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  1. Yes I get that and knew that's what you meant. But to be fair the post wasn't written by you (or was it)?, which is why I had a dig at it.
  2. Ah well the context of the original post could be applied to either. Hope all is well with you fella.
  3. Lighten up mate 😄 you're putting words in my mouth. Folk using foodbanks and FSMs are allowed to have some drinks with their mates. Who the fuck are any of us to say otherwise or judge em. Those consistently choosing drugs and alcohol over properly looking after their kids need them taken away and a stint in rehab. Goes without saying.
  4. People using foodbanks and free school meal schemes shouldn't be allowed in pubs. They shouldn't be allowed to socialise with anyone or have any fun until they're back on their feet and earning a proper wage. Says Denise in the Daily Mail comments section..
  5. 😄 Haven't even tried them before. Will have to give it a taste. edit - rabbit not the Italians 😉
  6. Fuck those foreign bunnies 🐰 coming over ere.
  7. Stupidly careless headline that considering the context.
  8. And the shit keeps flowing 💩 Don't worry mate - I can handle the criticism. None of my beliefs are set in stone, so unlike yourself I'm happy to have my mind changed if the evidence is there. Congratulations on your walk. I haven't left the house in weeks. Too many transgender rapists controlling the streets up here, it's terrifying. The SNP need to get their act together.
  9. Spot on. IE has shown he has been more than capable of fixing where we're going wrong over time. We've made massive improvements since January. Yes we need to be more clinical and see games out. That will come with the right players and more work on the training ground. Let's scramble our way up by whatever means necessary in the meantime.
  10. Because you said that I raised the issue 'as always with an anti-Tory jibe'. All I'm getting at mate is that you've a perpetual flow of shite coming out your mouth. (Don't worry, I talk shite too, it's all good) 👍 You've already made your mind up about what people believe or which horse they back and just throw accusations and insults around all over the shop. You've got it in your head that I'm a BLM worshipper and loyal SNP supporter. So every time one of those groups, or some other 'lefty' group, do something fucked up or hijack a worthy cause then it's straight to LW to explain
  11. That just shows that you were talking about female protection laws when claiming I was making anti-Tory jibes. You said I skirted it then raised it as a jibe. Sure you're not still confused ? 😄 Enjoy 🌞
  12. That's about the new policing bill mate. Organised by and brought in by the Tories. So if I criticise it then I'll be criticising them aye. But you were talking about a completely different topic when you said I would be along in a minute to blame the Tories. Glad we established you were talking shite then 👍😁 Don't worry bud, I take my rape alarm everywhere since the self-identifying drag queens took over Scotland. Thanks for the warning though x
  13. Loads better, thank you 👍 I love football fans me - I think the police handled it all very well by letting them take place. Covid's here to stay so it seems, and as cases go down then some reasons justify being on the streets. Especially if the heart of your club is at stake. A valid point re aspects of the blm and kill the bill protests. Maybe difficult to apply to women's ones. Police acted completely differently with the football fans. Unless I've missed something and there were loads of arrests?
  14. Part of me would have loved to see them leave, watch it fuck up and then see them crawl their way back up.
  15. Loads of fans from the big six out protesting this week so far. Can sympathise with em to be honest. I've been a bit out the loop with this thread though. I imagine all the folk moaning about blm protests and vigils have also been up in arms about the football lads out this week?
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