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  1. You chipped as well 😁
  2. No Fergal Sharkey, that was the only plus 😁
  3. Agree with that, did well tonight young Brockbank. It just shows when players get a run of games and they are good enough they come good.
  4. How the fuck did Casper Crellin keep a clean sheet, he may have saved a penalty, but he was absolutely shit! gonna cost us a lot of points unless we go a few goals up.
  5. Let's just say he is no Jay Jay Okacha
  6. Well well, I'm saying fuck all, I don't wanna be a jinx 🤞
  7. Over to Twitter for updates it is then! Ffs!
  8. It's a bit WINDY for him 😉
  9. Mental innit! You gotta feel for the young people of today in trying to get a mortgage, it seems it's either parental help or in inheritance, or maybe one of them 1st time buyer schemes where you only own 51% of the property, or something along them lines. Luckily for them, food is still cheap, and that includes Bacon unless they are veggie or vegan
  10. Food maybe fairly priced, cant say the same for house and renting prices. I heard someone state a few months ago that If a loaf of bread had gone up the same rate as house prices, a loaf would cost around £25. Expensive toast 🤨
  11. That syrup is probably highly flammable, perhaps he would let you try it on, to see if you fancy one 🤓
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