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  1. Offshore

    Area's Of Bolton Never Been To

    It was the 400. Bolton-Bury-Heywood-Rochdale-Oldham.
  2. Offshore

    Sweaty Ken

    Just watched the Netflix doc 'Sunderland 'Till I Die'. Change the kit, change the title to 'Wanderers 'Till I Die'................You wouldn't see the difference. (Except they're a fahookin' mahoosive club like........................)
  3. Offshore

    Sweaty Ken

    That's just me money.......................
  4. Offshore

    Sweaty Ken

    It would make a good chant for the cameras & sky on Mon. To the tune of 'here we go, here we go'.....Etc Ken wrong 'un Ken wrong 'un Ken wrong 'un..............Etc But add on the end ...and Andrews can fuck right off! Bet the mikes would be muted in no time.....................
  5. Offshore

    Sweaty Ken

    Hi all; been a long time voyeur on the site and a few things I've seen have made me pants twitch. But as a Wanderer for over 50 years; reading a lot of the stuff on this thread and in the general press has prompted me to sign up and comment. For all you Ken haters, you won't like it. I suggest you tighten sphincters and bite hard on your leather tethers. For all his sweaty Ken persona, his dodgy dealings, his half truths, his late submission of accounts and general misgivings, without him there would be no Bolton Wanderers. He maybe a shyster, but he's our shyster. The man who saved our club when no other fkcer would come close to us. He is our Ken wrong 'un and we should be behind him and the players next monday when we play WBA. And if, against all odds, we do survive in this division, he'll be lauded as just a naughty boy and the best fkcn businessman in football. (Or not. We wait to see). He's our Ken Wrong Un, so lets get behind him and the club. Oh and that Keith Andrews can fuck right off.

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