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  1. Aye. Which Democrats incited some of summer's violence? What did they say?
  2. Ey up fella, hope all is well. You've been quiet on this. Imagine the uproar if the BLM protestors had stormed the Whitehouse leaving 5 people dead. Well done for finding one of them involved. That insurgence sound like a nasty bunch. Roll on the 20th.
  3. Bit of positivity .... https://www.bloomberg.com/opinion/articles/2021-01-09/pfizer-moderna-mrna-vaccines-could-vanquish-covid-today-cancer-tomorrow?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_content=view&cmpid%3D=socialflow-twitter-view&utm_campaign=socialflow-organic&fbclid=IwAR05uUjpqKg8k3GVtTzA8KJpvFgu1Vte-beud740Dx50eO6N2HZfsIPMFt0
  4. We can't carry on with rapid population growth , that much is clear. But it isn't the most pressing issue. It takes someone in the UK just five days to emit the same amount of carbon as someone in Rwanda does across a whole year. CO2 emissions, particularly by richer nations are the biggest issue.
  5. You seen Attenborough's recent documentary, Extinction the facts. Does a cracking job of putting to bed the population myth. It's consumption, fossil fuels & how we live that is the issue.. not how many of us there are. It is a factor of course, & we need to look at it.. but we can sustain this many people & prevent any more land loss just by cutting out certain foods & not wasting.
  6. 😆 All about giving women in developing countries & Blackburn more power to decide their futures... Can reduce population significantly this. Underated solution.
  7. 😆 Abolishing the idea of perpetual economic growth.... The words of the scientists, not me. Let's see how that one goes down on here😆🤣
  8. Thought maybe the views of the scientists deserved their own thread for a change, rather than getting side tracked by the numpties standing on top of tubes. Get's more depressing by the day to be honest, so steer well clear today if you've got enough on your plate with Covid. Report came out today from an International group of top scientists saying we're well on course for a 'ghastly future' of more pandemics, resource wars, biodiversity loss and mass migration. Top scientists warn of 'ghastly future of mass extinction' and climate disruption (newscon.net) Pretty bleak
  9. Completely agree with that. There's all too often a link between who gets the contract & their relationship to the party or politician. we've seen it throughout the pandemic. I think people are right to criticise that way of running a country. My rant earlier wasn't really about this case. All I know is that the contract was given to a party funder. I'll await more information before jumping to any conclusions. As you're right about social media.
  10. I've said before and agreed on this thread that kids going without is down to a variety of factors. The severity of the situation we are in now is mainly because of this virus. I still stand by my argument that public services have been decimated in the past 10 years and left us vulnerable. And that handing out contracts should be for those who are most suited for the job; not those who donate the most to your party.
  11. Symptom of this government. They have and always will award contracts to their donor chums, regardless of whether it is the right thing to do or not. They've done it for the past ten years. It has left us with a wider gap between the richest & poorest and some of the highest levels of hunger and deprivation among the world’s richest nations. They've done it throughout this pandemic & now we've the highest excess deaths rate in Europe. I'm sure we all wait expectedly for the rewards to start trickling down and at least they got Brexit done. Bravo 👍 p.s - Chartwells
  12. I don't know what point you were making... I was responding to the post above. What was your point? The circle we keep on going around on here is the assumption (not directing this at you) that taking the knee is a sign of support for the politics of BLM.
  13. It's a welcomed input from Lyle and fair play to him. If by not kneeling he wants to make a statement about the politics of BLM then that's his right. I hope he is supported. There are plenty of black people who don't associate themselves with the BLM message, they are certainly not a minority. It does just bring us around in the same old fucking circle on this thread though. Despite everything Lyle says - those taking the knee are not necessarily doing it for BLM - many are doing it for reasons of anti-racism and racial equality. Something he says he agrees with in his statement.
  14. Aye, no worries 👍 Heard it on the radio the other day mate. Been in most papers. Brexit: Cannabis medicine's halt 'devastates' epileptic girl's family - BBC News Mum fears child could die as Brexit blocks off medicinal cannabis | Metro News
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