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  1. Tonight we had Boltonian owner, caretaker manager / head of academy, manager, assistant manager, captain, and coach. 2 Bowtun lads on the pitch for us, in total I reckon 8 Lancashire lads and 1 from Stockport. Fucking loving this new era feeling
  2. wakey

    Next manager

    Must be the most Boltonian the club's been in donkey's years. Co-owner, manager, assistant, head of academy, couple of the youngsters who'll be around the first team squad this year ... and we've already had a Boltonian captaining the side this season. Liking Hill's reputation for playing good football and bringing through the youth according to Rochdale fans. Really positive move this, adds to the feel that it's the beginning of a new - and much brighter - era.
  3. wakey

    Next manager

    Not sure but he went to Canon Slade. Lives on Bradshaw Road now apparently.
  4. wakey

    Next manager

    Happy with that. Experienced - and at this level - reputation for decent footie, seemingly well liked by Rochdale fans. And nice to have a couple of local lads in charge.
  5. wakey

    Take Over

    AZIT REALLY? Fuck me, that's a relief. Feel knackered now, Christ knows how the admins / FV / EDT lot must feel. Day one of the new era
  6. wakey

    Take Over

    Yeah, still here. Promised the mrs I wouldn't stay up refreshing tinternet all night. Have a cunning plan. If she unexpectedly walks in, I'll have to whip my cock out smartish.
  7. wakey

    Take Over

    Bollocks, logged in again. Still nowt happened. Five minute timer starts again .... now.
  8. wakey

    Take Over

    Chuffed that I've cancelled my Sky subscription and wishing I had Sky at the same time. Think I'm done with refreshing for today. Gut feel is at best a fairly meaningless announcement dragging it on into tomorrow. Which is a damn site better than the worst case, but not worth wasting the rest of the night waiting for. You can all thank me when the successful takeover's announced in five minutes.
  9. wakey

    Take Over

    Freudian slip? (grabs tin hat and runs)
  10. wakey

    Take Over

    Cheers. If it's Mrs Ken, can't see the logic of redacting. Could be another Ken entity, but as you point out would have to be registered to same address as Ken (that said, we don't know if the redacted address is Ken's personal address).
  11. wakey

    Take Over

    Thanks for that. Looks like a second borrower redacted. Any ideas who, or why it's redacted?
  12. wakey

    Take Over

    Could the discrepancies between the amounts owed to EDT and KA relate to the money loaned to KA in September, i.e. EDT trying to cut ICI out on the basis that that money is owed immediately to them and should go directly to them rather than via ICI. Contractually it has to go to ICI first, but Ken's only reason to object to (a purely hypothetical) variation suggested by EDT would be that he had no intention of actually paying them back.
  13. wakey

    Take Over

    "reasonable wench" might be an understatement. "fuckin horrific" definitely is.
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