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  1. Thanks again, appreciated.
  2. Hello Boltondiver, Thanks for getting back to me, yea, I'm new on here, I was just looking to contact Sluffy, I don't know the guy, but it doesn't please me to hear that he might have cancer. I lost a brother 2 years ago to cancer, so I know the grief if brings to a family, I wouldn't wish it on anyone, nor would it ever please me to hear that my worst enemy (if I have one) had cancer. i'll have a look at Bolton Nuts, do you know what name he uses ? Other than that. Thanks for taking the time to reply, it's appreciated. Bob.
  3. Hard to believe some of the comments above, how anyone could speak so harshly towards anyone, let alone a man with cancer I really don't know.
  4. Seems like Sluffy hasn't posted on her in a while, anyone know where / how I might be able to contact him ?
  5. Hi Carlos,

    I've tried to send Chris Custodiet a message but when I hit send it says he doesn't accept messages on here anymore. Do you know if he's still around, or how I might be able to contact him ?

    I'd appreciate it if you could forward my email address to Chris if you still have his details.



    1. Carlos


      Hello, he hasn’t been around here for a while, I don’t have his details due to GDPR and all that, sorry.

      I believe he is involved in the Lancaster Whites, in what capacity I don’t know.

    2. Blackrod Bob

      Blackrod Bob

      Hi Carlos, 

      Thanks for trying for me, that's appreciated, I'll see if I can contact Chris at Lancaster Whites.






  6. Does anyone remember the month and the year when The Three Degree's were on at Blighty's ? I say it was August of 1974 but a mate of mine swears it was later in the year. There's a tenner on the bet so I hope someone remembers when it was. Thanks, Blackrod Bob.
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