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  1. I'd much rather not know for a couple of week and the takeover go through than the alternative.
  2. There are a lot of clubs with billionaire owners in the Championship! Wow!
  3. Completely agree that winning footy is good footy. I wasn't complaining when we were lumping it to Davies towards the end of the Allardyce years. At the moment were just lumping it to the other team.
  4. I started watching Bolton when I was around nine during the promotion season under Rioch. The quality of football last and this season has been utterly tedious, if and when we go back to league one I will still be there but it'd be nice to be entertained. Im not asking to watch football like Arsenal played during their invincibles season, but some actual football would be nice. I think a lot of fans can deal with boring football provided there are some results mind you.
  5. As long as Ken sells the club to someone who can take us forward I couldn't give a shit what he gets paid. He gets us an owner who manages to get us back challenging for promotion to the Prem and all is forgiven in my eyes.
  6. Cant see someone leaving Valencia to come to Bolton.
  7. My thoughts exactly. Here's hoping it happens as it shows that they have some serious financial clout. Basrans haggling and backing out makes me think they wouldnt have enough money to keep the club afloat for the middle to distant future.
  8. All said and done if we still have a club by the end of the season I'll be happy.
  9. Thanks for the info. Absolutely agreed there. I'm, always wary of people who aim to make money from a football club.
  10. I would be happy with a few years of mid table obscurity in league one to rebuild and go again. What you have described is far better than that mind you. Do you see it going through before tomorrow or are is it going to get worse before that?
  11. Do they have enough money to get us at least comfortable in League one or even better back in the championship? I appreciate this maybe something you cant answer, but I thought I'd try my luck.
  12. This is looking worse and worse by the day. That 5-2 defeat to the Pie eaters could be the last match that BWFC play 😌
  13. Definitely IMO, the EFL seem to have had it in for us for years.
  14. Even if it means a 2 point deduction for next season? Not aimed at you Chris, more a response to the Tweet.
  15. Ive had this for about 2 months. I cant seem to get rid of it.
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