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  1. Why not? - PL is a global corporation. They have their own agenda to combat racism and wanted to show support.
  2. Amazing policing work with the mass arrests of drug dealers today. Good to see some of their quality investigative work in the news.
  3. Sorry mate but I don't see that... This thread is titled BLM & in neither your first post, & then your second directed at me, did you say you were talking about BLMuk exclusively. So what exactly am I not reading correctly? Many of the players and clubs would also have been supporting the American movement.
  4. I think it's hilarious that one of Britain's most powerful corporations supported an organisation with an anti-capitalist message for so long... But they saw the light in the end ey. Le Tissier doesn't want the communists coming for his hard earned millions. 😆 You can say I need to wake up as much as you want Miami pal.. but we can all surely accept that this situation is complex.. I won't be boring you on this thread with my waffling as we've covered most bases on here previously. And often I just get quoted as saying things I never endorced or supported. @Ani raises some important points. The protests we saw in recent weeks are so much more than BLM. Surely we can all admit that there are issues with systemic racism in the US police, prison system & judiciary? Fair play the players & politicians who agreed that these issues need tackling. Should they have done it through BLM. Probably not. Maybe a simple end racism message or solidarity with black Americans. It's looking like BLM are too devisive & fragmented to ignite the change needed... But they've opened up a lot of conversations & possibilities.
  5. Fuck I was looking forward to a quiet summer up here in Jockland but looking at this thread it looks like there's an English invasion on its way. 😆 I'll be driving upto the Highlands next week. Brother's in Inverness & my folks have a place up near Dornoch. Dad retired from teaching the wee toffs at Bolton School & ran away to the Highlands years back. Plan is for a nights camping at Sandwood Bay & to get out west when the weather's good. Esco's covered most the bases on here but highly recommend the River Findhorn for a days walking & a dip. Beautiful up there. Always worth getting the missus to check for ticks of an evening😉 They're on the rise of late.
  6. They ain't proper sausages anyway fella - 20% meat, 70% water, 9% antibiotics and 1% virus 😆 It's astonishing the links between these diseases and industrial farming. https://www.grain.org/en/article/6240-the-rise-of-the-superbugs-and-why-industrial-farming-is-to-blame#:~:text=With no new antibiotics having,up of antibiotic resistance everywhere.&text=The issue goes beyond the indiscriminate use of antibiotics in factory farming. Shame that our politicians can't see the link and continue to sign deals with the US that undercut our farmers and more sustainable practices. If we reduced the intake then there would be no need for intensive farming.
  7. Very good video that. I reckon one of the most important he's done considering how widely known & liked he is amongst the left. "Your response to an 8 minute murder video of George Floyd is to get online & demand the cocoa pops monkey is removed" - quality. Be great to see him live at some point.
  8. Where has this wierd crowd noise on the BBC come from. Is this a new thing?
  9. Strange point though .... watching snippets of the news since last week - vigils in reading, outpourings from folk who knew the victims and some of the videos made by pupils for that teacher. Heartbreaking stuff but it doesn't show me that nobody seems to care. Quite the opposite really. These acts are fucking awful and their whole purpose is to horrify us and then divide. We shouldn't let them. Manchester was spot on in its repsonse to the MEN attack.
  10. Apparently a lot of Kurdish folk staying there. Got to know a fair few families when working in London and worked with some Kurds in a kitchen years back. Sound to bone all of them and they've been on the frontline in the fight against ISIS in recent years. Hope none of them were hurt.
  11. Aye definitely. Thought Nicola made a decent statement urging everyone not to post harmful content on social media until the facts are known. Sure there was some people who would have ignored that though.
  12. As far as police Scotland have said - this isn't being treated as a terrorist incident. Just going off what they have said. Last week somebody told me on here that it would take an attack like this on someone close to me to make me 'wake to up the reality'. His views being that we should ban anyone coming from North Africa. Things always feel heavier when they happen close to home. No matter what they are. This hasn't had any change on my views and I'm not going to start laying into asylum seekers and refugees or calling for drastic changes to immigration because of recent events. Even families of folk killed in such attacks have often spoke out when political groups have tried to use the victims to further their cause. Just awful for everyone involved and I'm sure we're all tired of having to say it.
  13. Fucking awful - feels very close to home. World feels a bit grim at the moment.
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