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  1. Think there’s gonna be a filum about this guy. Or has it already been out??? The guy is still around, must be looking over his shoulder all the time...
  2. Ah but he needs a day off and on the lash with the lads. He can hold court while we gaze and admire...😍
  3. Yep, that was a bit of that there irony I added at the end...
  4. It'll be interesting to see how much he's taken out though since the £525k two years ago. It'll be a proper kick in the balls if he's been milking it while we've been struggling to pay for Donaldson's water (poor lamb)...
  5. I know that Michael Jackson liked a chocolate finger.
  6. We'll struggle to sell tickets for this after saturday's debacle. I feel like the stuffing's been knocked out of me & I'll enjoy the day but I still held out hope that we'd get a result. Desperate for an ending to the season like last year but that's gone...
  7. Nah, we're well mobbed up. Furniture van from the Albion, mini bus from the Market & SELNEC coach from the Stag's Head.
  8. Ah, you're still reminiscing about Double Diamond, Skol & Mackeson's. When did you last buy a round anyway - I bet it was at the Palais? 🍺
  9. Mmmmm, Hazy Jane Pale Ale, 7.2%....dandelion, weeds & thistle heaven!
  10. Brewdog Shepherd's Bush...
  11. Steejay

    Wigan away

    Just sobering up(ish)...We are fucking shite and are down. Great to see/meet a top gang of lads in Wgan Central early doors. I woudn't have messed with them, 40/50 strong, a generation (or two!) behind me but they were scary fuckers, proud to be Wanderers. Keep the faith lads, we'll always stick together. QPR next...
  12. Steejay

    Wigan away

    Plug & Taps, Orchard bar???
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