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  1. Sam Allardyce has had 48 years in football and been a manager since 1991, so how much did he learn in all that time about football finance? Apparently he learned that it would be a smart move to borrow £millions from Ray Ranson to spend on players and agents and repay it over 25 years. So just imagine how much BWFC's present players understand about the financial facts of life and how easily they might fall for cloud cuckoo reasoning.
  2. Just been reading up about former Wanderer, Jimmy Hogan, and came across this interesting piece: http://elbombin.stuarthomfray.co.uk/Jimmy-Hogan/. Its over a century ago that Hogan first started coaching the Hungarian team that in 1953 and 1954 showed England how football could be played. Wanderers fans today might be interested in the article's concluding paragraph. '' He continually warned the FA that English football would be overtaken by the ‘Continentals’, but to no avail. In a country where it was believed that keeping a ball away from the players during the week would increase their eagerness to get it on match-day, his love of the short pass, exploitation of space, good technique, and hatred of the mindless long ball would always prove difficult to get across.''
  3. Goal scored by Philliskirk Junior
  4. Just been discussed briefly on Football Focus. Nowt we hadn''t heard before. Lawro made an interesting point re:Norwich. Head of recruitment is second only to the manager in order of importance in any football club, he said. I'd put 'em the other way round if you had a good'un in recruitment.
  5. Done alright has Deano since the collapse of Xpro Management Services Ltd. PFA didn't seem too happy with its predecessor either.
  6. I'd expect there to have been a non-slagging off clause in the NDA that was likely to have been part of the 'divorce settlement'. Sounds like one side might not have kept to it.
  7. What £1m would that be? Could it be the nearly £1m Deano spent on fees (according to ST Chair Rigby) on the off-chance that ED would give him BWFC for nowt? Could it be the difference beween the £5m Blumarble faciliity and the £4m the club received? Could it be the £472K Inner Circle spent on shares, plus the £250K paid to Deano in May 2016, plus his salary, plus compensation for loss of office, plus his legal fees and the further £150K paid to Quantuma to prevent Blumarble foreclosing on the club in 2017. Anyway its all been fully explained by the ST, the Beeno and the accounts of Sports Shield BWFC Ltd, hasn't it? https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/09910069/filing-history
  8. Welcome back, John Galt. According to various members of the GOBSHITE community BWFC is still £200m in debt, the building of the Reebok stadium was funded by Gordon Hargreaves, the money from the sale of Nicolas Anelka wasn't re-invested and the interest that was never paid on capital that never would be repaid was 'handy' for Eddie Davies. The last bit was the brainchild of the Grauniad's award-winning journo, David Conn (two n's in his name, one would have sufficed). Howard told us, more or less on his first appearance on this site, what the debts were according to the prospectus. i.e.about £30m. Not much different to the debt level in 1999. What was missed out?
  9. Welcome back, Howard. I'm going to wait until tomorrow before reading what you have had to say. Twenty years of reading the gibberish of GOBSHITE'S makes it worth waiting for. If I question anything please don't take it personally..
  10. Afraid its not usually fraud old chap. Thousands upon thousands of directors borrow money from their companies. Dale Vince is a prime example. Its helped him legally doidge huge amounts of tax over the years. Ken Anderson's ban, so far as I can tell, related to allegations of breaches of insolvency regulations and non-co-operation with regulators.
  11. https://twitter.com/KieranMaguire Kieran Maguire published figures on Championship wages 2017/18 the other day. Our figures have not been released yet but are likely to have been somewhere near the Burton/Barnsley level of £10 -10.6m resulting in a small overall profit for the year following the proceeds of the Madine sale. Not enough to clear the masses of overdue creditors though and no surprise that there were cash flow issues last summer resulting in a players strike which set the scene for further toxic squabbles. Its hard to see how BWFC wages could have been got down much below the Burton level in 2018/19 at all, let alone maintaining any modicum of competitiveness. So it was inevitable that a financial crisis could only be avoided by the miracle of another Madine-type sale or someone appearing on the scene with money to burn. As the season progressed it became increasingly clear that it would not be a Championship club for sale but a League1 club. Any player that did not see this coming has only himself and/or his agent to blame.
  12. Well done, Sluffy. Good of you to share with us members of the ST, accounts the ST hasn't bothered to share with us. Maybe they think we should all be scouring t'internet to see what we can turn up. Its a few years since I signed off accounts as an 'Independent Examiner' but I was always under the impression that, if the funds carried forward at the end of the previous year didn't equal the funds brought forward at the beginning of the new one, there must be something not quite right. Wasn't Ken saying summat about the ST's governance being nowt to write home about
  13. Future earnings? You really do need to go on that course I suggested, Mounts. Might I suggest you take Trigger with you.
  14. I believe you. I think that some of these players would follow a muck cart and think it was a wedding
  15. Sam's idea of 'a sustainable business model' was to borrow millions from Ray Ranson, spend it on players and agents and then pay it off over the next twenty-five years. You'll find it all in his book but here's a bit about Ranson on Wikipedia:' Ranson's playing career ended due to injury in 1995.[4] A year later he took a job working for Benfield Greig, the insurance company owned by Chelsea director Matthew Harding.[4] Ranson invested heavily in the company, and sold his stake for several million pounds in 2002. He then started a venture, funding football transfers on a sale and leaseback basis, including several deals with Leeds United chairman Peter Ridsdale.[5]'
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