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  1. Woodward resigning from the red shite. I am deeply disappointed as I think that he’s done a great job for the last few years.
  2. @green genie fook me, what happened to your lot tonight?
  3. Yep, still a loan for a loan so shouldn’t be an issue. May drop Delaney for a proper goalie though.
  4. Exactly, that's what it's all about at this stage of the season.
  5. Trust in Uncle Rainesy.
  6. Top knots are for girls.
  7. Yep, shudda been red. No attempt at the ball.
  8. Ref's doing well for a change. Good advantages & yellow card for the foul on Dapo. I know he's a wanker but...
  9. Great play by Dapo, he's got some reward for all of his threat. Happy for Doyle too, so many doubters...
  10. FFS, how old are you now & who did you support for the first 62 years of your life???
  11. Who'd have thought it, all those years ago... FC United of Manchester - football visionaries. Still red cunts though.
  12. Fantastic watch, that. Great find DN. Not seen it before. Bolton captain’s son was a school mate of mine.
  13. Correct. A Mill WALL.
  14. Close, but wrong 👎
  15. Fukin hell, some of these are a bit obscure lately. Here's one for you, I removed the advertising.
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