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  1. Steejay

    Driving at 97?

    Proper Grandad joke, sorry, great grandad joke that
  2. Steejay

    Sweaty Ken

    Sky are saying that the EFL paid the PFA £500,00 for wages. How much is our monthly wage bill for players? Does the £500,000 include £200,000 reportedly owed to Norwich? Does it include Doidge's wages too? It'd be good to see some clarity about this along with how much we have actually been paid in total for the January instalment. IIRC, didn't Ken say that the PFA only partly paid one months wages?
  3. Steejay

    New Balls, Please

    Nobody does except for when it’s Wimbledon. Then we go onto the local park with our old wooden raquets and try and find them two tennis balls that are in the garage somewhere...
  4. Steejay

    In Or Out Again

  5. Steejay

    Terror Attacks

    Can you get any of them tasers for next monday night??? Be fucking great, meeting 'em all outside the ESL & firing off at them as they come round the corner!
  6. Steejay

    Brizzle AWAY Part 2

    Buses were at the opposite end, outside of the Ford dealership. Dropped right outside the station at 5.20. Met an old grizzled Wanderer from Oxford on the bus. Not sure if anyone on here might know him. I was convinced he was on a cocktail of Spice and Speed - total lunatic and a great bloke.
  7. Steejay

    Sweaty Ken

    Politicians are known all liars.
  8. Steejay

    Brizzle AWAY Part 2

    Remind him about it when he sobers up
  9. Steejay

    Brizzle AWAY

    Greedy bastard..why not???
  10. Steejay

    Todays Games

    The cheek of it! A chairman spinning a line to the fans...
  11. Steejay

    Brizzle AWAY

  12. Steejay

    Brizzle AWAY

    If you’re struggling, I can get you one Friday morning and meet you there pal
  13. Steejay

    Brizzle AWAY Part 2

    I meant 'When will he be famous'!!! When will he get his picture in the papers???
  14. Steejay

    Brizzle AWAY Part 2

  15. Steejay

    Sweaty Ken

    Incorrect sir. If your assets are more valuable than your liabilities then you are not trading insolvently. It's when the liabilities (Loans to Warburton, James, Davies etc) exceed the assets. To put it simply, if he borrows £20m against BWFC assets & the asset value is only £19m then this, along with an ongoing loss-making business, would mean that you are insolvent.

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