on 12 month rolling contract? Does that mean his payoff is always 12 months?
  13. jayjayoghani

    Donald Dead Cat On Is Head Trump

    Aye it does amuse me when I read about Bolton's "housing crisis". You can easily get a decent warm dry recently built home for this. I'd say probably 60% of the country this applies, largely outside of the South East of course. Compare that to the NZ median house price of nearly £300k, where median salaries are lower, and often really poor housing quality, you see the word crisis redefined.
  14. jayjayoghani

    “Bullying” advice

    Ridiculing someone, especially naive newcomers in the name of #bantz is never funny. I'm glad things are changing.
  15. jayjayoghani

    Donald Dead Cat On Is Head Trump

    Whenever I see Kieran Trippier, I just think plasterer.

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