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  1. dazl1212

    Take Over

    I'm exactly the same, I'll watch the occasional big game but that's it. I saw the Utd Chelsea line ups and only recognised half of them. Prefer boxing myself but money is ruining that as well.
  2. dazl1212

    Take Over

    So apparently I'm not a real football fan.. I was asked if Bolton were to be liquidated who I'd support and I answered "nobody" I'd still watch football occasionally as a neutral, but like fuck am I going to be a fan of another club in the way I support Bolton.
  3. Thanks mate, can't wait to brainwash her and bring her to matches.
  4. New born baby last Friday, my first.
  5. Really wanted to go today but couldn't for various reasons. Well chuffed for the kids and anyone who went today.
  6. dazl1212

    Take Over

    The other bidders must have been utter shit if they accepted FVs bid given how the hotel seems to be a deal breaker.
  7. dazl1212

    Take Over

    Not posted for a while been pretty ill and had a death in the family.. I had a bad feeling when it was announced as FV given their previous record. Looks like my fears were well founded unfortunately. Quietly hoping that they pull something of the bag ASAP.
  8. Agreed unfortunately.
  9. I hope we can keep hold of get the best of of Oz. He would be a massive asset for the team in that league.
  10. dazl1212

    Take Over

    Agreed, I'm not thrilled that Parkinson is staying (I'm not sure thrilled and Parkinson go in the same sentence) but realistically its too late to change at this stage. We need a squad together and make sure we stay up then reassess before the next season. I can completely understand people not bothering renewing their season tickets to watch more defensive 1 dimensional football. mind you,
  11. Andy Carroll available on a free, would be perfect for Parkinson 🤣
  12. dazl1212

    Take Over

    Sheffield United, When we lost 3-0?
  13. dazl1212

    Take Over

    Get in. Any member of staff who has stayed there through all this shit deserve a medal.
  14. If only we could get him in here.
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