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  1. Happy birthday bud. Hope the scan went ok. You, me, neil diamond, vic reeves, jools holland, bamber gascoin and the always lovely natasha kinski should all be feeling a little merry and a wee bit older today........
  2. A selection of fine French croissants and choc au pan, pancakes and a bottle of champagne. Not everyday your sixty
  3. The decisions the scouse shed robbing, bin dipper bas**rds get is beyond a joke. Never had much time for 'little Scotty' Parker, but his stoicism in the face of the shite the media have given him re Fulham's poor start to the season has made me warm to him a little. And he's always well dressed. Hope they can nick this. Be nice to be back in the 8 Bells one day pre match. On a different note, I hope those Sheff u bastards and their utter twat of a manager go down with just one point. Wine's kicking in.......................
  4. kin'ell NiC; are you driving a Ford Anglia?
  5. Chelski v Spuds. If this is 'top' premiership stuff you can keep it. Turgid shite.
  6. And nobody has mentioned Strictly Come Dancing either.....................Some top totty
  7. I don't want people to misunderstand me here, I have nowt against him and he seems quite likeable on tv, but not on every fckn programme on BBC!
  8. EIEIEIO.................. 100 posts, fuck yeah......... feel like pleasuring meself.............
  9. Does this glass kneed fckr live in my telly? Everytime I turn on BBC1 he pops up. Currently smiling all over strictly come dancing, which I would think deserves it's own thread and can't believe all you perverts aren't thoroughly invested in it....
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