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  1. Mr C. Donaldson University of Bolton Stadium Mansell Way Horwich
  2. Sure, it's fine if it works logistically but to award a game like this to somewhere that can only accept up to 6,000 visitors is what makes it bollocks. Again, the fans don't matter...
  3. It's fucking bollocks that it's in the backwards of beyond. It's just about brown envelopes in back pockets. Again. How do these fuckers get away with this shit, time and again?
  4. Steejay


    Them drugs must be super strength 🤪
  5. Yep, it’s similar symptoms to Scouse Fever 🥵
  6. Steejay


    Aye, there could be three teams on -12 next year. Us, Blackpool & Bury. Only need one more & we've a good chance of staying up 😀
  7. Bloody hell - good news at last! Latest scares are about Brockbank so let's hope we can keep him too. These guys are our future, one way or another - whether they do it on the pitch or we sell them for decent fees. Let's hope they do it on the pitch when we sell out away in our first game.
  8. Steejay

    Taken over?

    Ah, I never eat while I'm playing scrabble 😁
  9. Phew, TFFT! None of this thread means anything to me - I suppose that's an age thing 😀
  10. There's a theme here...
  11. And the more bars you go to, the more fabulous they become...😀
  12. Steejay

    Taken over?

    Yes, but they do have a benefactor who puts in £6/7m pounds every year. As long as the owner is prepared for this scenario then it works. On the footy side, they have been prepared to gamble on lower league/Irish youngsters and most of them have worked out ok and have a beneficial sell-on value
  13. Steejay

    Taken over?

    Cheeky fucker, I’ll borrow your make up bag next time then 😁
  14. Celtic & Chelsea interested in Darcy now, Connell on his way. It’s fucking heartbreaking seeing our future draining away...
  15. Steejay

    Taken over?

    Fucking hell, tell me about it. Went into the gym earlier, Total Fitness Preston, and two ‘mates’ couldn’t wait to ask me round for tea or whenever I got hungry. 😡
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