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  1. What is it that the usual suspects don't understand about this apart from all of it?
  2. Heard it before Hoppy but its still a better joke than 'florets'.
  3. I won't get personal because I don't know you but would it be patronising to ask you how much you know about BWFC finances since the last takeover? Forgive me, but if you have posted anything of interest or value I'm afraid I must have missed it.
  4. Juvenile bullies is about right.
  5. I know what patronising means and I know what perspective means too but WW seems to have more than a handful who only want to hear things which conform to ill-informed prejudice or downright ignorance and simply turn abusive like a gang of juvenile bullies when their prejudices are questioned. If you think its boring, tough. Don't read it.
  6. Thanks for the 'lad' compliment. There are plenty of scoundrels in business but there are also plenty in the public sector as Dr Peter Duffy, Dr Haley Dare, Dr David Drew, Dr Phil Hammond, JamesTitcombe, Sharmila Choudury and many many others have testified. But I don't suppose that any of these names will be familiar to those whose imagination cannot stretch beyond a football match on a Saturday afternoon
  7. There wasn't a hotel 20 years ago and Bassini said he didn't know there was one until he later visited it. But to answer your question, the hotel owes £5.5m to PBP, £1.2m to BWFC, £335K to HMRC and £1m in other creditors. As for 'mismanagement' losses probably aggregate to about £14m in total over Anderson's tenure, most of it in Year 1 and with no parachute payments in any year, compared to average losses of around £10m p.a for Championship clubs.
  8. “Anyone in their right mind isn’t going to take over a club like Bolton in £42m of debt – and when I talked to Bassini last week I said the same thing. Why would you buy it now?” said the ever helpful Simon Jordan in May. https://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/sport/17627121.ken-anderson-bows-out-all-guns-blazing-at-bolton-wanderers/ Fake news? According to Rubins, secured creditors were Fildraw £10m, Anderson £1.6m, Brett Warburton £3m and unsecured creditors £11m. I make that £25.6m in total. About the same as the debt 20 years ago with probably the lowest wages/turnover ratio in the Championship. Can anyone tell me where Talksport, the two Baronnesses, Kieran Maguire or any newspaper in the land has corrected the esteemed Simon Jordan's misstatement of the facts, as reported in the Beeno?
  9. If you think ethics aren't up to much in the business sector, I don't think you'd be too impressed with some of the stuff that goes on in the public sector. But you are absolutely right about the selectivity of who comes under the spotlight.
  10. 'merest mention of any criticism of Ken' is it? Wow! I can't claim that I invented the Beeno title but its reporting has been so intellectually juvenile on a consistent basis I thought it quite apt. So I'll continue to use it with or without your kind permission. Barring a miracle there's no way on God's Earth that Ken Anderson would ever have been able to meet the club's liabilities as and when they fell due. The best he could hope for was to try to juggle them until someone with deeper pockets came along. Not an easy task by any means, but he managed to juggle them with considerable skill and ingenuity for over two years. As for signing contracts without the secure means to pay them in the future, that is the nature of football finance and its getting worse by the year. Do you think the directors of BWFC had the means to pay £3.5m for Dean Holdsworth in 1997 and enough money to pay his and everyone else's wages for the rest of his contract? If you did, you are wrong and I rather suspect Eddie hadn't guaranteed another three year's funding when we signed the misfiring Swede, even though he did stump up the cash when required.
  11. If that was all there was to it, it would be outrageous and indefensible. But lets not forget the club was up for sale with one party signing HOTs (which they later backed out of) and another allegedly signing a purchase agreement under which everyone would be paid in full. Its the administrator's job to report on the conduct of directors and I'm sure they will, if they haven't already.
  12. I wonder if Sharron's business plan is the same as Michael's. It doesn't look like Deano's (lets have some cash out pronto) plan was the same as Kenneth's when they took over.
  13. In which case, Ziggy, you are as big a fool as Iles of the Beeno. The contracts were with the club or the hotel and the obligations of the club or hotel, not those of Ken Anderson or his family. So were the loans and other undertakings of the hotel and club. Ken Anderson may be many things but he is not the fool he would have been had he taken on all that lot without the protection of the limited liability status owners and directors of the club have had since 1895.
  14. I lost count of the number of folk complaining that Neil Lennon failed because he wasn't given enough money to spend. Fact is the club spent £26.5m on wages in 2014/15 and £18.5m in 2015/16. What happened next? Promotion on wages of £12.6m in 2016/17 under Parkinson and Championship status held in 2017/18 on less than that but still having to find the best part of a million quid p.a. for Blind Ben. Of course there's more to it and it was never pretty but what did folk expect of Parkinson or Anderson? I think PP had to go but go with our appreciation, respect and best wishes.
  15. Thanks Sluffy. They can't say that answer wasTLDR. COYWM, AIBDY
  16. He's a loose cannon and eccentric but watch the video if you are really interested. Sometimes you learn something you didn't know from folks who don't conform to the norm.
  17. He mentioned the name of a former football agent more than once. I didn't keep count
  18. Bassini's statement was rambling, punctuated by paper shuffling and interruptions from the gathering. But the gist of it was that Bassini (backed by Sullivan) was willing to take on the whole of the debt before the administrators were appointed and that he had a binding agreement with Ken Anderson to take over Burnden Leisure (and its subsidiaries). i.e. administration and 12 point deduction were unnecessary and he will be challenging them. Good luck with that! At the time the offer was made he didn't know about the hotel and was blown away when he saw it. Might make no money but the whole set up would look impressive to someone who didn't know about it. Today's court case? Sorry I can't help.
  19. If the creditors and FV can't reach agreement because the secured creditors are being offered a poor deal but that's all FV can afford you are back to who else, whilst Rome burns.
  20. I don't think so. The Bassini gang were only spending £200K up front and that would have cut out a lot of time-consuming effort and cost. If it was initially Sullivan's money, I'd expect him to have have had a pretty good idea of the position and prospects (darn sight better than the ST) and I'm sure he would have left enough room to wriggle out of it if summat seriously amiss turned up. £200K would have been better than nowt for KA but could he be sure that it would all get sorted with EDT paid out and him off the hook? With the EFL under mounting presssure over FPP and other regulatory issues, I'd doubt he could take that for granted. ST have come out with a statement this morning. It says nowt worth mentioning.
  21. Not seen the books so not a clue about debt, profit or loss or income and expenditure and Anderson and James should be locked up. Sounds like an ideal candidate for the ST board.
  22. Best defender we had until some bar steward filched him and took him to Geordieland.
  23. Shock, horror! Folk in football avoiding tax. At the last count HMRC were investigating 173 players, 40 clubs and 28 agents.
  24. So where does this long-running feud, that the Beeno's esteemed journo alludes to, fit in? Who is feuding with whom?
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