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  1. You are so quick H. I was going to say your dinner date was Melony Frontage until I heard about the Pointless contestant who, when trying to remember the name Cressida, came up with Caressa instead. Alexander nearly wet his pants
  2. Pleased you are back H. You'll have noticed that there's an eclectic mix on WW. You'll have to get used to the rough and tumble though. Nowt wrong with crude abuse but don't try anything like a gentle parody loosely based on Wogan's Janet and John and the unfortunate malapropism of a contestant on Pointless or its PC brigade will have your guts for garters.
  3. And in debt to the max according to Bloomberg https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-03-01/mcvitie-s-boss-murat-ulk
  4. I sometimes wonder whether there are some on here who would still invest in a Bernie Madoff investment fund.
  5. If he was called Paul and employed by Ken he's not likely to be briefing against Ken, is he?
  6. Do you think that it is possible that it might not have been thought through very well?
  7. Sorry if I've let you down, Sluffy, for not ignoring Howard in accusing me of being straight-laced or Darrener coming on WW and talking about a round of golf whilst accusing me of being a boring prick. When you've had chance to think about the summary I've sent you, I'd be interested to know your thoughts on Peter Reid.
  8. Sorry you didn't like the Caressa Dick line. A contestant came up with it unwittingly as an answer on Pointless . Richard and Alexander thought it was very funny. So did I.
  9. What I want to see is how many bogies you got today and other such insights, darrener. Come on you know it makes sense.
  10. No need to feel sowwy for poor wickel Howard. I hear he's got a hot date tonight with someone called Cawessa Dick or summat like that. Hope she doesn't disappoint, its been a hard week for the poor wickel wamb.
  11. You're just too subtle for your own good, Benny
  12. Are you saying he was't being truthful when he said he was in PR?
  13. I thought that the amount in question was £3million. Have you figured out yet, Benny, that PR might mean something other than Peter Reid?. P.S. I've worked in the private sector for all but 3 years of my working lifetime. Any other half-baked thoughts. Keep em coming.
  14. Why don't you give it a bash? Because I've never been one for glossing over the facts, papering over the cracks or pulling the wool over the eyes of the trusting. Each to their own.
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