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  1. I agree about slayer. I didn't really get in to the "God Hates us All" album to be honest, but indeed live they were fucking brilliant. I could never bring myself to watch them now though with Jeff gone.
  2. Were you in a 40 ton truck ? Switzerland is in EFTA and the EEA. Althought not in Schengen they have Freedom of Movement. Cars don't get stopped. Trucks full of goods do get stopped and have their paperwork checked.
  3. Slayer overrated ? Not for me. It's all down to personal opinion I guess. I think Metallica are overrated. I always preferred Megadeth to them, but Slayer are the reason I got myself a Kerry King BC Rich Guitar, not that I am any good on it
  4. Coventry has a bigger population than Bolton, and it doesn't have Man United and Man City on it's door step. It's about 20 Miles from Birmingham, so you look at the number of Clubs within 20 Miles of Bolton and you can see why they have a bigger average.
  5. At the same time, it's a fair bet that plenty of those who voted to tear up their membership of the Gym did so because they were promised that the new Gym would be just as good as the old gym.
  6. Just had a go at some twat over here in Germany in KFC. Fucking stood right up behind me in the queue, totally ignoring the social distancing floor markings, with a mask on - under his chin. It's two types of people over here that you see like that: Peope like the twat in KFC aged about 20 covered in tattoos and dressed like Eminem, and Coffin Dodgers. Everyone else just follows the rules. I suitably berated and embarassed the fucker in to pulling his mask up. We are now back to wearing Masks in work except when you are eating or drinking.
  7. Don't forget that more than 40 million members didn't necessarily want to leave the Gym in the first place, but are being kicked out anyway.
  8. We used Trike in the RAF. Lethal stuff. Probably why it got banned, and probably the reason I have had a permanent cough since about 1987 due to breathing that stuff in whilst doing a certain cleaning task on Tornado Jets.
  9. We are also going back to wearing Masks pretty much everywhere at work now. It was only in meetings and working in close contact less than 1.5 Meters before. Even that meant around 6 or 7 hours of my 12 hour shift each day having to wear a Mask. The new infections level here are next to zero, but the Company is concerned about Flight Crews who are coming in from places that still have High infection rates. Specifically mentioned are UK (East Midlands), Israel (Tel Aviv) and in the U.S from every place we fly from. I think any city in India was also mentioned.
  10. I refer you to the post from Kent White: Anyone complaining about wearing a mask is a massive fanny ....and don't call me helmut. It's Helmut ya Sweaty Sock.
  11. How do you work that out ? I wear Glasses and have had to wear a Mask in every meeting and going to any Shops for at least two months here. At work I am wearing a mask for around 6 or 7 hours a day. You get used to it very quickly.
  12. When I was at RAF Cosford during trade training the NAAFI used to have Tartan and McEwans Export on Draught. Both were absolute shit. Just down the road in Albrighton the local was a Springfield Brewery pub. I can't remember the name of the particular Bitter, but it was super smooth. The first pint normally lasted about 5 seconds. Later in my time in the RAF I am ashamed to admit I drank a shit load of Fosters lager crap just to get a load of free t-shirts with stupid slogans on them.
  13. Vaux did a beer called Samson Bitter. It was one of those that was hit and miss. A couple of Pubs in Bishop Auckland and the same near Roker Park served a fantastic pint. In other Pubs within a 5 minute walk it was shit. Definately one of the Beers that required a Landlord who new how to look after it. There was a Pub in Oakham near where Iwas based in the RAF that did a really great john Smiths Bitter. Might have been called Magnet.
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