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  1. Funny how people see things differently, off the bits (a lot of them) i have seen and heard, I thought Trump pissed it. Creepy Joe didn't seem to have any answers, as for the learning to die comment, it just sounds stupid and petty. I actually thought the format seem to suit Trump. I was looking for something from Biden, and I didnt get anything, the Donald is a fucking Donald, but Biden is a.... well a Biden, he's shit. God bless America 🙏
  2. Was Kathy L in there donning her slag wellies
  3. QE just print some more money 😜
  4. And here's the commy from the shed 😁
  5. Exactly, though apparently we already have, next step is the 55 to 65 year old bracket, and that's most of us on here and definitely @Steejay 😁
  6. Aye Son of Med on his travels, could be a book, then a film.
  7. Top pair of Windsors finest 😉
  8. That's being honest, which is more than I can say about our politicians at the moment, a lot of stuff is hypocrisy. We can pick holes in everything and nothing is making sense, I feel the masses are getting mightily pissed off.
  9. They shouldn't have to trade off anything, and they shouldn't punish an employment sector that's not contributing to covid massively, they have classed pubs because they fucked up with the 10pm closing time and made it worse as it created more crowds soon as 10pm struck. Fucking mental. I'm happy for schools to be back, we have to live with this, do the basics and be responsible. There will always be irresponsible people in every country around the world, there's fuck all we can do about it, but dont punish the majority, it's starting to feel like a dictatorship.
  10. So they've traded off some of the Leisure and hospitality sector to look as though they are doing something 😏
  11. ....and then you get called a cunt for doing something that's legal or within the law, and some tell you that your going to die! All very dramatic. I prefer facts myself, where is the virus spreading more quickly, amongst who, the young, over 40's, people who frequent the pub, or is it mainly spreading in education schools and colleges. How many hospital admissions, how many in ICU and what percentage of those that get it are admitted to hospital, those type of facts. Starmer is being a nob thinking a 2 week lockdown is going to make any difference, and the government at the moment a
  12. I see the Covid busters are out in force 😁 🎶who you gonna call ?🎶
  13. Evatt is here long term, 10 games in with a brand new squad, it would be a very harsh decision to sack him. Yes some players haven't performed, mainly our so-called bigger players, hope Sarcevic gains confidence from that last minute equaliser, Doyle bagged as well, so hopefully that sets him off. Evatt needs a steady first 11. Darcy needs to play more and Politic is turning out to be a big miss. Although Brockbank shouldn't be in a back three, he's a right back in a 4 at best. I've said it before, he gets all this season and next, hopefully this is our bad patch. Plenty of game
  14. He's got a good heart 😀
  15. Upto S4 E10, slow build ups to seasons 3 & 4, but they seem to pick up at they reach the end, brilliant stuff. Long time to wait for S8 😒
  16. Accrington mark 2 this
  17. Northern Ireland delayed their up and coming GCSE November exam series by 2 weeks! Its fucking pointless, covid will still be about 2 weeks later. The English GCSE exams window is from Nov 2nd to 9th, if they follow NI and moved it 2 weeks down the line, it wouldn't make one bit of difference. We have to start living with this sooner or later, cancelling, delaying, lockdowns are not going to make any difference, closing pubs but leaving restaurants open means everyone is going to pile in restaurants and pubs who didnt serve food will now be banging out pasty and peas and chicke
  18. I think he's done okay, but I'm sure there's an element of him trying to endear himself to the people of Manchester, when are the Mayoral elelections?
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