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  1. I’ll be disappointed if we don’t win every game until the end of the season. 😁
  2. Win this definitely. We really are better than everybody else in this division.
  3. Well, are we gonna beat these fuckers? Yep, 2-0 imo.
  4. I piss my sides every time somebody bounces off him. 🤣
  5. Yep, if he adds to our performance, great , but we’re doing ok without him.
  6. As long as Maddison understands that we’re bigger than him, that’s cool.
  7. We’ll be ok, with or without him..
  8. Defensivey Yep, he’s been fantastic. Can’t believe that Blackpool have better...
  9. Yunno, considering what a dick Evatt is.
  10. It’s unbelievable how much better we are than them.
  11. Kinell, don’t tell your other half that!
  12. Forgot Gilkes was playing...
  13. Doyle yes, all you doubters.
  14. Wheater will be cheering the goal, without a doubt.
  15. FFS, when’s the next away day?
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