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  1. Mmmm, I have stories from a ‘nutritionist’ who worked at BFC when they were in the Prem. Several well known names...☺️
  2. That Buendia is a good ‘un. Somebody will buy that mon.
  3. Brand Evatt? He's not doing the buying & selling. I reckon we should be rebranded. 'PHOENIX KNIGHTS'
  4. I can email you one in word form so you can adapt it?
  5. They would have stole the show!
  6. Last episode’s shit anyway. You’ve saved an hour of your life, pal.
  7. Yep, just up to episode 5. Gritty stuff, fam.
  8. Line of Duty is one of the best British police dramas ever, imo, great acting performances. Stick with Ozark, first season is a bit slow in the middle but then just gets better. Seriously fucked up characters. Agree with you about White Lines - tosh.
  9. There’s a photo on BBC website of them sat on pallets. Mad bunch 🤣
  10. John Westwood, the book seller, without his bell, I think. Hope they win.
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