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  1. Honestly, it's not a case of me saying 'all leave voters are thick'. I haven't got a problem with valid or coherent arguments from the leave side - you've just made a very fair point, for example. Miami, however, comes across as nothing more than a crowing little-England simpleton, and I'll continue to find it amusing when he posts shite like he's just done. Blindly reading a headline and suggesting it must reaffirm your preconceived opinion without reading further is quite silly. It's not just because he's a Leaver.
  2. 😂 Unbelievable. If selective blindness such as yours really is indicative of the 52%, it's no wonder Dominic Cummings is so well paid.
  3. In but sitting in the 'home' end with a couple of Coventry mates. Although, I'm sure listening to the noise from the away end will be more entertaining than the match itself. Sadly, I can see a bit of a tonking here - Cov are a good side.
  4. Couldn't make today, but have read your reports with joy, gents. How often do we get to celebrate a comfortable, controlling performance AND 3 points?! Especially when we get to ruin a poxy club's big day out too...!
  5. That's what's baffling me. He talks about an attacking, attractive identity, leaving a legacy here, yet after a fucking at Accrington, all of the basics of pass and move, and simple triangles, seem to have gone out of the window. I know the players are cack, but come on Keith, last night didn't look like a team with any form of identity.
  6. Amazing what having an actual battler up top can do if you're pumping up high balls. Why we still persist with that to Murphy is beyond me. Everything Daryl Murphy does that is good comes from neat slick stuff on the floor, or set pieces. Backing in to a lump of a centre half, he might win one ball in 10.
  7. There's me thinking Hill was a fan of fast, attacking football on the deck. Fuck me, even PP would have been surprised at the decision to get centre halves lumping balls up to absolutely nobody during the spells of driving rain. How we got a point out of that shitshow is beyond me. Playing poorly and still getting points is the mark of champions... isn't it? 🙃
  8. Plenty of bleating on the abyss of the BN comments section. As always, BWFC's best players are the one who don't play... How many managers has Hall played under now (here or elsewhere), and how many have seen something in him to give him a run of games? He's not going to make it at League 1 level, sadly.
  9. I wasn't having a go - in my heart I'm the same, we should be stuffing the likes of Barrow and Macclesfield! I just wouldn't want us to get too cocky yet - there are fans of loads of decent sized clubs like Chesterfield, Stockport County, etc, who also probably thought that League 2 would be easy. (Not that were on quite the same level, but the point does stand!)
  10. Surprised people are still banging the drum for us pissing these lower divisions. Haven't we learnt that trading on the club's name alone means nothing? Take away your natural biases and think: - We're still going to be under an embargo - We have almost nobody under contract next year - Any assets we do have coming are likely to be picked up by other clubs. Instead of Luca Connell, read Ronan Darcy and Dennis Politic (and then even if we do sell them, we can't reinvest that money due to the previously mentioned embargo!) - We're not attractive to prospective players if all
  11. Ouch. Heaven forbid! Just a thought. We're not really talking about the defeat, the shit defending for the first goal, the space we gave their number 7 to boss the midfield, the lack of the final ball... It's all discussion on the manager being a wanker or not. Is Keef the master of deflection?
  12. You're probably right. Think some people may be being a bit precious about it though. He could call me a cunt and my missus a slag as long as he's going some way to turning the club around.
  13. Can't agree. I think he's interesting to listen to, far more so than the dour Lennon, bullshit-ridden Freedman, puppy-excitable but naive Coyle, or joyless Parkinson. As Green Jacket said, he's perhaps a bit weird, but I think quite refreshing. But then, Hill's not solely employed as a public speaker. His job is to inspire the hodge-podge of kids and rejects in white shirts to become greater than the sum of their individual parts. I genuinely believe he's well on his way to doing that.
  14. I can't find fault in what he's said. Amazes me that anyone would be calling for KH to go (one plank on GMR shared that opinion, hoping beyond hope he's not reflective of our fanbase as a whole). Clearly something has got Keith's goat up; perhaps he's been reading the social media feeds of our more delusional supporters. Scoreline is harsh, for me, I thought there were a good few positives. Hamilton looks fantastic for this level, really impressed, he deserved at least one goal today. Emmanuel was exciting going forward, he could be a great threat with a back three to do his defensive dut
  15. I had a fleeting glance around the forums of some of the respectable clubs in the division (with fanbases higher than Radcliffe Borough - you know, Sunderland, Portsmouth, Coventry, Ipswich and the like). Not a mention of BWFC, and that's about right in my book. However, have a look at the unbridled hate we're getting from fans of clubs like Accrington, Shrewsbury, Rochdale, Tranmere, Doncaster, Lincoln; it's glorious. They're terrified... imagine being relegated out of L1 this season even with the advantages they've been gifted by the EFL, Steve Dale, Southend United and Sweaty K*n 😂
  16. Imagine how livid they'll be now their tinpot players will have to face all of the massive £20m signings we'll bring in now. I'm loving their bitterness.
  17. Knew as soon as we went two up we were in for a tricky afternoo - I didn't quite expect Burton to get three in the first half though. Some abysmal defending all round, I thought Chicksen was the only one from the back four to come out with any credit today. Also, are people actually calling for Hill's head? Pathetic.
  18. Looks like we're on the same page in all honesty. I can't disagree with anything you've said there, perhaps I jumped the gun.
  19. Over the past three years, haven't we seen that the reality is anything but? Gloating doesn't offer anything to the debate.
  20. Nice attempt at a personal insult, although staying on topic, I must ask: Do you believe the privatised rail system is working? Of course there is an increasing demand on services such as transport, but then why is there 'insufficient money going in to fund the necessary investment'? That's inherently a political choice. All the best 😘🍻
  21. Your comment was nothing more than 'we won ner ner ner ner ner' cuntery that deserved the distaste in my response. The sooner people like you stop treating anything to do with brexit as a simple binary, the sooner we can (hopefully) move forward as a country.
  22. Forget your pro-Tory bollocks; if you're suggesting privatised rail is working in North Manchester, you're even further away in your bubble from the real world here than your personal geography would imply.
  24. Unfortunately, I don't think Graham is going to make it. The game passed him by completely when he came on; almost a wasted sub. Darcy, however, was excellent today. He was finding space where there was none, and proving a real nuisance linking turnovers into attack. I really hope he kicks on (but not enough that the richer clubs notice and fancy him in their reserves for the next four years). Earl looked a man possessed in his natural position. Definitely a decent partnership with Wright in the making there, assuming Hill will let Chicksen back in the side. I don't often cob u
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