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  1. A lot of ex-Lancs lads on the circuit at the minute. Must be doing something right
  2. Some daft ways of getting out from a couple of our lads, so I’m not blaming any umpires, it was just a comment about the inconsistency of them. Was a good competitive game. Contentious decisions will balance themselves out over the season I’m sure 👍🏻
  3. Couldn’t agree more. Played at Kearsley on Saturday, we had at least 3, if not 4, really bad LBW decisions go against us. Not only the standard, but the number of umpires seem to be reducing every year at an alarming rate
  4. Can’t say I’m excited at the prospect of a double header in the PS. Could do with a re-think this comp
  5. Can’t see past Walkden or Farnworth, heard a bottom division club threw a lot of cash at Mirza over the winter so they’ve done well to keep him
  6. I’d be surprised if social make top half. Lost half of their team from last season and Mather aside, don’t appear to have replaced any of them
  7. I’d have thought their bank account will be reducing too... I was down there on Saturday at their beer festival, I think they only managed about 7 genuine players and the rest were ringers. Worrying times
  8. Quite a few interesting late signings https://www.bclcricket.co.uk/pages/2019-player-registrations-and-transfers
  9. “As a bowler” I’ve seen you bowl Daz
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