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  1. wakey

    Take Over

    Apparently one of the defence's submissions was a statement from 'Sir Dave Rich'. Any idea what it was? Could have been "Never heard of him, he's a mentalist".
  2. wakey

    Take Over

    At least you didn't have to own up to watching Driving Miss Daisy
  3. wakey

    Take Over

    did you get your money back?
  4. wakey

    Take Over

    Heard it's something to do with Chris' cat.
  5. wakey

    Take Over

    Fair do's. HBAIT? (asking for a friend)
  6. wakey

    Take Over

    Let it go Chris. There's plenty more cats in the sea.
  7. wakey

    Take Over

    The double-edged sword of the Larry - Ken September showdown. Be piss funny (but unlikely) if Larry won, but then any brass he got from Ken he spends making life difficult.
  8. wakey

    Take Over

    No chance (imo) in this case. Larry would have to prove he was in a position to complete the purchase. Ignoring the EFL approval issue - think the judge described that as weak - there's still the issue of financing it where it seems to fall over. Larry's initial funding and his 'now' funding are from different sources according to Larry's own inane public ramblings. There's little chance he could have bought us at the time, but plenty evidence that he couldn't. Interesting that a statement from 'sir dave rich' was included in the defence bundle.
  9. wakey

    Take Over

    and breathe ... Decent result that. Larry can still have his pissing contest with Ken, but not a chance it'll have any effect on ownership. Best case, Larry gets his pound of flesh from Ken for breach of contract. Now let's see the colour of FV's money ...
  10. wakey

    Take Over

    LB: Objection! Judge: sit down Lawrence LB: Objection! reckon this could take a while
  11. wakey

    Take Over

    Bassini's tipped up mob-handed. Half a dozen blokes with him. Not sure why, but that surprised me a bit. Come to think of it, means either 1. he's got 6 mates 2. he's paying for 6 blokes to be there with him both / either surprise me
  12. our U-18s lost 5-1 to Watford on Saturday. Amazing we managed to get a team out at all given most of them were in the first team squad.
  13. wakey

    Take Over

    does anyone know if the Bassini's contract to buy us - assuming one existed - was with Burnden Leisure (to buy the shares of the subsids) or with Ken's company (to buy shares of Burnden Leisure)?
  14. after all them years wishing for prolific strikers and we're still moaning
  15. pretty sure that was Chris Thompson's debut.
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