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  1. Best thing I've seen all day 👏
  2. My point is you can't bloody move without having a carbon footprint. Why can't someone protest because they used fossil fuels to do so? It's impossible to avoid. Even if you get a train there and use a pedalo. I agree we need more positivity. The solution to all this doom and gloom is actually a healthier society, with localised energy sources, more nutritional food and restored ecosystems. Bring it on. Many of these activists do focus on legitimate lobbying. But it isn't always effective. Especially when you're up against the likes of Shell and Exon who up until recently were lobbying that man made climate change is nonsense. I've met scientists and lobbyists who've taken up activism because they've spent the past 30 years trying to lobby the truth in the face of distortion tactics by fossil fuel companies. But yes- I agree with you- we must lobby politicians and companies. But the situation is too urgent not to also combine this with direct action that raises public awareness and disrupts the industry directly. It just has to be done in a way that is considerate of the workers.
  3. The profit these companies make off the destruction they cause is vast. If they can't pay their workers because of a protest then that just highlights their greed. These kind of protests have been happening more frequently in recent years and I'm yet to hear of oil and gas workers being denied wages because of them. I will hold my hands up if it turns out they have but I heard nothing from the oil workers I spoke to. Have you heard of them impacting on people's wages? Oil and gas companies willl often sub the cost themselves or be reimbursed through insurance. But as for your mate- if these actions did happen to prevent him earning- then yes, send him our way. One of the things that came out of my talk is that there should be a fund for people who are affected if the company refuses. But this is yet to happen. It's always going to baffle some people, of course you're not alone. These actions are tough and they do impact some people. But I believe they're neccessary and can make an impact. Nobody wants to be doing it and the law will come down hard. But many people are willing to go to prison for this. North Sea Oil and Gas aren't planning a reduction in their activities and politicians are refusing to bring in legislation that binds fossil fuels industry to the paris agreement. Just look at Australia- fully committed to opening ever more coal mines in the face of a crisis. Companies have been deforesting and sucking groundwater out for decades despite the warnings from scientists. If the government won't act and continue to subsidise then we need these kinds of actions. I would have thought exactly the same as you five years ago.
  4. The protesters got there on bamboo boats powered by all this extra wind produced by people engaging in Veganuary. Honestly TMJ, you're too wise a bloke than to use that argument. We all exist in this system, we're all hypocrites. Protests will always cost money and resources. It's a democratic right and I'm happy some of my taxes go on policing people's right to protest. Removing sources of pollution from rivers and beaches is an honourable act- but achieves fuck all. Better to target the producers of that pollution- name them, shame them- go to their factories. But do it in a way that shows consideration for the workers. Rubber bullets are mined in the Congo pal- any other suggestions?
  5. The people working on the rig won't have their wages effected and this protest won't impact on their families like you suggest. In answer to your question, the purpose is that it raises public awareness and targets industry directly. The action wasn't taken lightly and they have communicated with workers. I've done a talk with some oil workers in Aberdeen and have a couple more planned in Fife in February. It's bloody terrifying but we had a decent dialogue and discussion. Most agree with the science that we have to leave oil in the ground. There's some bloody talented people working for North Sea Oil and Gas. We need that talent in renewable energy and we need them there now. Has to be a just transition that puts the workers first.
  6. Took me a while to locate this thread. They're back in the news up in Scotland. 10 day campaign targetting North Sea Oil and Gas. Much better tactics than standing on top of tubes.... In my humble opinion. https://www.thecourier.co.uk/fp/news/local/dundee/1062754/extinction-rebellion-activist-vows-to-go-down-fighting-as-protesters-scale-oil-rig-at-dundee-port-and-launch-occupation/
  7. Very optimistic indeed. I admire it. Sounds like something Gove would say on a podium somewhere. Unless we see drastic change now, we won't have any time left to tell. Carbon capture only serves a purpose if we stop using fossil fuels. Unfortunately, it is oil & gas companies who are dominating the technology to offset their long term commitment to an increase in drilling & exploration. It's a myth we still need oil exploration... 5 year transition to renewables max. Enshrine that in law & bring in policy to ensure we all ration our energy consumption & insulate homes whilst we transition. We're talking proper declarations of emergency, on a scale not seen since WW2. It won't happen because of our political & economical system. COP25 was filled to brim of fossil fuel lobbyists which ultimately led to a complete failure in negotiations. Look at Australia- biggest coal exporter in world, set to double coal exports by 2030, whilst the country literally burns. You couldn't make this shit up.
  8. The fuckers are backtracking on everything. There is a lot of talk in the media about this 'new' government becoming a one nation party and trying to unite both sides of the political spectrum through their policies. Whilst it's pretty obvious I'm no Tory, I would actually love them to succeed... but you don't need to scratch far below the surface to see it's all talk. Their environment bill is nothing short of terrifying. "Ministers are still committed to aviation expansion, fracking, North Sea drilling, building roads that experts say will generate traffic, blocking onshore wind power, and cutting support for home insulation and solar". Continuing Fracking ! Blocking wind and solar ! These policies are an economic and environmental disaster. Scientists and economists have been pretty clear what we need to do and how not acting now could make these changes unaffordable in the future. Brexit is a needle in the haystack and once people begin to understand the situation we are in they won't have a leg to stand on. Unless they bow to the pressures from what is going to become a huge environmental movement in the next few years.
  9. Congratulations to the folk on here who are happy with the result 👍 Turns out the WW poll was pretty accurate. Can't hide my satisfaction with the result up here in Scotland 😁 I find our voting system slightly bonkers- 13.9 million voted Tory. 10.2 Labour. 2 million SNP and Greens and 3.6 million Lib Dems. It hardly feels like a mandate for a hard Brexit and some of the other policies they will be rolling out over the next five years. Personally, I think we need a better campaign for proportional representation than that proxy referendum ten years ago that nobody cared about. Think the left need to get their act together as well... I've got a mixtures of mates from all walks of life, but today my fb feed is innundated with folk who think hounding Tory voters as bigots who don't care about our public services is the way to rebuild our communites. It's a joke and to be honest I'm glad to be on here for a bit of balance. I would genuinely love to believe that Boris will rebuild our public services. But I just don't see it. He may well keep the NHS free to a point but there will be plenty of back door deals and drugs will become much more expensive. Investing properly in our mental health services, police force, schools, prisons and hospitals saves us far more money down the line. Keeping as many people as possible happy, sane and healthy, in communities that are well provided for, makes complete economic sense in my opinion. I don't know why that idea has to be seen as radical socialism and I would like to see Labour promote it as something different. But the thing I'm most worried about, is that at the most crucial point in human history, when the decisions we make now will decide whether or not we survive as a species, we are choosing to embark on a huge trade deal with a climate deniar. Trade, production and energy needs to become much more localised if we are to have any chance of combatting this and I just can't see the Conservatives and their corporate friends getting on board with this. Anyway... enough ramblings from me as I'm probably over Bolty's word count limit again. Enjoy your Friday, whether your celebrating or drowning your sorrows 🍻
  10. Sorry lads, had to put it out there.
  11. Bringing it back to the climate crisis as I always do 😁 Just putting it out there to remind people that Brexit is a needle in the haystack. This is coming out of COP 25 today. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2019/dec/07/oceans-losing-oxygen-at-unprecedented-rate-experts-warn It's bloody terrifying and very undereported what is happening to our oceans. Whole swathes of the oceans becoming oxygen free dead zones. This will release huge amounts of carbon into the atmosphere and push fish to shallower waters making them much more vulnerable to over fishing. I didn't hear one question on the climate crisis in the debate last night. Did I miss it or was it generally not discussed?
  12. Christ lad, give us a minute to catch up. Been at a doctor's appointment. Didn't choose to ignore anything 😁 Just seen your statistics... Would be nice to see the source & more context. For example, higher employment means nothing if it's pushing folk into poverty through zero hour contracts & increased local rents etc. It's a shame that these kind of posts on tinternet are influencing so many voters on both sides. Then again, I'm not disputing your stats. I've also not been arguing labour have handled the economy better. I think both parties have made a mess of it. I'm anti-Tory because of the brutal impact their unnecessary policies had. I'm also anti-Tory because of what their proposing in terms of media censorship & control of the courts. That being said.. I'm not anti people voting for then. This country is too divided to start turning on each other.
  13. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/corbyn-boris-johnson-brexit-deal-leaked-government-documents-election-a9235326.html?fbclid=IwAR3ackREebpSPgewu-3-fe_2tvxeoi00VFGBb87uFA8F7mCXKsr2W0O4L2s More lies on his Brexit deal from the master of bullshit.
  14. I've gone way over Bolty's budget cap again. Bored on a train to Glasgow.
  15. The review is much appreciated.. I'll take the solid start as a compliment. 😁 To put my comment into context... I'm not for a second putting austerity on a par with terrorism. Only arguing you are far more likely to be affected by it. I'm not even anti-austerity in times of crisis. I would even support measures now in the face of the climate chaos to support an immediate transition. But it has to be done fairly & across the board in a way that attempts to unite & protects the most vulnerable. There is no denying the sheer brutality of what the Tories did. Deporting hundreds of Caribbean people born here, some of which were midway through chemo & had treatment denied. Fuck me. Change the benefit system by all means, but don't change it overnight, against all expert advice, leaving thousands without anything & pushing them into debt or worse. Personally, I don't think I'm a nutjob for arguing their policies have caused huge suffering & in some cases been fatal. But I'll happily take the label 😁 My political leanings have been pretty central & fairly balanced in recent years. But there isn't many standing with much of a balance. That said, all this hype of a SNP & Labour coalition. I'd be far more worried about the likes of Rees-Mogg & Johnson rewriting our laws. As pg48 of their manifesto shows. They threaten to revoke media licensing if they don't like what they say about them. Their promising to overhaul the courts to prevent them ever being held to account in government. There's far more danger to democracy in those kind of policies than a labour/SNP coalition.
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