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  1. Yep, good luck. Keep positive.
  2. Ask Coyle next time you see him...
  3. How many more can we sign? 2 or 3 I think. We definitely need another striker, probably another centre back so that doesn’t leave us with many options until January. Hillcroft will give it a couple of weeks before committing themselves to any others. I trust them.
  4. Pile in then. Drink ‘em dry! 😁
  5. I looked at that one. Wonder if they’ll let away fans in though? Two hours in Sheffield Tap otherwise.
  6. Dunderhead. That's fucking great that is!
  7. Haha, don't worry, I'll be jumping up and down like an eejit if he scores... BUT if he cups his ears... I'll be politely asking 'Excuse me Wills, what about a fresh start for us, please?'
  8. Yep, fate says Buckley... But the spineless fanny had better not run over & cup his ears to us like last season...😡
  9. I’ll never forget his first touch for us. That shit back pass at Watford. And he never got any better. Cunt.
  10. Steejay


    Probably sexting Mr Grey
  11. As I sit in the East upper, I'm happy for them to shut the north & west upper 😁
  12. Steejay


    Vernon Kay used to pack bananas for us at Westhoughton. Fact. 😄
  13. Spot on. Fantastic tonight. In years to come we'll remember the start of this season after all the shit that's gone on before. And we'll laugh about all of the 5-0's. We're back - now let's sell out Rotherham.
  14. Can't wait now. Billy NoMates for this one though. I might be latching onto some of you lovely chaps.
  15. Steejay

    Jack Dearden

    Always passionate about the Whites. Best of luck, Jack.
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