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  1. jayjayoghani

    25 MPH.

    Believe it or not, I think UK driving standards and behaviour are generally good. Fucking awful here.
  2. jayjayoghani

    In Or Out Again

    Nah, spoke to him when I was back in July, he's not editor anymore. Nice fella btw.
  3. jayjayoghani

    Todays Games

    Watched his Bilbao team annihilate United at Old Trafford. Better than a trophy for me.
  4. jayjayoghani

    Counter resistance to the protest march.

    An old one...
  5. jayjayoghani

    Is that it ?

    From being 2-1 up after 85 mins
  6. jayjayoghani

    Is that it ?

    Last day is Forest away.
  7. jayjayoghani

    Holidays 2019.

    Adelaide and Melbourne in June. Hopefully including a visit to The G and Richmond v Geelong
  8. jayjayoghani

    POF pictures

    Cheers Frank. My marbles need a polish.
  9. jayjayoghani

    POF pictures

    The absolute original one was a forum member, cant remember his name but he had Celtic allegiances, and someone attempting to convince him to get Sky. May have been Traf doing his best at the reasoning. He didn't want broadband.
  10. jayjayoghani

    Sweaty Ken

    What if KA enrols himself as a player, pays the PFA subs etc, bit of cooking the books later....does he go to the top of the queue?
  11. jayjayoghani

    Walsall and Wembley bound

    Everton can get to fuck. Spent tons and gone backwards.
  12. jayjayoghani

    Peter Thompson

    A very frail looking Tommy Lawton appears on Nat's This is Your Life. My Grandad reckoned he was the best header of the ball he'd ever seen
  13. jayjayoghani

    Todays Games

    Fuck me if you're mocking the A League not quite sure what you'd make of the league here. We actually have one A League team, Wellington Phoenix who are playing Melbourne next month at Eden Park. I'm that starved Auckland Whites thinking of going
  14. jayjayoghani

    Todays Games

    I could run 13.7km in 90 minutes. JSL.
  15. jayjayoghani

    Brizzle AWAY

    Fuck knows how I remember shite like this but was that when we won 20 corners in the 2nd half?

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