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  1. If we were picking now it would be Gilks for me. Without him we wouldn't be talking about Santos and Baptise in such glowing terms. If we'd had MJ, John, Dapo and Lee for the whole season it wouldn't be quite so simple.
  2. Further to this, I can confirm my sample came back clean (so to speak) and I can look forward to two years trouble free shitting. Just saying.
  3. Can't believe this hasn't had an airing, true or not. Dolphins at .............
  4. Is turning into the Gyles Branthreth show. He's out luvvied himself this week.
  5. It was. I was in the queue for tickets at Burnden and someone from work came to tell me to go home. When I got home I was told it wasn't our daughters coach, but that didn't help.
  6. Years ago there was a coach crash involving a school trip from St. James' Farnworth. Our daughter wasn't on that trip, was on another trip away at the same time. The time between hearing about the crash and our daughter getting home safely was the longest time and I just kept bursting into tears.
  7. There used to be a mill in Scotland I think made or converted bog paper but I don't know if they are still going. Iggesund up Workington way make (from wood) board for paperback book covers and medicine boxes and stuff. They get some logs from Grisedale forest as well as Scandinavia. Very impressive mill.
  8. I worked in a paper mill for nigh on 30 years and then for paper merchants for another 10 and have pointed out loads of times that paper is made from the wood that is not suitable for furniture and other wooden stuff. Paper is good.
  9. The paper trade usually gets a mention when forestation is brought up. Chopping trees down just to make paper.
  10. Keep your hair on. I was commenting about the queueing not the haircut count.
  11. I'm with Dave on this. I tried a couple of episodes but it got away from me so I've not bothered since. Mrs. Fogarty andthe younger Fogarty watch and then dissect it at length. I don't have the patience for much telly.
  12. If they all had Action Man cuts it would be a calculation, but it only takes one Phil Oakey and a Flock of Seagulls to fuck your sums up.
  13. They were queueing outside the one opposite Morris Dancers until gone 5:00. Dancers was shut.
  14. Great win. Superb second half. Backs to the wall stuff.
  15. I learnt more about scaffolding and brickying from hearing them shout across the pub than a full C&G would have taught me. There's always one on the fruit machine, two playing pool and one trying to watch the racing, but still talking to each other. Loudly.
  16. A bit of both I think Burnden. I have had a pint after work all of my working life but never got noticed in most pubs because I was on my own. They come came in my local like a full building site, plasterers scaffolders brickies the lot. Apart from the general rowdiness they also spend £50+ in the hour they are in. Which is most tea times.
  17. I checked earlier and under packages is told me You already have access to this match.
  18. And also, how can you nip off just enough for a sample, but not bust the cradle? You can't have half a shit.
  19. Well, I say fraught, it wasn't as fraught as this would have been.
  20. I booked this on iFollow minutes before it was called off. Come on ferret face, give me my tenners worth. Fiver a goal, two nil to us.
  21. I actually did it this time and it was as fraught as I imagined. All night I was envisaging lots of possible shit based scenarios. In the event I used one of the dogs poo bags (my poo) and scraped as specified. I was right about not having enough hands mind. Scraping my arse outside is still on my bucket list.
  22. The Nigerian Prince can fuck off too. He's not sent the money for the lottery I won. $3,000,000 he said. Not a fucking penny have I seen.
  23. I got one from an automated American lady, saying I had been charged with a serious, but unspecified crime and I had 7 days to pay to an account in America. Fortunately I've got $245,000 coming in for my Bitcoins so the American lady will have to wait. I gave my details to the Bitcoin lady last week but my money has not come through yet. Maybe tomorrow.
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