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  1. A couple of my Guys got turned back at the Border for not having the right Documentation initially. that was a Cock up from our Head Office that caused that. I have in total about 15 people who travel from or through Czech to get here and in the last week or so there haven't been any problems, or at least not with the people who work with me. I know that the queues for getting the second test once in Germany are pretty massive now at the Airport on Sunday now. There were more than 200 people waiting last Sunday afternoon to be tested.
  2. Yeh but fuck the EU. Countries have been told they can do what they want to protect themselves. The rules on the Czech side are probably different to on the French side. There are a lot more cross border workers and many of them are key workers like Nurses or Aircraft Engineers. Where i work we are getting tested minimum 2 x per week and have to wear FFP2 Masks eveyrwhere. It pisses me off when people moan about wearing a Mask for 20 minutes in a Shop. They should try wearing one for 12 fucking hours, and if you are seen without your Mask on you are sent home without Pay for the rest of the da
  3. How did Germany close it's Borders ? I thought the EU didn't allow that The reason Germany have closed their Borders is because Towns along the Borders in France and Czech have got stupidly high levels of Covid at the moment. Technically the Borders aren't closed because you can still get through if you are a Worker and have all the relevant documentation. I have plenty of Czech guys who work for me and they are travelling normally.
  4. We saw Neil Young in Munich in 2019. Great concert. My wife would fuck him now even though he is about 200 years old.
  5. I have got that somewhere on 7" single. bought it on Bolton Market when I was a Kid. It was one of those that had been in a duke box with the middle missing. great track.
  6. Nordkurve


    We met a load of the Bolton squad on a pre season tour in the IOM early 90s. Phil Brown was sound as a pound then. Bought all the Bolton lads a drink as did Tony Philliskirk.
  7. It's not quite so simple. Companies have to prove they need to employ a non EU Citizen ahead of an EU Citizen. If us as a Brit have exactly the same qualifications as say a Czech person, the job has to be given to the Czech guy. That was part of the Freedom of Movement regulations. The other thing you will have to do is pay your Tax in that Country. All the British Guys who work at my place have had to register with the local Authorities to pay Tax here after 31st December, whereas when we were still in the EU they could pay it in their own Country. It might sound as it not being a problem, bu
  8. The UK had full Veto rights to being part of any EU Army. It's irrelevant now. we have left the EU.
  9. Well, the people who voted Remain voted for things to stay as they were, so they knew what they were voting for. It's done now anyway.
  10. Are you Natasha Whittam ? It might not be relevant, but then ask that question every single time someone then mentions any Nationality in every other Topic on this forum. I mentioned it because I am English, and it embarrasses me that another English person was the only one to ignore the fucking rules here in the Company I work for.
  11. A lot of people at our place are back on WFH. Cunts like me still have to work at "work" because I have to be at the Aircraft, but we have the thing with having to wear a mask whilst not sat at our desks. We also have Perspex screens now so each desk is almost boxed in. I found out one of the wankers here who is always saying Covid is a conspiracy was at an anti Vax/Mask demo in Leipzig on the weekend. I saw the pictures in the Newspaper, no fucker wearing masks, well I told him yesterday that if he comes within 5 meters of my desk he is going to get a stapler launched at his head. We als
  12. Then the article isn't correct because it is being reported in Germany that the EU has signed a deal and bought about 100 million of the Vaccines, but will not roll them out until another round of tests.
  13. The EU do have Vaccines on order from Pfizer, but they are waiting on further testing results before they will be stockpiled and used. In Germany (which was involved in this Vaccine) they are saying it won't be given out before the end of the year after another round of testing. I don't think bringing Brexit in to this is even remotely relevant unless they plan to give it to Fish and hope that it makes all the little fuckers swim in to UK waters.
  14. .....as long as they keep getting tested at regular intervals. That's how it's working at the moment I would assume. I mean, I am trying to say that I hope they don't stop testing Key Workers just because they had the vaccine.
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