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  1. The opposition usually are in the first 10 minutes. Then we got amongst them, played higher up the field and didn't give them a minute. You could say the red was a result of our pushing forward instead of Santos Baptiste Gilks Baptiste Gilks. Fonz was only going one way when he got clattered. We did make mistakes, missed chances and the result could have been much better for us. In previous matches we weren't even making chances.
  2. It looked like they had watched our games on iFollow and thought they had time to settle down. When we went straight for them, and played high up with even Santos and Baptiste in their half they didn't know whether to have a shit or a haircut. We only gave them about 20 yards to play in. We got men behind them and made it easy. (like we should have done against Barrow). Gethin Jones had a great game y the way.
  3. Positive goal difference. Thank fuck.
  4. Playing in the opposition half. I like it.
  5. One where the result really is more important than the performance. Us to win 2 - 1 I might put my tenner for this on a Monkey gift card.
  6. Think they would want to play away for the rest of the season if there were fans allowed ? Would they fuck. Newport ways would be in Welsh meltdown. Fuck 'em, by the way.
  7. At least they didn't have far to go home.
  8. If he saw it on the radio no wonder he got it wrong.
  9. We do, but on this occasion it was ' so Bolton get a throw in near the half way line, oh, ref's given it to Barrow'.
  10. Me too, but at what age does an 'older woman' become an 'old woman'?
  11. I never fancied a 19yo when I was 19. Even then I was aiming for a 24 or 25 yo. They never knew mind.
  12. I would have really liked us to be out of the red as regards GD but onwards and etc.
  13. No Kent. Don't tell me that. Say it ain't so.
  14. Agreed, but if they get relegated by a couple of points he might wish he'd rolled about holding his leg.
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