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  1. Pour vous imbeciles...
  2. See, I don't think so at all. There's nobody to have mither with unless they say hello to Barnsley or Blackburn at the station.
  3. TBF it’s not too bad when he’s on holiday. 😁
  4. Have the women got their own march, 10 yards behind?
  5. Here's the hottest travel brochure around. 😎
  6. Players too, pal. There is definitely a 'feel good' factor again. Players & fans stayed behind for mutual applause & it's great to see. We're getting that siege mentality back & any success is enjoyed with relish.
  7. Yep, that’s good. On the other hand, fuckers are putting pressure on EFL because they’re scared. Donny cunts keep moaning & that Peterboro mon was making noises the other day.
  8. Yep, he should have gone off before Dodoo. Dodoo was the only one of our front 6 with any pace. We were painfully slow with our build up until Verlinden came on. D Murphy was shite but then he did his job at the end. BTW, water, coz I’m still hanging from Friday night. 🤮
  9. You got Sharon’s email address???
  10. Fancy us for this. They'll want to make up for last weeks shite (I hope). 3 - 0.
  11. Collecting caterpillars from the trees in Wadsworth's at the corner of High St/Bridgeman St & keeping them in match boxes. Picking the hot tar off the cobbles in the middle of the road. Paraffin lamp in the outside lavvy. Shitting on the iced up lavvy when the paraffin ran out. Upstairs at UCP in Market St for pudding & chips. Stone-Dri on Newport St was the first place in Bolton for Levi's - 67/6 a pair!!!
  12. Steejay

    1000 Up

    Wobblygob. Rio, not you. 😁
  13. Steejay

    Tommy Banks

    I remember him playing for Breightmet United later in his career. Proper character.
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