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  1. Correct. A Mill WALL.
  2. Close, but wrong 👎
  3. Fukin hell, some of these are a bit obscure lately. Here's one for you, I removed the advertising.
  4. Please delete this fuckin thread. As if the day's not bad enough...
  5. Aye, dicks if they think Gilkes could have saved that.
  6. It was all in pints if we wanted - which, of course, we did. Even the 8.2% stuff, which we ended up necking as the driver was waiting. Not a good idea. Pizza wasn’t on, but there were burgers, iirc.
  7. Yep, Evil Dead II was on tap yesterday. That’s the collab with Rivvy and Chainhouse. We saved it until the last one. When we’d already had more than enough. 🙄
  8. Just recovering from Wednesday afty session at Rivvy. Fuck me, you forget how much faster you drink when there's a few of you. 8 x Fog & 1x Evil Dead II to finish. I have no idea how I got back to Preston - it was obviously by train but I can't remember being on it.
  9. Morecambe not Morcambe.
  10. I think we'll be fired up for this one. They have to come at us so I think this will be a bloody great night. 3-0 win.
  11. He's such an arrogant fucker. I couldn't believe it when Levy appointed him. Not been the same bloke ever since he bullied that girlie physio.
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