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  1. Venue and time ain't obvious. Needs to be agreed with my mate Tyson
  2. No nothing as important as that. Just a chairman claiming that Dean Holdsworth spent a million quid in fees before buying half the club for 50P, hadn't a clue about the club's financial outgoings and a board member claiming that Michael James was unfit to be anywhere near having a financial interest in BWFC. And that's before we even start on governance issues.
  3. Correct but let's be honest this is really about the irrelevant ST trying to make itself relevant. Its up to FV to run the show and to make commercial decisions. If they can improve the matchday experience and make it commercially viable, FV should just get on with it. I don't see any reason why it couldn't be viable.The fixed costs are there whether its used or not but I wouldn't be relying on any of the Trust board as partners or business advisors and I wouldn't expect FV to.
  4. I hope you don't use that kind of language in front of your children.
  5. This helps too, from guess who? "After recent discussions with the new owners, it has been agreed that the FanZone is to return as a partnership between the club and BWFCST. Arrangements are ongoing and there will be further announcements as availability of facilities are confirmed. What we can report is that the first FanZone of this season will run in the Premier Suite on Saturday 19 October ’19 for the Rochdale home fixture. Further details will be announced nearer the time, but we would like to obtain supporters views on what you are all looking for in the new FanZone. In order to make the pre-match experience as enjoyable as possible, could you please take part in this short survey and let us have your preferences. You can also add any other thoughts you may have in the comments section at the end of the survey. Thank you so much and we look forward to seeing you all on the 19 October. COYW! Please click the link below to complete the FanZone survey: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/5V3J9
  6. Did you actually read the first post on the thread?
  7. I think you'll find that's for another thread, if not a book. The purpose of this thread is to pay homage to that fine body of men and women that is the Bolton Wanderers Supporters Trust.
  8. Nah, right word, wrong spelling.
  9. I think it was Thomas Gray that wrote 'ignorance is bliss'. Enjoy.
  10. I think you'll find that was spelling rather than grammar but I've corrected it now.
  11. Don't kid yourself. There never were many on here who were arsed about anything unless it fed into their ill-considered prejudices.
  12. Bit of a problem isn't it when uninformed prejudices and unimaginative groupthink, shared for years between drinking mates, are challenged by folk who know what they are talking about? But if you find it painful to read it, don't read it. Not that difficult is it? But if you wanted to be constructive, you could try explaining to me, Sluffy and members of the the ST where Dean Holdsworth found a million quid to spend on fees before he spent 50P on buying half of BWFC. I'd love to know. Surely the ST chairman wouldn't make up something like that. And btw I spent quite a lot of my young life watching BWFC home and away. So actually seeing Nat Lofthouse, Tommy Banks and Eddie Hopkinson playing for BWFC and England was a source of pride rather than trauma in my formative years. Where did you get your weird ideas from?
  13. Depressing, ain't it Sluffy, reading some of the comments from the Richard Heads on WW?
  14. Silly me. I thought it was about the champions of the people and whizzo business brains of the ST who through their brilliant and persistent diligence are going to bring the Fanzone back to its adoring followers. But its a fair point about somewhere for the kids, specially when its raining stair rods.
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