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  1. Sorry. Misprit. I meant 40 odd.
  2. I'm with 'Barp . There's 30 odd games left yet. Once it clicks we'll be on our way. We've the best two scorers in this division. The season we expected is still on.
  3. On a lighter note (pun intended), I got an email of Paul Holliday to say I'd won a matchday draw. From when we waived the refund for last season.
  4. No, just not getting up in the dark to scrape ice and shit off the car. Christmas is particularly hard work.
  5. I am finally retiring mid October, as I did not fancy working another Winter, and dark nights (which I don't like), and certainly not another Christmas (which I like even less). I've been working since 1971 so I've done my bit, and it's taken a worldwide pandemic to get shut of me.
  6. Right. I've calmed down, my heart rate is back to what passes for normal for a 66 year old Bolton fan. By Christ that was bad, but if Crawford starts next match, and IE can get a bit of confidence in the rest of them we might be able to put it all behind us. Positives, we're not bottom and we're 12 points better off than we were this time last season. FGR didn't look like scoring until that free kick, and that was the only shot I remember. The lack of ball people helped them slow the game down, and it will be a lot livelier when we can get back in. It was still shite,
  7. That was fucking awful. Nothing promising in that. We made the same simple mistake from first to last. Santos is, as previously mentioned is shite. Them lot looked like they hadn't even trained together, let alone played.
  8. I just fancy a pair of bamboo socks,me. Offers like that pass you by when you're actually there, at the match..
  9. We are making it hard work, but if one of the half chances had gone in we would be ok. Santos only seems to be able to go backwards, and at half pace too.
  10. It's hard work watching with no beer aboard.
  11. I go 2 - 1 I doubt us keeping a clean sheet, but I hope the Manager has got everyone wound up for this one.
  12. Just seen that. I feel a right tit now.
  13. Not non league I know, but I'm watching Bray Wanderers v Athlone Town on Brays Faceboob page. Not a bad game. All their home matches until fans can attend on FB.
  14. What Alf said. There's never been a more optimistic time to be a White. (where 'never' is a relative term).
  15. Our Loft is still in Israel. This one is our Mort. He's a miserable sod. He would have been in his glory these last few years.
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