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  1. And lighting a tab, half a step out of the door, whilst taking their masks off.
  2. Baptiste MOTM for me, Tutte and Santos close behind. A real determination now showing, not to give in. They are getting stuck in ad the bookings we're getting are mostly deserved, but we're playing to the last minute. Fitness levels are really showing.
  3. Recently we've been taking a game by the horns, but we still struggle to either kill opposition off, or at least keep teams on the horns. A good early start tonight and I think we're on for another three points.
  4. Sammy Lee will be dusting his flipcharts off.
  5. That's the only one I can see, apart from 15% discount on Carrs pasties.
  6. I was going to say what the last few posts said. It's about attitude and confidence now because we have a more settled confident side now, and it all stems from the change in keeoer. Gilks won't last the season, we all know that (including Gilks), but if we can get sorted in time for the next window we'll be reet. We could have got a team off Wways to beat us that day against Orient, and I'm including vile druggy thugs and those reeking of crime in that.
  7. We're playing like we want to now. Us 2 - 0 Two more for Doyle.
  8. If our team of yesterday played our team against Orient, yesterdays lot would have scored half a dozen.
  9. We've given them a run for being the worst team I've seen this season.
  10. Who, Hill or any Tranmere fan?
  11. Agreed. He looked sharper today than he ever has. He's benefiting from the experienced keeper and defence around him. Like Santos and Delaney he's always got a slip up in him but he was much better today.
  12. I think there's another couple of goals in it for us.
  13. A lady I have known for years and years(aged 70 odd) died of it this weekend after being diagnosed positive a couple of weeks ago. A person I used to care for in the day centre lost his dad and his granddad in March but other than that the people I know who have tested positive have so far come through it just complaining of flu like symptoms and a general feeling of being knackered all the time. It's still a bastard though.
  14. I would take the original Zach back, but there's too much gone on with injuries, not fitting in at Forest and a general stalling of his career. It's a no from me. Really sorry Zach, I would love to be proved wrong, by the way.
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