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  1. There I am, agreeing with you 100% again. Becoming a bit of a habit. Sue was not Eddie's first wife nor the mother of his two children but they were together for over thirty years and I've no doubt that she was absolutely devoted to him and devastated by his loss. I'm sure his whole family have felt the same.
  2. Memories can play little tricks but I confess that I wasn't there. I was in Naples Florida at the time trying to find a newspaper with the English footie results in it. Eventually I tracked one down in Books-A-Million. Shame on me.
  3. Now I've read it, there's very little in this that I haven't posted on this and other sites and suspect it to be another tribute and memoriam on behalf of Eddie's widow, Sue. No memoriams in the Bolton News or Grauniad, of course. I don't remember the Grauniad ever recording Eddie's death at all, let alone publishing an obituary. But Eddie's life was a remarkable one and I'm inclined to think that his invitation to Old Trafford by Sir Roland Smith was a pivotal point in it in more ways than one. Sir Roland was 18 years older but each of them were self-made men both sharing modest upbringings but also sharing a determination and an ability to make their mark in life. Sir Roland is perhaps best remembered for his part in the bitter battle for Harrods between Tiny Rowland and Mohamed Al Fayed and Eddie himself was involved in a controversial battle for control of BWFC when Sir Roland died in November 2003. I'm not sure that there was a realistic alternative to the BWFC rescue with Eddies money but the old guard didn't like it and they had an ally at the Bolton Evening News. I wonder if, as guest of MUFC's chairman, Eddie celebrated like the of rest of BWFC's fans when Bob Taylor scored the equaliser on that Saturday afternoon in February 1998. I'll bet he did.
  4. If FV have got £40m, how come EDT are having to wait two years for £5m, only half of their £10m secured debt (according to Rubins)? Without in any way casting doubt on FV's best intentions, there's something not adding up here? I appreciate that there are many who don't give a monkeys but how much are the unsecured creditors now going to get?
  5. Sorry Casino, can't agree. I think they are muddled, puddled and befuddled but I don't think it gets them anywhere.
  6. Do you always miss the point by 250 miles or more? I rather think you do.
  7. Many thanks for that. Just read the first bit. Not a Times subscriber so that's all you get on t'internet. It sounds that, at long last, someone has being doing some proper research. The bit about the match at Old Trafford is exactly what Phil Gartside told me when I met him by chance in the summer of 2003 and asked about how Eddie first became involved. Must get a copy.
  8. I don't think Gordon Sharrock would have been there but Gordon Shorrock might have been. Iles is usually hardworking and actually quite good at reporting on the footie. Its when he strays into other areas that he's a nightmare. And btw, why do you think the name Goslin would resonate so loudly with me when Bob Goslin died in 2008 but did not seem to resonate at all with the Bolton Evening News? Had they never heard of Harry Goslin or the well-publicised part his son had played in avoiding a disaster at Hillsborough in 1981?
  9. Spot on Sluffy. FV will know what a corrosive individual Iles can be even if his followers can't. I think Iles sees himself as the champion of the workers against grasping mill owners without it ever dawning on him that the owners had been struggling to keep the mill open for decades, never able to afford the wages of the highest paid 'here today gone tomorrow' employees who, in turn, were not in the least bothered about the fate of the mill or the rest of the workforce. FV have done everything they could to moderate their risk but they are taking a risk. Just wait and see what happens if their gamble doesn't come off or dare to take a profit if it does.
  10. Goslin not Gosling. I once tried quite hard to get the Grauniad's David Conn to do a piece on Harry Goslin, the Burnden Park disaster and how Harry's son, Bob, prevented a disaster at Hillsborough in 1981. https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/news/sheffield-wednesday-chairman-said-bks-7392874 Conn wouldn't print the story but how come the Beeno knew none of this when Bob died in 2008? https://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/news/3626999.former-police-chief-dies-after-illness/
  11. Two things we can agree on. Taken from a comment on AG's appointment on another site: '' social media is abound by those who don't know the first thing about anything, sounding off their annoyance at his appointment. We truly are surrounded by 4ucking imbeciles''.
  12. Just like Brexiteers and Remainers should work together with the same vision and goal for the country? I think BWSA are just ordinary supporters who want to support the club but in a different way from unrealistic whingers motivated by pie in the sky ideology.
  13. Its true enough that BWSA are more low profile than the vain and worthless BWFCST but are you a member? Some of the 'leading lights' of the ST tried to take control of BWSA a few years back. I believe it didn't go down well.
  14. I thnk you'll find, Sluffy, that those who lack any sense of realism or objectivity now have probably been exactly the same throughout their adult lives and are destined to remain no different for the rest of it. Twenty years ago I wondered how the club expected to repay, or at least reduce, the debt taken on to build the Reebok whilst Allardici and the Daydreamers could only think about doubling it in the vain hope of competing with moneybags Liverpool for a Champions League spot. After Allardyce flounced out announcing he was taking a break from football, only to turn up at Newcastle in next to no time on a £3m p.a. salary, ED was obliged to more than double the debt to just hang on to Premiership status. He paid it all off a few years later but that, as they say, was only the beginning of the fortune ED spent trying to keep BWFC afloat until the day he died.
  15. My 'hero' as you put it just happens to be one of two people I described at a public meeting as chancers. In that respect I never changed my views about either of them but I did recognise that one was a chancer with something to offer whilst the other cost the club a small fortune for doing precisely nothing except for landing it with a loan the club could not repay at interest rates it could never afford . Nightingale certainly wasn't speaking for this member but there wasn't the slightest indication that he was expressing views contrary to those with whom he was sharing a platform and I don't believe for one moment that he would have come out with that tripe if it had not been the subject of prior discussion and 'nodding of heads' amongst them. Did you mean the club now has a decent chairman? Sharon is not the owner but she is one of only two directors, the other being the subject of outrageous ST vitriol. I'm sure she's too polite to react in the same way as her predecessor but I have no doubt that she will have taken appropriate note. As for your 'million miles' your knowledge of football finance (BWFC or anyone else) seems to be on a par with the ST board (i.e. negligible) but for the benefit of anyone who might be interested, the total revenues of League 1 clubs in 2017/18 was £146m (average £6m per club) with 94% of that (average £5.7m per club) spent on wages. Championship clubs (excepting BWFC) had an average annual loss of £15m in 2017/18 which makes BWFC's loss of £4m over two years look good by comparison. (Source: Deloitte Annual Review of Football Finance 2019).
  16. Isn't there? How in League 1 are you going to increase income beyond 8.3M? We had an average matchday attendance of 15,194 last time we were in League 1. How much are you going to save on running costs whilst still providing similar facilities and services? And all that's before you've paid a penny on wages. Wages costs are bound to be much less, but do you have any idea what the current monthly costs are? On another point, did you notice how Sharon heaped praise on Michael James, the Supporters Trust's public enemy number two? Are you btw still a fan of the ST?
  17. Just a gentle reminder that the last time we were in League1 our total income was 8.3m and our expenditure (excluding 12.6m wages) was 8.9m. So, unless Sharon is able to massively reduce costs, I think that we can safely conclude that much of the current wages (including permanent staff) will be paid out of borrowed money. There's no obvious alternative but haven't we been there before? Sharon seems enthusiastic and sincere but what's the plan she's put to the investors/lenders? How do they get their money back?
  18. I think yours is one of the more interesting comments on the FV Ownership Model but if you are a BWFC shareholder, season ticket holder, or Lifeline member its none of your business according to the WW consensus. Anyway the truth is that Michael and Sharon both own less than 25% of the 1.75m paid up share capital which might just about cover the administrators' fees and Ken's 240K for God knows what. The rest is borrowed money that with good luck and a following wind might just about keep the wolf from the door for the next couple of years. I'm sure there'll be a plan beyond that. Let's hope its a good un.
  19. Why do goalies guess at pens? I don't remember Hoppy doing that and he saved a lot. Easy save for Matthews if he'd just stayed put.
  20. Me too behind the goals on th'Embankment just 21 years since migrating from t'Lever End. Bigger steps and better view on th'Embankment in pre-Normid days.
  21. Sorry pal but I can't say that I recall seeing much of interest on your tabletop either. But I have noted contributions of interest from others on this topic.
  22. I don't share George Bower's views on many things but it is true that I once described WW as being like a car boot sale. Most of what you see is worthless tat but occasionally you come across something interesting. (In case you don't remember, GB used a four-letter word instead of my three.) It is possible that I may have missed some hidden gem but I honestly cannot say that I recall ever seeing anything on your's or Biggish Dave's tabletop that have been worth a second glance. But never say die, you or he could try explaining the 'FV ownership model' to us all (in words and figures, of course).
  23. Really sorry to hear that, Sluffy. Get well soon. I'll be thinking of you. Hasta luego, amigo
  24. Two small voices speaking out against the gormless propaganda of Eyewash Iles and the ST dunderheads and you just can't handle it.
  25. You won't because you can't. The world is very simple to those who can't think beyond the first thing that comes into their heads.
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