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  1. Yebbut, yebbut, yebbut... It's never enough is it? Some people are professors in hindsight. I'd call them dicks.
  2. Ah, Grandad was right all along...
  3. You’re surpassing yourself with this. People on here aren’t as stupid as you think. Mr Grey’s right. (Shocker) 🙄
  4. Old school : Everton semi was the zenith after Whatmore smashed that goal in front of us all at Goodison. Nadir when Latchford scored in front of us at the Lever End. I just couldn’t believe that we wouldn’t win.
  5. I’m not fuckin watching that...
  6. Yep, definitely not enough passion from the players and the management. There was so much at stake and we were half-hearted. I was fcuking fuming. 😡
  7. Possibly, yep. Southern meet up must have been 3-a-side. Looking at that list, so many of the players were Northern based.
  8. See, this thing is bringing out the old softie in us all. 😁
  9. They were a kind of 'trial' game for some players so perhaps they bent the rules a bit for Baker. Did he go to Arsenal soon after or to Italy first?
  10. Besides the obvious ones, I was really upset by the 4-2 home defeat by Arsenal. Leading by 2 and then just seeing them scoring 1 by 1. I was slumped back nearly crying - at my age, I shudda known better. 😢
  11. It may be a Football League team. There used to be games between the English Football League, Scottish FL, Welsh FL etc. & it was usually a mix of players that weren't first choice internationals/older than U 23's/ established internationals. These games were played around the country rather than at Wembley & full caps weren't handed out to players.
  12. That's when Warbies first mobbed up...😀
  13. My grandad told me that they'd installed hundreds of Magee's wooden beer barrels under the pitch when it got raised. Not sure why that helps though??? I'm struggling to name two players on the England photo - second player in from the left on both the front & back row. Back row, in between Armfield & Flowers, front row, in between Connelly & Clayton.
  14. He was the reserve defender who could fill in at either full back or centre half. As previously stated.. ’He’s here, he’s there, he’s every fucking where, Arthur Marsh, Arthur Marsh’ RIP
  15. I’m sure she’s a bloke.
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