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  1. Chris Custodiet

    Sweaty Ken

    Just a final few words from me. I had a walk round Bolton town centre before entering the Parish Church on Thursday and was struck by the thought that any signs of neglect around the town were in no way replicated at the church. There was a good gathering inside but the church was not full. Eddie was never a show-off and it seemed to me he would only really have been interested in the genuinely caring or thoughtful in any case. I saw no Baron Taylor of Clitheroe (aka Chunky) but did spot Baronness Taylor of Bolton who looked well and in good form. I also recognised a lot of faces in the pews reserved for invitees including Michael James, Alan Duckworth and Peter Ridsdale. Peter had his share of bad press in the past but I always quite liked him and was pleased to see him paying his respects to Eddie. The tributes to Eddie were thoughtful, thought-provoking and heart-warming not least from his ex-Old Farnworthian pal and Wanderers supporter, David Bedford. Ken Anderson was not present. Neither was Dean Holdsworth or Sam Allardyce and, though I cannot say that I was surprised, the reasons in each case I'm sure would have been quite different. Eddie would have thought that I was wasting my time contributing to Wanderersways and he would have been right. So I don't intend to do so again for the foreseeable future. To Sluffy and anyone else who might have been interested in my small contribution, I'll say adios amigos, hasta luego.
  2. Chris Custodiet

    Sweaty Ken

    Lets call it a storm in a teacup shall we, Carlos, and leave it there.
  3. I'm pleased to hear that Carlos isn't an Eddie hater and if he had simply requested that I replace the article with a link to the article, because it was against your rules or practices, I would have happily done so. I'd be even more pleased if you told me that Carlos wasn't one of those who assert that anyone who doesn't want to be subservient to a European state with an Army and Generals appointed by Napoleon Macron must also be a supporter of Tommy Robinson and Donald Trump.
  4. Chris Custodiet

    Sweaty Ken

    Thanks Sluffy. I'm pleased that, through our separate efforts, we have been able to shed a bit of light on the money trail so patently disregarded by the Beeno, Supporters Trust and other usual suspects. Can't please all the folk all the time though, can we? My further efforts to draw attention to Ian King's tribute to Eddie Davies and my criticism of David Conn and the Guardian newspaper for their blind prejudice and disregard of Eddie's achievements seem to have fallen foul of one of the moderators at Wanderers Ways Towers who decided he would delete them. It seems that I committed the cardinal sin (which I was unaware of) of posting the article rather than the link to the article. I remain entirely unconvinced that the tenor of the rebuke was in any way warranted. Anyway I shall be off today to the Memorial Service. Its years since I've been in Bolton town centre and I expect that most of the places I used to enjoy frequenting are no longer there. I'm making no predictions but It will be interesting to see who attends and who doesn't.
  5. Chris Custodiet

    Sweaty Ken

    Getting folk to think is harder than you'd think
  6. Chris Custodiet

    Sweaty Ken

    Don't you think that in the week of Eddie's memorial service that a bit of quiet, respectful discretion is best observed? I'll be there tomorrow paying my respects.
  7. Can't say I've much sympathy with Robinson or Trump but could it be that be that what really upset you was my criticising David Conn and the Guardian newspaper for the bucketload of brainless bilge it published about the ED loans and the total failure of both to acknowledge that Eddie had died?
  8. Arsey? You mean I questioned your use of the word 'steal' and the inference it had. The offending article was a tribute to the late Eddie Davies whose Memorial Service takes place tomorrow at Bolton Parish Church. My offence was to copy and paste the article rather than post the link. Here's the link: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwjGw4nUy9PeAhVpIMAKHZASAWEQFjAAegQICBAB&url=https%3A%2F%2Fnews.sky.com%2Fstory%2Fsky-views-world-worse-off-without-business-leaders-like-eddie-davies-11503661&usg=AOvVaw2GobJ9kX7TuE0L2bDHQ5Oh
  9. Chris Custodiet

    Sweaty Ken

    Forgive me for not responding more quickly. I agree with most of this but although the loan will have been approved weeks earlier (probably at the instigation of other parties) its unlikely to have been advanced until the security was handed over. i.e. at the time of the takeover. Ken, of course, claimed that the security charge was invalid because the paperwork wasn't in order and Blumarble are rumoured to be asking questions of their legal advisers. I don't think for one moment though that Dean Holdsworth was smart enough to make a mug of Ken Anderson but he did seem to have a pretty useful legal team. Ken's commitment was only 50p plus whatever was in the shareholders agreement so I cannot see Ken spending a lot of money on due diligence and there was probably not much time in any case. I think it more likely that Ken anticipated some 'surprises' and that he'd sort them out later or look for the escape hatch if he couldn't.
  10. Chris Custodiet

    Sweaty Ken

    OK, take away the detail and you're left with Ken's done all the work, shouldered all the responsibility and taken all the criticism but, so far, only Holdsworth and his legal team have profited from it. Just an opinion, of course.
  11. Chris Custodiet

    Sweaty Ken

  12. Chris Custodiet

    Sweaty Ken

    I'd tend to discount that. I suspect that BluMarble only advanced 4million. I believe Sports Shield BWFC was in default of its agreement with BluMarble which is why the 24% interest charge kicked in. Holdsworth wanted the club to pick that up but Ken was having none of it. Ken eventually settled on a deal by which BluMarble would be paid 300K in interest plus their 4million capital but because It wasn't settled on the due date BluMarble claimed 4.8million. It was eventually settled at 4.4million with the help of ED and Michael James. I feel sure there will be other bits of the jigsaw but that's the way I see it.
  13. Chris Custodiet

    Sweaty Ken

    I think you'll find that KA was complaining about how much Holdsworth was costing the club but he did keep stum on it later. I expect that would be lawyers intervening. These accounts indicate that the real beneficiary of the consultancy fee was Holdsworth not Anderson and I expect Ken would have wanted that in the public domain without him breaching any agreement. Because I'm nosey and don't like leaving loose ends, I'd like to know more about the payments (402K or 472K) and how the 150K paid to Quantuma fits into it all. I forgot to mention btw that Ken had to find another 250K if he sold shares before 1 September 2018 but I share your hope that Ken is able to hand the club over soon to someone with deep pockets and a willingness to spend to halt the present slide back to League1. P.S. Here's the note about the 250K paid to Sports Shield BWFC in May 2016. How a company worth less than the price of a Carr's pastie on a matchday manages to run up costs of 250K escapes me!

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