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  1. And it was a worldie... But he was shite after that.
  2. Well, let's hope they mess it up coz as you know, Accidents will happen.
  3. Can’t remember if it’s the day you’re on about but Bolton just rampaged through town around ‘72/73, smashing shop windows, smacking any lad over 14, it was lawless. When we got into the ground, Halifax were backed up by some Bradford lads on their side but Bolton had the numbers. I got nicked and got fined £10. It was mistaken identity of course. 🙄
  4. Aaargh, don’t remind me of that fucker!
  5. Sat in the pub, bottom lips going...
  6. Most overrated Bolton player ever. Three decent months. Kerching.
  7. He’s just been on BBC news. Just gone viral and sold over 100 books online in one day.
  8. Pompey sold over 1800 already. Fair fucks.
  9. Steejay

    Lincoln away

    Is that you, Didsy???
  10. Steejay

    Lincoln away

    I know. I watched his first ever interview then vowed not to watch another until... I'm not watching another. 🙄
  11. Steejay

    Lincoln away

    He's like David Brent on acid. Shut the fuck up.
  12. Steejay

    Lincoln away

    First ten years at Sunning Hill. Brought up back to back with High St Baths. Fuck me, have you seen it now??? I aspired to Morris Green 😀
  13. Steejay

    Lincoln away

    Spot on there, S. Midweeks'll be shit if you think you're gonna be spanked by 5 - can't even have a good day out. Not sure if tonight's away attendance will be reached again this season ☹️
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