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  1. https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2020/apr/03/nrl-and-players-open-to-island-proposal-to-get-season-back-underway AFL have proposed something similar involving grouping teams into regions where the virus is rare, such as Tasmania, North Queensland etc then finishing off in the heartland, Melbourne when hopefully things have settled down by October
  2. Think the playoffs will probably get potted. IMO the season will get completed, late and the close season will be short meaning no time for them. The Championship playoff final is a month after the season end isn't it.
  3. Why not the whole hog and start citing head size
  4. Sat in the Lever End in 81 I know that. Was my first game
  5. The Belgian regular season only had one more game. It's the playoffs that have been cancelled. So slightly different scenario.
  6. Testing for an STD, involves summat like that down your Japs eye. So I'm told.
  7. What happened to Walford Town in EastEnders? Arthur Fowler was Top Boy I remember.
  8. Game came in the middle of University Final exams. Bet my blood pressure was off the scale by half time.
  9. Not sure whether to laugh or cry
  10. Catching up with Walking Dead All a bit car crash #neganalphasextape
  11. C'mon lads the fight's not in here. The fight's out there <points to window>
  12. The video is produced by Vox who are reputable, they produce stuff on Netflix. Described as liberal leaning on Wikipedia, so I guess you could argue it may slant things. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vox_(website)
  13. Made my partner watch this too, when she went on an anti-Chinese rant. Can't hang em all I say.
  14. Aside from everything else, common theme about wealth and power overly influencing political decisions.
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