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  1. 3-0. Doyle, Sarce 2
  2. Every day’s a school day. 😀
  3. Zico, Diver alert. Rivington have some Crowlers of Evil Dead II if you're interested. Open till 6pm today.
  4. Aye, let’s hope we get to use them...
  5. It’s usually men who say this??? Blaming ‘men’ for her own mistake. What a cunt.
  6. Who the fuck is alves morais for Tottingham? And there’s an FA cup tie tonight? It’s Thursday.
  7. All of us of a certain age will always pick Pele over Maradona. I will always think of that goal whenever anybody mentions his name. Coming so close after the Falklands war, it was more than just a football game, especially to them. The game was really symbolic for both sides but us honest, fair Englishmen will always feel a sense of being beaten by a fucking cheating handball and that feeling will never go away. Yes, I saw his second goal but he should have been smashed off the ball before he reached the penalty area. RIP.
  8. Pep’s got his eye on him already. £40m minimums.
  9. Mortimer/Whitehouse Gone Fishing Christmas special coming. Love 'em.
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